RECOVERY BINGO by Mark Lundholm

Mark Lundholm's RECOVERY BINGO is a simple bingo game, focused on recovery. It features over 100 recovery-related words and phrases, and during the course of the game, players are invited to share how recovery focused bingo keywords and phrases relate to their life and recovery. By making the game fast paced and humorous, players get to have fun while exploring difficult topics in a supportive environment. The game includes 20 unique bingo cards printed on sturdy card stock, over 100 caller cards, place markers, and directions.

What's Included:
- High quality durable plush plastic case to store all pieces
- 20 Full Color Player Cards on glossy thick stock
- Over 100 Caller Cards with recovery specific words, phrases, jokes, & anecdotes
- 300 Bingo Chips

#16216/03702018 $49.95

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