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The latest scientific, medical and psychological information on alcohol and its uniquely addictive and destructive qualities. Tolerance, withdrawal, F.A.S., absorption rates, treatment, and recovery are just some of the subjects covered.

This video summarizes all the latest research that shows how alcohol affects various parts of the brain, both immediately and long-term. It also discusses the latest theories on how alcohol causes addiction and some of the implications for treatment.

#10323/0795  ALCOHOL: The Substance, The Addiction, The Solution DVD
Alcohol is not only the most abused drug of addiction in western society, it is also statistically by far the deadliest. Viewers get key information about the history, effects, dangers, and recovery aspects of alcohol use and abuse.

#14430/0635  BREAKING THE HABIT: ALCOHOL: (4 Programs) DVD
We drink to celebrate, to socialize, to come down from the pressures of the day ... The line beyond which a beer or a glass of wine will cause irreversible damage to the liver and other systems of the body is much closer than so-called 'social' drinkers imagine. These programs explain how alcohol affects the body, how much alcohol can be safely consumed during what period of time, what alcoholism is, and how the habit can be broken.

#14605/1076  HOW I STOPPED DRINKING: Four Stories Continued
A follow-up to "What Made Me Stop Drinking", this program investigates how those same people - recovering alcoholics - actually managed to stop drinking. They took different routes and found their own sources of support. The central message of this program is that it is possible to stop and to rediscover life without alcohol. *CC Features Susan Diamond Potts - M.A., RCC - a clinical psychologist specializing in addiction treatment. "Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. People have to have enough resources to support their recovery."

#12882/1735  KHARAAB DARU: Bad Medicine
Inspired by a recent tragedy that occurred in which a Punjabi man shot and killed his wife and also shot his daughter during a family conflict. Punjabi-speaking professionals, along with individuals impacted by alcohol, share their knowledge with respect to the harms and risks associated with problem drinking, mistaking alcohol as medicine, how alcohol impairs mental and physical functioning, drinking and driving, addiction and family violence, and the benefits of recovery.

This program summarizes the newest research that shows how alcohol effects the entire body, both immediately and long-term. Issues such as pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome, cirrhosis, cancer and heart disease are also discussed. Grades 9 to A

#7329/0685  SPIN THE BOTTLE: Sex, Lies and Alcohol
Using numerous examples from Hollywood movies, MTV Spring Break, sitcoms, and advertising, as well as interviews with college students, award-winning media critics Jean Kilbourne (Killing Us Softly 3, Slim Hopes) and Jackson Katz (Tough Guise) discuss the way that alcohol abuse has been normalized in the lives of millions of young people.

#14480/1076  WHAT MADE ME STOP DRINKING: Four Stories
An intimate and revealing look into the lives of people who are addicted to alcohol. Four very different individuals tell their stories ... a ll four finally faced a brutal reality - that their lives and health were falling apart. The stories are brought to life by personal interviews with the four subjects and with Susan Diamond Potts - M.A., RCC, who holds a masters in clinical psychology and who specializes in treating alcohol addiction. *CC


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