The BASIC ATTENDING SKILLS, 5th edition video teaches students how to learn and master the fundamental skills of listening. This video is designed for all courses focusing on listening skills, and applicable to many academic areas including counseling, social work, behavioral health, nursing, pastoral care, and para professional work such as crisis counseling and peer support groups.

Demonstrations of skills with many subtitles identify and enable students to recognize interview behavior, practice skills in small groups, and then generalize skills to the actual interview. Multicultural issues are infused throughout.

The 5th edition includes:
* All new vignettes with real clients
* A deeper focus on resiliency and the positive asset search
* The Community Genogram - what it is, why it’s important, and how to incorporate it into the interview.
* Neuroscience and its relationship to counseling: What you need to know about the brain to work more effectively with your client.

#16211/1410150 minutes2017 $299.95 Streaming Available

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