VIRTUES SERIES I: A FAMILY AFFAIR (A Series for Parents and Families)(13 Programs)

Parents want to know how to teach children right from wrong, to have confidence in themselves, to be thoughtful, respectful. Many parents, for many reasons, no longer know how to pass these practices on to their children. The series begins with an explanation of how parents can best promote this transference to their children and outlines for them what virtues have been highly prized in the past and why.
Each of the 13 programs deals with a different virtue:
IDEALISM offers viewers an introduction to The Virtues Project and 5 strategies to help parents bring out the best in their children.
KINDNESS looks at ways to avoid shaming children and instead to name the virtues parents would like to encourage in them.
JOYFULNESS shows viewers how to appreciate life as an opportunity... for learning, for recognizing challenges.
JUSTICE describes how clear boundaries based on respect for each person are a strong antidote for violence and a builder of unity.
REVERENCE deals with the reflective, the mystical, the ceremonial, the ritualistic, the artistic aspects of human life and why they retain such critical importance.
TRUTHFULNESS requires that one find and recognize one's own truth and apply it to the making of moral choices.
CONFIDENCE makes viewers aware that the true basis for confidence is found in making behavioral decisions on moral grounds.
FORGIVENESS uses the real life challenges faced by a community after a high school shooting to explore forgiveness as a virtue.
TOLERANCE makes viewers aware of the need for open-mindedness while setting boundaries.
PEACEFULNESS explores the ways that parents can create a haven of peacefulness for their children and help them honor the spirit in every living thing.
RESPECT looks at the act of spiritual companioning and the role respect plays in developing this skill.
COURAGE demonstrates the importance of courage in parents' role as educator and the use of authority.
UNITY clarifies the integration of the Virtues and the importance of seeing oneself as part of a whole.

*Each program 30 minutes

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