Potlatch Keepers, it’s the central theme that first time Aboriginal filmmaker Lindsey Willie sets out to answer in this poignant and personal one hour TV documentary and companion website. A twenty eight year old Kwakwaka’wakw woman from Kingcome Inlet in B.C., Lindsey and her generation have been challenged by the few remaining Elders who still speak Kwak’wala language to preserve their culture and organize a potlatch for next year. But who can teach them the ceremony and protocols of the potlatch when history and residential school nearly killed their identity. Where can she gain the knowledge that she and other Kwakwaka’wakw youth leaders need to continue the legacy of her people. Potlatch Keepers is one woman’s journey of self discovery and cultural awakening, that shares an important message for First Nations youth all across Canada.
#16229/039045 minutes2014 $179.95 Streaming Available

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