HOW CLOTHING IS SOLD: Fashion Merchandising DVD

Anyone who buys clothing, as well as students of marketing and fashion, will learn a lot of 'secrets' from this video. It explains why the most profitable way to sell clothing is to move beyond fashion into branding and licensing. The video explores modern merchandising strategies as they apply to this enormous industry. Viewers learn to recognize that even the simple act of buying a t-shirt is part of a complex chain of decisions. They discover why branding might spell the "end of fashion" and why designer Georgio Armani observed, "It is no longer fashion that matters, but rather the fashion NAME. The product is secondary." Viewers observe the difference between the garment industry and the fashion business and also learn how the Internet could introduce the era of "mass customization".

*Includes Guide

#5931/112020 minutes2002Grades 7 to A $125.95 *CC

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