For instruction in the most vital wrestling moves and techniques, legendary coach and wrestler Dan Gable has put together this DVD.

Gable is flat-out the most qualified instructor in amateur wrestling. He is a 15-time national champion coach, two-time national collegiate champion, three-time Iowa state high school champion, and unscored-upon Olympic gold medalist. In this DVD, Gable uses live action footage to present his expert instruction, tips, and insights. Wrestling’s master technician provides highly skilled demonstrations by world-class wrestlers to show you the techniques used most successfully in matches.

In the STANDING POSITION section, Gable includes everything from driving leg tackles and exciting tosses to simple go-behinds and whipovers. He features the complete range of standing-position maneuvers, including snaps, headlocks, pummeling, ducks, drags, ankle picks, dumps, and a host of other effective techniques.

The TOP POSITION section gives a glimpse of Gable truly in his element, discussing what was always his best and favorite wrestling position. From this position, Gable was able to finish the match with the ultimate-a fall. The complete range of top-position moves is covered, including everything from wrist and arm controls to leg controls and turning.

Gable’s teaching may be most valuable in the BOTTOM POSITION section, which features the position where a wrestler faces the greatest challenges. From base building to cleaning arms and legs, the bottom can be the most difficult position to learn. But Gable shows how incorporating hip-heists, switches, stand-ups, high leg-overs, and whizzers can make any wrestler not only successful in defense but an offensive threat from this position as well.

No matter what position you find yourself in, this DVD gives you the best shot of walking off the mat a winner!

#9311/08602005 $59.95

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