This program shows middle school students that they have the power to resolve conflicts peaceably by learning about, and understanding their communication styles, developing specific conflict resolution skills, and avoiding communication blockers.

Communication Styles: Miranda and Waverly both reach for the same dress when they are shopping together. They each want it. This single event is looked at from the perspective of three different communication styles: aggressive, avoidance and problem solving. When the girls decide to problem-solve, conflict is averted.

Conflict Resolution Skills: Realistic scenarios show a group of young teens in a variety of situations in which conflicts arise. They learn such skills as: getting the facts, active listening, "I" messages, and negotiation. They also explore how important tone of voice and body language can be in avoiding a conflict.

Avoiding Communication Blockers: Students identify the common problems people have that cause communication to shut down. Examples show how insulting, blaming, sarcasm, accusing, stating opinion as fact and not saying what's on your mind, almost always result in or escalate a conflict.

***Includes Teacher's Guide

#9747/194523 minutes2005Grades 5 to 9 $139.95 Streaming Available

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