RELAPSE: The Illusion of Immunity

Preparing clients to meet the challenges of recovery and especially arming them against the possibility of RELAPSE is Claudia Black's goal in this video. She uses the analogy of the sinking Titanic, "the ship that couldn't sink", to make her point that simple-minded optimism is not enough to keep one's recovery afloat. Claudia has list of

In fact, OVER-CONFIDENCE is first on her list as a relapse indicator because it shows a lack of connection with reality. Second is the attempt, in early recovery, to CONTROL everything leading to a dry drunk and full relapse. Next is FEAR OF FEELINGS, particularly trying to escape from (1) guilt about previous behavior (2) fear of the future (3) self-directed anger and (4) sadness about everything that was lost. Finally, keeping SECRETS through shame, or trying to deceive others, often leads into a danger zone. This is a relapse prevention training video that will help clients get ready to meet the challenges of recovery realistically.

Also available in a TOOLBOX presentation case containing comprehensive Audio and Printed Support Material. See #1237

#5864/011035 minutes1998 $149.95 Streaming Available

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