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While alcohol contributes to factors which may lead to violence against women, research shows that it is not the actual cause of violence against women by men. This program profiles four women who survived severely abusive relationships and offers additional insights from professionals in such areas as domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and law enforcement.

#15310/0223  ANGER AND TRIGGERS SET (2 Programs on one DVD)
Father Martin himself called Bob Francis "a modern day Father Martin"! His clear and friendly style promotes good will and positive expectations. This may be just the message your clients need to hear right now. In the first program of this set - ANGER MANAGEMENT - Bob teaches how we can learn to "drive our anger" instead of letting it drive us. In the second program - TRIGGERS - Bob explains how to associate any trigger that brings on destructive behavior with something positive instead.

#9231/0110  ANGER STRATEGIES TOOL BOX with Claudia Black
This comprehensive package gives viewers a set of TOOLS for recognizing, understanding and dealing with various types of anger, whether repressed or explosive. The package includes "The anger Video" plus comprehensive support material in audio, on CD and printed, reproducible anger resources as well as the "Anger Strategies" book, CD.

#12459/0635  ANGER: Myths and Truths about the Emotion
Is venting one’s rage really healthy? Do age, gender, and self-image have any connection with anger problems? Has our society become inherently angry? This ABC News program explores the psychology and sociology behind the most dangerous of emotions.

#15467/1745  GETTING CONTROL OF YOURSELF: Anger Management Tools and Techniques
In this lively and instructive video, watch anger management expert, Christian Conte, PhD, present his comprehensive and practical theory for treating - and healing - even the most violent offenders. You will learn about the neurochemistry of anger, how to recognize your client’s personal anger-types, and how to help them master antidotes to each. In addition, you will become skilled at helping clients recognize their triggers, detach from their thoughts, and use their self-awareness more effectively.

#9097/0410  IN AND OUT OF CONTROL: Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Violence
Explains the influence of heredity, environment, and the role of alcohol and other drugs, on domestic, sexual, and random violence. Identifies triggers to violence and presents methods of treatment and prevention.

Developed from the lost discipline of Christian contemplative practice, this powerful approach incorporates current understandings of psychology, neurobiology and monastic contemplative approaches to permanently dissolve aspects of the false-self (ego). This dissolution or emptying of self opens one up to spiritual healing. This realization is the key to serenity and selfless service-sources of true happiness. PowerPoint slides are included.

#9131/1805  PULLING PUNCHES: A Curriculum for Rage Management (3 Programs)
Anger that is unresolved or uncontrollable is a significant problem in the recovery process for many people in treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. This series explains that terms like denial, tolerance and enabling are applicable to anger as well as to addictions and that treatment for this anger must be undertaken seriously for recovery to occur.

#6954/1835  WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?!
Explores both the cause and effect of anger, from its roots to the final stage...dealing with the aftermath. Reveals important roles hereditary, cultural and environmental influences play in the development of a particular style of dealing with anger...expression or repression.

Dr. Lorne Korman demonstrates his approach to treating clients who present with problems of anger and aggression. An important aspect of treatment involves assessing the underlying emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and motivational processes that may be contributing to a client's anger problems. Therapy often involves teaching clients about anger and personal anger cues, and enhancing the client's motivation to reduce anger.


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