TURNING POINT: Women Who Abuse

For many who work in the family violence field, it is difficult to accept that some women can be, and are, abusive to their partners. The discussion on women's abusive behavior can make us uncomfortable and challenges traditional stereotypical views of what, and who women are. Historically women have been viewed as nurturing, caring and non-threatening. Like all stereotypes, this view is flawed. Some women also have the capacity to be hurtful, controlling and violent. To pretend otherwise is to ignore the experiences of men and children and effectively minimize the impact that family violence has had on their lives.

This program, produced by a 13 year veteran of the DV field, is ideal for treatment groups for female offenders. It is a blend of words from women who have completed a treatment program, men who were victims of DV, and three vignettes for case illustration purposes.

The program demonstrates how some women can be just as capable of harbouring harmful negative attitudes, entertaining destructive negative self-talk, and choosing violence as a way of controlling their partner as some men are.

#9940/137028 minutes2005 $239.95 Streaming Available

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