GAMBLING: It's a Losing Bet (3 Programs)

Compulsive gambling affects more than one million young people between the ages of 12 and 18. School problems, suicide, violence, broken families, and financial ruin are among the outcomes of this growing problem spotlighted in this realistic, compelling series. Each of the programs in this series uses a different setting and situation to deliver the message that compulsive gambling is a problem that can, and must, be addressed.

SAFE BET: Recognizing the Problem
Mike, a high school student, faces the fact that he has a serious gambling problem after a "visit" from his uncle who committed suicide because of his heavy gambling debts. The influence of a family history of gambling is explored in this program. 13 minutes

DONE DEAL: Choosing Not to Gamble
Viewers see Mike, after he has dropped out of college as the result of his participation in on-campus gambling. As he struggles to avoid becoming involved in betting again, his resolve is strengthened by his external support network. 15 minutes

PLAY TO WIN: The Deadly Consequences of Gambling
The potential for gambling-related violence is the central focus of this program, as Keenan, a young man, is threatened with a gun when he loses at a dice game and doesn't have enough money to pay the winner. His teacher, whose grandson recently committed suicide because of gambling debts, helps Keenan understand that playing to win in life is more important than playing to win at gambling. 21 minutes

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