THREE-HEADED DRAGON: A Model of Chemical Dependency

This all new video presentation shows the three-fold, physical, psychological and spiritual nature of chemical dependency in plain, easy to understand terms and symbols. The "three headed dragon" is a model of chemical dependency specifically designed to help recovery candidates see that their problem is considerably more than alcohol or some other drug, that chemical dependency is more than a physical disease.

Viewers will come to understand that chemical dependency also includes a psycho-spiritual living problem that needs to be maintained through the principles of recovery if continuous sobriety is to be realized. The Dragon symbol illustrates chemical dependency in a manner fully consistent with how it is defined in the 12 step programs but in a laymen's non AA language.

The author - Chuck Brissette - is a 30 year veteran of the chemical dependency treatment and education field and has 33 years of personal recovery. He is also the author and developer of the original THREE HEADED DRAGON: Barriers to Recovery which is now also available on DVD.

#7846/214532 minutes2004 $149.95

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