As children speed along the bumpy path of growing up, parents and caregivers need positive discipline techniques that keep pace. Covering the toddler-preschool, middle, and teen years, this lively series presents candid footage of real-life disciplinary situations as experts explain how to implement a methodology designed to strengthen the parent/child relationship, develop communication, encourage trust, and teach responsibility - all while fostering independence in children of all ages.

Three part series, 25 minutes each:

THE TODDLER AND PRESCHOOL YEARS - Filmed with real families, this program shows how to use positive discipline techniques such as timeouts and problem-solving to guide youngsters into better behavior.

THE MIDDLE YEARS (Ages 5 to 12) - This program demonstrates how positive discipline techniques, including home rules, problem-solving, and honest communication, can be used to deal with the behavior problems associated with growing up.

THE TEEN YEARS (Ages 13 to 18) - This program illustrates how to encourage teenage independence while using positive discipline techniques that promote taking responsibility for actions and behavior.

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