Fond memories of high school rarely include the joys of learning math. Millions of Canadians whose struggle with basic math skills didn't end there now have access to this powerful tool - the MATH WORKS SERIES.

This 10-part series is a fast-paced, instructive and entertaining tour through the basics of math and is co-hosted by educator Beth Pye and veteran broadcaster Arvel Gray. Pye presents the "Teacher's Tips" segment. She currently teaches Grade 8. Pye also was the key advisor in developing and reviewing the series curriculum, leading a team of experts from across the country.

The series provides learners with a Grade 6 level of understanding. Designed originally to polish the skills of adults, viewers as young as those in Grade 5 can also follow along and use the skills they learn. Through the use of real-life examples and visually dynamic teaching methods, the programs empower viewers to improve their math skills.

The series is comprised of ten 24-minute programs with an accompanying study guide:

Lesson 1 - Basic Math
Lesson 2 - Fractions One
Lesson 3 - Fractions Two
Lesson 4 - Fractions Three
Lesson 5 - Decimals
Lesson 6 - Percents One
Lesson 7 - Percents Two
Lesson 8 - Measurement One
Lesson 9 - Measurement Two
Lesson 10 - Charts & Graphs/Review

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