Two independent versions of this remarkable teacher's guide are available! One is designed specifically for grades 6-8, and the other is for grades 9-12 (see #9334. Note that both guides cover the same comprehensive material with level-appropriate objectives, activities, handouts and exercises.

Every great teacher realizes that the purpose of education is to acquire the ability to learn and efficiently integrate new knowledge. The academic roadmap thoughtfully laid out by author Mary L. Dennis in this exciting teacher's manual may well be the most important educational excursion your students ever take! What could be more important or more central to lifelong education than learning time management and the very best ways to learn?
In the introductory lesson, students explore and discuss how their current learning and achievement levels are likely to affect their goals after graduation. In the next three lessons, viewing is integrated with discussion and activities related to various parts of the film. Activities and discussion center around self-evaluation of present study skills, setting goals for improvement, reflecting upon what it means to become a "self-learner," and firmly grasping the concept of why it is so important to become one. Students also begin to increase their pleasure reading and explore the role that parents may be able to play in helping them to "study smarter."

Lesson five is devoted to organizational habits. Students learn effective time management strategies and begin to use materials such as daily and weekly planners to help them streamline the work process and save time. Lesson six focuses on improving one's listening and concentration ability. In lesson seven, students learn our top ten note taking tips, practice a variety of abbreviation methods, and apply the Cornell Method of note taking. Lesson eight explores concept mapping and alternative note taking approaches. In lesson nine, students review and practice the SQ3R Method (survey, question, read, recite and review) and compare the three basic styles of learning. They also learn how to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of online information. The final lesson focuses on test taking, including the most effective methods of test-preparation, decreasing test anxiety, and improving performance.

This comprehensive teacher guide supplies lesson plans that allow you to take the information in GREAT HOMEWORK AND STUDY SKILLS video one step further, and even includes a unit test so that you may gauge just how effective this program has really been for your students.

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