POSITIVE DISCIPLINE: Without Shaking, Shouting, or Spanking (3 Programs)

Stop child abuse with this vital parenting tool!!! The frustrations of raising a child can lead parents to discipline by behavior that all too often escalates into abuse. This positive series shows parents a different way. Using real life scenarios, contrasts harmful, reactionary parenting with more effective, positive-parenting techniques that are proven to be healthier for kids. After watching this program, parents will be able to put these new skills into practice and bring harmony into their homes.

VOLUME 1: BABIES (Birth to 1) Topics include responding to crying, redirecting baby's curiosity, connecting to baby. Parents will learn: understanding and meeting baby's needs, anger management, interacting with baby, enjoying baby's uniqueness, babyproofing, distraction, consistency, and more.

VOLUME 2: TODDLERS (Ages 1 and 2) Topics include setting safe limits, easing mealtime struggles, handling biting. Parents will learn: prevention, setting and practicing limits, using positive statements, redirection, offering choices, letting child help, creating cooling off periods, and more.

VOLUME 3: PRESCHOOLERS (Ages 3 to 5) Topics include easing bedtime battles, responding to aggression, dealing with defiance. Parents will learn: creating routines, giving transition time, using motivation, correct use of time outs, setting limits and rewards, reinforcing appropriate behavior, and more.

*After showing the negative effects of physical punishment and emotional abuse, each program concludes by motivating parents to take a simple No Spanking Pledge. This pledge requires parents to make a conscious effort to use positive discipline, which can reduce child abuse injuries due to excessive discipline.

* Engages parents with "before and after" storyline
* Includes basic child development information
* Emphasizes prevention, consistency, and staying in control
* Shows age-appropriate techniques that boost child’s self-esteem
* Offers a nonjudgmental way to start conversations with pro-spanking families
* Includes diverse families, dads, and single parents

* Comes with comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, including parent handouts
*Each volume approximately 25 minutes
*Also in Spanish
*Closed Captioned (English version only)

"Positive Discipline is up-to date, realistic, and speaks to issues that appeal to parents across socioeconomic lines. A great teaching tool!"
- Sandra Sears, LCSW, BCD, FACES (Family Advocacy, Care, Education, Support)

"Positive Discipline is a powerful video that offers step-by-step guidelines to help parents and providers incorporate positive discipline into their everyday routines."
- Andrea Disch, Program Director, Bright Beginnings

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