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#13410/0815  ADDICTION: A Biopsychosocial Model (3 Programs on one DVD) by Terence T. Gorski
This series of three programs presents the most recent research on addiction as a brain disease that causes personality problems and social dysfunction. MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCES takes a hard look at alcohol and other drugs - what they are, how they work and why they can be dangerous. ADDICTIVE RISK FACTORS explains the physical, psychological, and social risk factors that set people up for abuse and addiction. SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND ADDICTION describes the symptoms of substance abuse and addiction.

#12390/0635  ADDICTION: The HBO Series (14 Programs)
Featuring valuable case studies and expert commentary, this all encompassing series offers a wide-ranging look at the science and the human face of addiction. Personal stories from drug users and their family members are combined with in-depth perspectives from leading psychologists, drug counselors, and other experts on substance abuse. Educators will find the series format - beginning with a comprehensive overview followed by 13 short documentaries - helpful for both group discussions and lectures.

#9803/1420  ADDICTIONS: Chemical and Behavioral
Addiction. The word has taken on a fairly generic meaning in everyday usage but actually has a pretty specific scientific and professional meaning. What is this pattern of behavior that can be applied to alcohol and other drugs, as well as problems like gambling and eating disorders?

Does addiction have a genetic factor? Can any type of addiction be treated medically? What steps can family members take to help a loved one struggling with addiction? This program provides answers to several addiction-related questions, focusing on the complexities of the addictive personality.

Gabor Maté, M.D. provides a clear explanation of addiction and its crucial relationship to brain development in early childhood and associated environmental conditions. Dr. Maté describes why we seek such destructive ways to comfort ourselves and why is it so difficult to stop.

#6182/0635  CLOSE TO HOME SERIES (5 Programs) DVD
This comprehensive five part series on DVD from Bill Moyers studies different facets of addiction and recovery starting with pathology and genetics, through treatment, children and addiction, then into politics and the legal system.

#6789/0685  DEADLY PERSUASION: The Advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco DVD
World famous advertising analyst Jean Kilbourne demonstrates that the big corporate peddlers of alcohol and tobacco products are still hard on the trail of new customers. They have a whole new arsenal of marketing schemes and they're still killing millions. Grades 7 to A

#9095/0410  ROOTS OF ADDICTION Update! Drugs and Behavioral Compulsions
A newly updated video with fresh graphics, creative animations, and current research information presents viewers with an over view of the biological and environmental reasons people become addicted to alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, illegal drugs, or engage in compulsive behaviors. Appropriate for client groups, professional training, and counselor education. *CC

Each one to Two-minute video clip addresses an obscure or often overlooked aspect of substance abuse, addiction and health. Provides excellent discussion starter material to get people thinking about what their alcohol, tobacco and other addiction habits are doing to them and what they can do about it.

#7352/0635  UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION (No More Shame Series) DVD
This program explains the most current research into why people become addicted, what puts them at risk, and what the best treatments may be.

#13155/0410  USE, ABUSE, AND ADDICTION (10 Programs on 2 DVDs)
This comprehensive series by multi-award-winning producers of UPPERS, DOWNERS, ALL AROUNDERS addresses everything from the history of drugs through to treatment and recovery including the physiology, neurochemistry and sociology of drugs and compulsive behaviors . An ideal visual resource for educational, clinical and training applications. *CC DVD One HISTORY - 14 minutes, PREVENTION - 19 minutes, TREATMENT -14 minutes, MENTAL HEALTH AND DRUGS - 16 minutes DVD Two HEREDITY, ENVIRONMENT AND PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS - 14 minutes, UPPERS - 13 minutes, DOWNERS: Sedative, Hypnotics - 18 minutes, ALCOHOL - 17 minutes, ALL-AROUNDERS - 20 minutes, and OTHER DRUGS, OTHER ADDICTIONS - 20 minutes


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