WORKING WITH PINTER: A Master Class for the Stage

Viewed by many as the preeminent dramatist of our time, Nobel laureate Harold Pinter was also an accomplished actor, steeped in the relationship between text and performance. In this program, produced two years prior to his death, he advises a group of actors as they conduct staged readings of scenes from his plays. In addition, Pinter grants a candid and detailed interview, accompanied by his friend and longtime collaborator, director Henry Woolf. Students will discover Pinter’s thoughts on rewrites, blocking, pregnant pauses, staying true to the text, the role of the audience, the value of "liver and lights" over technical prowess, and more. Excerpts from The Room, The Dumb Waiter, Old Times, No Man’s Land, and other Pinter works are featured.
#16221/063557 minutes2007 $219.95 *CC

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