LIVING SOBER I Series "A-H" 8 Segments

This is the foundation eight-part volume of the LIVING SOBER SERIES. This series is currently being used by thousands of alcohol and other drug treatment centers across the country. The technique of coupling dramatic vignettes with actual testimonials from those in recovery has helped countless individuals focus on key treatment issues. This collaboration of Dennis C. Daley, M.S.W. and Gerald T. Rogers Productions has proven to be extremely successful in stimulating group and one-on-one discussions. It can effectively help individuals deal with situations and thoughts that usually impede recovery programs. The average segment is under 20 minutes in length, providing ample time for discussion in typical treatment periods. These videos will be a valuable support tool for all counselors and their treatment facilities.

Eight segments:
A. Resisting Social Pressure to Use Chemicals #9641
B. Coping with Cravings and Thoughts of Using #10558
C. Managing Anger in Recovery #9755
D. Managing Feelings of Boredom and Emptiness #10559
E. Coping with Family and Interpersonal Conflict #8825
F. Building a Recovery Network and Sponsorship #8826
G. Relapse Warning Signs & High Risk Situations #11112
H. Recovering from Crack/Cocaine Addiction #10561

*Includes Counselor Manual and Client Workbook

#8250/18351994 $395 Streaming Available

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