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Who knew that common objects such as a soda can covered in paint a bottle cap or a marker could be telltale signs of drug abuse? Show commonly abused drugs and drug paraphernalia in a whole new dimension. Features attached realistic 3-D facsimiles enclosed behind Plexiglas. Stands on any tabletop for easy display. Includes reproducible handout. Dimensions 32" x 24".

#10790/0635  DRUGS AND THE BRAIN SERIES (5 Program
"This is your brain on drugs" may be an effective sound bite, but the reality of drug use and abuse is more complicated. As this five-part series shows, the brain can be affected by drugs and alcohol in many different ways, depending on the substance consumed: STIMULANTS: The Mechanics of Pleasure; PAINKILLERS: Numbing the Mind; LEGAL DRUGS: Still Addictive, Still Deadly; CANNABIS: Satanic Herb or Healing Potion?; DESIGNER DRUGS: Uncertain Borders. All programs are Sub-titled. See our website for complete descriptions of each part. Subtitled.

#15082/0795  DRUGS OF ABUSE: Treatment and Recovery DVD/CDROM Set
Using dramatic narratives, this compelling DVD offers an inside look at the disease of addiction, the treatment process, and long-term recovery. Doctors and clinicians join individuals in recovery to discuss the symptoms and consequences of drug abuse, the neurobiology of addiction, substance abuse treatment, and life in recovery. The accompanying CD-ROM features reproducible materials for both clients and professionals

This day-long workshop with Dan Newman, PhD. includes the latest information pertaining to use and abuse of the so called "Legal High’s" such as Splice, K2, Spice, Bath Salts, Meow-Meow (Mephedrone), Salvia Divinorum, and Cahta, a flowering shrub native to northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Dr. Newman looks at over-the-counter drug abuse, pharmaceutical drug abuse, what’s new on the streets; long-term/short-term dangers of the new millennium/designer drugs, and the drugs used for drug-facilitated sexual abuse and rape. He will also look at the dangers of combining HIV/AIDS medication with these drugs and their relationship in the spread of HIV/AIDS and STD’s..

This program investigates the very real and diverse medical problems caused by the heavy and long-term use of psychoactive drugs, especially tobacco, alcohol, methamphetamines, and marijuana. As with previous CNS productions it is not based on scare tactics or moralizations ...just the facts, ma'am, (but that's pretty scary in this case anyway)!


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