DEADLY PERSUASION: The Advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco DVD

Jean Kilbourne exposes the manipulative marketing strategies and tactics used by the tobacco and alcohol industries to keep people hooked on their dangerous products. Illustrating her analysis with hundreds of current advertising examples from mainstream and trade sources, Kilbourne presents a compelling argument that these cynical industries have a clear and deep understanding of the psychology of addiction - an understanding they exploit to create and feed a life-threatening dependency on their products. Casts a critical eye on the corporate interests that lie behind the industries whose products kill more than 450,000 each year in the U.S. alone.

The DVD version contains both the 60 minute program as well as a condensed version. The abridged is for use in presentations, workshops and abbreviated class periods. It addresses and emphasizes the key arguments of the full program, while still leaving time for questions and discussion.

*A special discounted price is available for Schools, School Boards and all Non-Profit organizations (does not apply to Colleges and Universities who pay full price). Also BIG Discounts for multiple copies.

#6789/068590 minutes2003Grades 7 to A $349.95 *CC Streaming Available

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