Maximize strength gain with these scientifically proven training methods! Focusing on techniques rather than specific exercises, this DVD will help you design more effective strength training workouts, either for yourself or for your athletes or clients.

The first section KEYS TO SUPERIOR STRENGTH, shows how to get more out of a strength training program by varying both the elements in an individual workout and the types of workouts performed during the week. You'll learn about changing the order of exercises, trying new exercises, controlling recovery time, and using other training variations that will lead to greater muscle strength, size, and power. Also demonstrates progressive, scientifically sound exercises for building powerful abdominal muscles.

The second Section HIGH-VOLUME TRAINING, explains why and how to use traditional multiset techniques to optimize strength, muscular endurance, and power gains. You'll learn how to get maximum payoffs through training systems like tri-setting, weight stripping, light-to-heavy and heavy-to-light, pyramiding, multipoundage, split routines, and negatives.

HIGH-INTENSITY TRAINING, the final section, shows you how to design and safely execute a challenging, high-intensity training program. The hosts also demonstrate techniques such as breakdowns, slow reps, partials, pre-exhaustion, negatives, and negative accentuated reps. And since individuals who use high-intensity training are especially prone to overtraining, discusses common symptoms of this problem and how to correct it.

This information-rich DVD is perfect for anyone who is serious about strength training and wants a more sophisticated approach. Strength and conditioning coaches and trainers can incorporate the advanced techniques into their athletes' or clients' programs. Also a great educational tool for strength training coaches to share with their athletes.

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