STEROIDS: The Hard Truth DVD

Steroid use is growing in popularity among high school athletes and non-athletes alike. This IN THE MIX program addresses the use of supplements and illegal anabolic steroids by girls as well as boys. Teens discuss the media influence as well as pressure from coaches and friends as contributing to the allure of steroids for sports and self-image. Viewers hear from an ex-user who describes how his use had devastating effects on his life. Medical experts, including the directors of an effective steroid prevention program, explain the dangerous side effects of and the misconceptions about steroids. Also examines is a steroid prevention program in high schools where teens, doctors, physical trainers and a nutritionist show how to build up by eating and exercising the right way.

#7701/0425*29 minutes2001Grades 7 to 12 $69.95 Streaming Available

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