POSITIONING: How Advertisers Shape Perceptions DVD

Consumer to advertiser...
You guys make entertaining ads - they're fun to watch. But don't expect me to go out and buy your products. I'm not swayed that easily.

Advertiser to consumer...
Maybe you haven't noticed how advertising has changed. We don't worry about changing how you think. We change how you see.

Contemporary advertising seldom demonstrates why one brand is superior, nor does it construct logical arguments to sway buyers. In fact, consumers today are more likely to view advertising as entertainment than persuasion. Positioning means nothing less than controlling how people see. Position refers to a place the product occupies in the consumer's mind. Positioning works because it overcomes resistance to advertising.

Nobody likes to be told how to think, but few notice when told how to see. Although traditional propaganda techniques (for example, the bandwagon technique, testimonials, and glittering generalities) still work, they ignore the drastic changes in advertising over the past ten years. Advertisers recognize that actually "changing minds" is both difficult and unnecessary. They find that positioning a product to fit the consumer's existing mind set is more effective than changing a mind.

The program explores perceptual mapping, market segmentation, the use of emotion and magic to position a product, social approval, positioning against the competition, re-positioning, and using unique attributes.

*Includes Guide.

#6675/112021 minutes2003Grades 7 to A $89 *CC

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