WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Spiritual Lives of Teenagers

This documentary profiles a diverse group of teenagers as they share their most personal beliefs about God, the purpose of life, morality, suffering, prayer, death and religious freedom. Weaving in-depth profiles with fast-moving commentary from scores of young people, this lively and highly acclaimed film paints a broad picture of the religious and spiritual lives of youth as it delves deeply into the issues that are at the heart of humanity. Features Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Native American, Jewish, Pagan as well as Christian teens. An excellent resource for exploring and promoting tolerance and religious diversity in high schools and youth programs. Also a great tool for community groups and congregations to use to encourage and support interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

*This DVD includes a Director's Interview and an in-depth 28 page activities guide

#7574/197049 minutes2002 $149.95 Streaming Available

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