CREATIVITY AND LEADERSHIP: Making the Mind Extraordinary with Howard Gardner

This is Howard Gardner's exclusive video presentation of his revolutionary new psychology of extraordinariness. Based on 15 years of research, Gardner offers seminal new insights into the origins of creativity and leadership, and represents the culmination of his work in such writings as Multiple Intelligences, Frames of Mind, Leading Minds, Creating Minds and Extraordinary Minds. The video is produced, edited and paced for curricular use in education, psychology, and other disciplines.

Also available is the companion video HOWARD GARDNER: IN-DEPTH. Now, in this additional 30 minute program, sit down with Howard Gardner as he goes "In-Depth" to answer commonly asked questions about the implications of his work for education and development: Can creativity and leadership be taught? What is the danger in defining intelligence or creativity as a 'potential'? How can we instill children with the lessons of 'leveraging' and 'framing'? How do we help or hinder a child's potential? What is the dangerous lesson taught by over-emphasis on 'testing'? Why do most young creators not like school? How can we appropriately channel the rebellious impulses of creativity in the classroom? How do we teach to 'object' vs. 'person' oriented children? --and more. All topics are sectioned for easy reference. Howard Gardner: In-Depth can be used in its entirety or one section at a time.

HOWARD GARDNER: IN-DEPTH is available at special pricing exclusively with CREATIVITY AND LEADERSHIP. For viewing in conjunction with the feature program, this companion video is perfect for supplemental viewing, and educator reference.

#1710/092050 minutes1999 $329.95 Streaming Available

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