Type 2 diabetes is reaching near-epidemic levels. It is a serious health condition affecting millions of people and increasing their risk for additional health issues.

More young people have been diagnosed with diabetes than ever before. This live-action video program is designed to increase a student’s awareness of the disease by presenting information that will help them better understand diabetes and more importantly know the risk factors to prevent getting the disease.

Colorful animation and vivid graphics help demonstrate how energy gets to your body’s cells, and the roles of the pancreas, glucose, blood and insulin. Student’s will understand step by step how the process should work, and then, how it works for a person with diabetes.

The program explores the warning signs of diabetes and how new technologies can help treat the disease. In addition, children will learn how they can help lowering their risk of getting type 2 disease with healthy lifestyle choices such as eating healthy foods and exercising.

After viewing this program, student’s will:

*understand the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes
* recognize that diabetes is a disease that affects how the body uses glucose
*realize there are genetic and lifestyle factors related to getting diabetes
* learn the warning signs of diabetes
* understand different treatment options for people with diabetes

#16213/194514 minutes2014Grades 7 to 12 $99.95 Streaming Available

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