WOODWORKING: The Art and the Craft (15 Programs)

Imagine having a master craftsman as a teacher's aide, always ready to talk to your class or to tutor one-on-one. That's what this series is like! Each video focuses on essential techniques students must master to skillfully complete a wide range of projects. And because safety's always job one, background on the careful and appropriate use of the hand and power tools involved is also included. "Can I see that again?" Let these great programs assist you!

The series includes: Basic Methods of Measuring and Cutting / Ripping and Crosscutting / Sawing and Shaping / Methods of Cutting Circles and Curves / Planing *Click here to VIEW CLIP / Working with Nails and Screws / Gluing and Clamping / Sanding / Creating Biscuit and Dowel Joints / Creating Rabbet Joints *Click here to VIEW CLIP / Creating Dado Joints / Creating Miter Joints *Click here to VIEW CLIP / Creating Mortise-and-Tenon Joints / Creating Dovetail Joints / Casework Finishing Techniques *Click here to VIEW CLIP

Correlates to the National Life Work Standards.

*Fifteen 9- to 17-minute videos and teacher’s guide for each

*Closed Captioned

#9470/16902004Grades 8 to A $999.95 *CC

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