Viewers from juniors to pros learn how to be a dominant force in ice hockey with explosive, powerful skating! This DVD will show you how to get to loose pucks faster, react quickly to the play, and get back in position in balance and under control. In addition, you’ll discover how to improve your skating in all the fundamental skills. You’ll learn proven drills to help you practice and master each maneuver. Presents skills and drills in these six areas: Balance and control; Smooth and powerful stride; Turning speed and lateral mobility; Aggressive starts and sudden stops; Quick turns and transitions; and, Agility maneuvers.

Laura Stamm has been teaching hockey’s best players how to skate for more than 30 years. Several NHL teams have adopted her Power Skating System.

In addition, former National Hockey League player Doug Brown and Lee Jelenic of the American Hockey League provide top-quality demonstrations of each skill and drill. This DVD presents every technique you need to practice to skate your best and elevate your game.

#9103/08602005 $34.95

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