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Is marijuana a gateway to addiction, to mental illness, to raised consciousness and spirituality? None of the above? Is it really the best choice for alleviating suffering from serious medical conditions? Viewers get some up to date scientific opinions on the consequences of smoking-up.

#16162/0410  CANNABINYZED: The Physical and Mental Effects of Marijuana
As the legal status of marijuana changes, it's perceived dangers are lessening while the potency of the drug is increasing. This video covers marijuana as a psychoactive substance that induces its effects by manipulation of natural brain chemicals known as the endocannabinoids. The toxic and addictive impact that results from the drug’s disruption of natural endocannibinoids is characterized in this video by the testimony of those impacted by the drug and by the scientists who are studying its effects. This video will help to clarify the many myths and misconceptions regarding the effects of marijuana. *Closed Captioned

#11696/0545  INTRODUCING CANNABIS: Risks, Laws and Habits
It appears that some people can smoke a little dope and walk away completely unscathed while for others those weird images from Reefer Madness are anything but a joke! Viewers get the latest research results on some of the psychological consequences of indulging in marijuana.

#4729/0635  MESSING WITH HEADS: Marijuana and Mental Illness
The widespread use of marijuana only started to happen four decades ago. Research into the long-term effects has revealed some disturbing mental health issues. Because the THC content of modern marijuana is so much greater than the original natural strains, those issues, including schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis, may be on the gentler end of a very steep incline. That research is explained.


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