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#13214/1420  COCAINE
Intense, but brief highs followed by profound lows - this program explains how cocaine produces these effects. Also describes side effects and dangers of cocaine use as well as outlines a treatment plan using an integrated approach.

#7408/0410  COCAINE AND CRACK: A Craving for More
An examination of the powerful stimulant cocaine and its smokeable form crack. The program looks at cocaine's effect on the body's energy supplies and the reward reinforcement center; the neurochemical effects of chronic and high-dose use; the reasons compulsion and addiction develop; treatment strategies when users want to recover.

#15893/0773  COCAINE: The Power and the Story with Cardwell C. Nuckols, PhD
This four-part series with Cardwell C. Nuckols, PhD, is designed for use in a structured therapeutic setting helps bring your clients from the intervention to a point where they are ready to embrace the recovery life-style. Part I: DEFINING ADDICTION 19 minutes Part II: ACCEPTANCE 19 minutes Part III: HIGH RISK SITUATIONS 15 minutes Part IV: EARLY RECOVERY AND PERSONAL BALANCE 18 minutes The series includes lecture material, interspersed with comments by four recovering addicts, and is approximately 90 minutes for all four parts.


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