SELF IMAGE: The Fantasy/The Reality (In the Mix) DVD

"Lively hosts, suggestions on getting help, and dynamic audio and photographic techniques make a winning mix that will grab the audience's attention and lead to discussion about these issues." School Library Journal

In this IN THE MIX video, young men and women are asked what they think "the perfect body" is, and why.They speak their minds about what effect the constant barrage of images of waif-thin models and macho-men have on them. And they hear from young people who survived eating disorders, steroid abuse, and plain old self-esteem problems as a result of the need to live up to an image. Model agency head Katie Ford and magazine editor Lesley Seymour offer valuable insights and advice. Finally, viewers learn to examine media messages and see them for what they are... marketing!
*Also available with Spanish sub-titles

#9074/042530 minutes1997Grades 7 to 12 $99.95 Streaming Available

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