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#16160/2003  ADDICTED TEENS SERIES (4 Programs)
This series consists of four 30 minute parts: ADDICTED TEENS: LEGAL HIGHS Legal highs are man-made substances/chemicals and strong stimulants that have similar effects to illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis or ecstasy. They are sometimes called club drugs or new psychoactive substances (NPS) and provide physical, emotional and hallucinogenic effects and are marketed as a legal high. ADDICTED TEENS: DRUG ADDICTION So what is it about drugs that can take you down a path of self-destruction and self-hate? Why would someone take drugs in the first place and why do some users get addicted to drugs and some don’t? How does addiction happen? This documentary series takes an in-depth look at real people, telling their real stories of addiction, what happened to them and how hard it was for them to turn their lives around. ADDICTED TEENS: HEROIN ADDICTION Heroin is an extremely addictive Opioid drug that is synthesized from Morphine. Heroin can be snorted, smoked, or injected and usually comes in a white or brown powder substance. It is estimated that almost a quarter of all people who use Heroin once become addicted. A young person who might think twice about putting a needle in his arm may more readily smoke or sniff the same drug. But this is falsely reassuring and may give one the idea that there is less risk. The truth is that heroin in all its forms is dangerous and addictive. ADDICTED TEENS: ECSTASY ADDICTION What is called Ecstasy today can contain a wide mixture of substances from LSD, cocaine, heroin, amphetamine and methamphetamine, to rat poison, caffeine and dog deworming substances. Despite the cute logos dealers put on the pills, this is what makes Ecstasy particularly dangerous, a user never really knows what he is taking. Ecstasy most commonly comes in pill form but can also be injected and taken in other ways. Liquid Ecstasy is actually GHB, a nervous system depressant - a substance that can also be found in drain cleaner, floor stripper and degreasing solvents!Grades 8 to 12

#14386/0545  ADDICTED: A Series for Young Men and Women (6 Programs on 2 DVDs)
Follow interventionist Kristina Wandzilak as she helps young men and women addicted to drugs and alcohol take their first steps toward recovery and a substance-free life. Produced by Discovery Education. Follow interventionist Kristina Wandzilak as she helps young men and women addicted to drugs and alcohol take their first steps toward recovery and a substance-free life. Produced by Discovery Education. ALISSA is a sixteen-year veteran of heroin and methamphetamines AMANDA is a thirty-one-year-old alcoholic and heroin addict. ANNIE and MIKE are co-dependent speedballers whose addictions have taken them, and their families, to the depths of despair JEREMY is a twenty-one-year-old OxyContin addict whose family history has been devastated by numerous addictions. KEVIN is a twenty-six-year-old alcoholic who has alienated his friends and family with his downward spiral of drinking KLEA is a nineteen-year-old methamphetamine addict who has turned to prostitution in order to support her habit. NOTE: These programs contain graphic images of drug use and sensitive language. Please preview before showing to students.

#14892/2003  ADDICTION AND DEPRESSION (Teens at Risk Series)
Many depressed people, especially teenagers, also have problems with alcohol or other drugs. This program teaches how to be honest about both issues - showing how depressed teens can deal effectively with their illness without substance abuse and how to communicate with people who can help them get treatment.Grades 8 to 12

#10007/1945  ALCOHOL FACTS: Straight Up
Alcohol is so prevalent in the lives of so many teenagers, and it doesn't even have to be with their own use! Friends drink and do stupid, dangerous or illegal things. Family members get drunk and do embarrassing or even frightening things. Or teens themselves drink and the consequences can last for a lifetime! This Value Pak presents age appropriate scenarios to demonstrate that alcohol is still among the most dangerous drugs of abuse. Grades 5 to 9

#14596/0680  ALCOHOL: True Stories with Matt Damon
Young people tell their powerful stories about drinking and driving, drug addiction, and avoiding alcohol use. Hosted by Matt Damon, TRUE STORIES "is among the very best videos on the issue. It doesn't preach - it underscores the value of connections and communication with friends and family. A valuable tool for communities nationally." Bobby Heard, National Director of Programs, Mothers Against Drunk DrivingGrades 5 to 12

#12543/0545  BINGE DRINKING
A growing issue among adolescents is binge drinking. What is binge drinking, who is likely to be involved in binge drinking and what are the effects and consequences of this behavior are all questions answered in this program.

#10673/1420  BINGE DRINKING (NHV)
This program clearly states the many negative, dangerous, even deadly repercussions of this extreme but increasingly common "recreational" activity. Alcohol poisoning, DUI, taking part in activities way below the stupid level, unwanted sex, pointless violence, vomiting... all for the purpose of appeasing peer pressure and fitting in? And unfortunately the life-changing effects can last a lot longer than the next hangover.Grades 7 to 12

#9538/0505  BINGE DRINKING BLOWOUT 2.0: The Extreme Dangers of Alcohol Abuse Updated!
Looks at the life-threatening nature of teen alcohol use from a medical and personal perspective. Now updated to include social media, this very popular title is aimed at young adults and teenagers who seem to have adopted 'overloading' the system with alcohol as a rite of passage in many party situations, this video clearly demonstrates how very X-TREME the consequences can actually be. Grades 7 to A

E-cigarettes have been called the next generation cigarette and vaping the newest way for teens to start smoking. Most teens assume vaping is harmless, however it is not. Studies have shown that the gases and particles in e-cigarette vapors can harm the lungs, brain, heart and immune system. So what is vaping? What is the vapor made from and how does it work? Do e-cigarettes contain toxins? Are e-cigarettes dangerous? Do e-cigarettes contain nicotine?What are the short and long term side effects? E-cigarettes actually emit a suspension of particles, toxins and other chemicals suspended within a gas. E-cig vapor often contains even more particles than tobacco smoke.Grades 8 to 12

#10101/1735  COLD AS ICE: Crystal Meth in the Community
The consequences of the growing phenomenon of crystal meth use go far beyond the very real and serious harm done to users themselves. Presents the facts on the damage and danger caused to families and communities. Grades 7 to 12

#13402/0450  DANGER OF DRUGS: Run of the Mill
*UNICEF Award Winner -The International Animation Festival "Highly Recommended! This non-narrated program tells the compelling story of a boy from a happy, nurturing family who is lured into drug use by his curiosity. Progressing from smoking to syringes, he remains in a transparent bubble, isolated from his parents and peers. Students, parents and teachers will find this a discussion-promoting tool." School Library JournalGrades 5 to 7

#9084/1735  DEATH BY JIB
Crystal meth is a highly addictive and dangerous drug that is devastating to individuals, families and communities. Discouraging youth from ever trying the drug is the ultimate hope of prevention efforts. This graphic video pulls no punches as it speaks directly to the hearts and minds of viewers to convey a powerful and emotional message warning teenagers and young adults about the harsh realities of Crystal Meth. Printable guide booklets for DEATH BY JIB on website/guidesGrades 7 to A

#13440/0450  DRINKING AND DRIVING: A Teenager's Nightmare
Trying to convince young people who are new to drinking and new to driving that both are dangerous but mixing the two is just plain stupid has always been a problem. Belief in their innate ability as well as their invincibility is difficult to overcome. This video uses the idea of stupidly risking other people's lives and the devastating consequences of taking that risk on the future life of the teen themselves to get the point across.

#12526/2003  DRUG ABUSE BEYOND MARIJUANA AND ALCOHOL: Crossing the Thin Line
Pharmaceuticals, as well as 'home-made' drugs that pretend to be, have gained in popularity with teenagers of late. After all, alcohol is bulky in quantity, marijuana is a bit messy to deal with and the smoke that goes with it is pretty obvious and of course our society exists for the benefit of the drug companies! Pills are so much neater. Viewers learn that the side-effects are not always listed on the bottle when you buy them off the street. Grades 8 to 12

#15327/2003  DRUG ADDICTION: The Consequences
Hard-hitting testimonials from teens and young adults illustrate the potential life-altering damage done by substance abuse use, the struggle to get and stay clean, what it means to live a life free of drugs and the reality that it can happen to anyone who chooses to experiment with drugs. Grades 8 to 12

#14290/1963  DRUG EDUCATION FOR TEENS (12 Programs)
This engaging and informative series empowers teenagers to make responsible decisions by providing them with honest and realistic information with an accessible scientific foundation upon which to base them. Students get an in-depth look at the most prominent drugs and teen health issues of the day, as well as an understanding of the history of the drugs. The series consists of twelve 23-minute programs: ALCOHOL AND ALCOHOLISM ALCOHOL: Teenage Drinking CLUB DRUGS COCAINE AND CRACK HALLUCINGENS HEROIN AND OTHER OPIATES INHALANTS MARIJUANA METHAMPHETAMINE AND OTHER STIMULANTS STEROIDS TEENAGE DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE TRANQUILIZERS AND OTHER DEPRESSANTS *Detailed descriptions of each program are available *Special price is available for individual schools and public librariesGrades 7 to A

#14715/0433  DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Your Choice
There are all kinds of drugs. Some drugs are helpful - some hurtful, even deadly. But what do all drugs have in common? They all change how your body works and they should all be taken seriously. Topics include alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, as well as the negative social and relationship costs and disastrous academic effects. Grades 9 to 12

#13754/0795  DRUGS ON TRIAL: Prescription Drug Misuse (CD & CD-ROM)
This prevention program for high school addresses the dangers and consequences associated with prescription drug misuse. Provides the most current information regarding prescription drugs as well as captivating storylines to enhance learning and keep students engaged and interested.

#14598/0545  DRUGS: Facts and Fiction
Many young people are skeptical, to say the least, about how dangerous experimenting with drugs can be. So what is the truth? But really just how harmful or harmless are they? Featuring real case studies of two young adults who have been affected by drugs, this program seeks to explore what drugs are, legal and illegal drugs, the effect of drugs on a person's health and wellbeing, what to do in a crisis and prevention and treatment strategiesGrades 8 to 12

#12908/0635  DRUGS: The Straight Facts (5 Programs)
*Recommended by School Library Journal. *Recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online *Recommended by Library Media Connection The only antidote to the flashy appeal of drugs is honest information. Give your students the straight facts on some of the most widely abused substances with this series of five programs: ALCOHOL MARIJUANA COCAINE AND CRACK NARCOTICS: Heroin, Opium, Codeine, and Morphine INHALANTS *Includes PDF Guides for each program Grades 7 to A

#14597/0680  DRUGS: True Stories
"A brilliantly produced and very hopeful piece. It illustrates very nicely the progression that goes with addiction." Richard Falzone, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Abuse of alcohol and marijuana led Joel to prescription painkillers. Joel and his family describe their ordeal through addiction, denial, and recovery. Experts from Harvard Medical School answer frequently asked questions.Grades 5 to A

#9370/0405  DRUGS: Uses and Abuses (8 Programs)
A veritable encyclopedia of pharmacological facts, this outstanding eight-part series thoroughly examines the therapeutic uses and dangerous abuses of drugs. Moving beyond the "Just Say No" mentality, each menu-driven DVD gives a general overview of a particular class of drugs, then moves on to closely examine specific drugs in that group. Grades 7 to 12

#5426/0970  DUI - It's Just Not Worth It!
This program graphically illustrates the truth about alcohol: how it affects the body and the ability to drive. It clarifies the myths about drinking and driving while showing dramatic footage of interviews with the victims of drunk drivers and the offenders themselves. Grades 9 to 12

#13960/0545  FACTS AND FICTION SERIES (3 Programs)
A three part series for junior and senior high level youth: DRUGS: Facts and Fiction - Seeks to explore what drugs are, legal and illegal drugs, the effect of drugs on a person's health and wellbeing, what to do in a crisis and prevention and treatment strategies for those affected by drug use and abuse. STIs: Facts and Fiction - Focuses on the facts and myths, decisions and getting help, symptoms and consequences, and treatment and protection. Also discussed are the differences between STDs and STIs, and how you should deal with a STI should you contract one. TEENAGE DRINKING: Facts and Fiction - Takes an in-depth look and investigates the concept of binge drinking and what can happen when it gets out of hand. We discuss; the effects of alcohol, reasons for binge drinking, addiction, consequences, associated risks with binge drinking and responsible behavior. Grades 8 to A

#14592/0697  FOUR MORE DAYS: The Dangers of Drinking and Driving
This highly realistic portrayal of the dangers of adolescent behavior that connects alcohol to DWI accidents is absolutely guaranteed to make teens think twice about drinking and driving.

#9326/0235  GAMBLING: It's a Losing Bet (3 Programs)
Gambling is becoming a growth industry among youths and young adults. This series makes it clear to young viewers that whether it's sports or games or video terminals, gambling and the debt that most often goes with it are not always the fun they are cracked up to be. School problems, suicide, violence, broken families, and financial ruin are among the outcomes spotlighted in this realistic, compelling series. Each of the programs uses a different setting and situation to deliver the message that compulsive gambling is a problem that can, and must, be addressed. SAFE BET: Recognizing the Problem DONE DEAL: Choosing Not to Gamble PLAY TO WIN: The Deadly Consequences of Gambling Grades 7 to A

Teen addicts speak in their own words about how their lives spiraled out of control after using drugs.

This program provides a unique glimpse into the world of peer pressure, parties and alcohol and drug use in high school. Viewers will hear from youth who made the choice to use drugs and alcohol and then found themselves forever changed. These young people speak candidly about what happened and where it took them. Others talk about what they like to do to have fun and what matters to them. The goal is to reduce substance misuse and to improve overall health through exploration of effective ways of managing stress instead of trying to "cope with dope" and how youth can get a rush of excitement using activities instead of substances. Grades 7 to 12

#9490/2180  HIP HOP GENERATION SERIES (2 Programs)
Today many of the clients sitting in your office or in your treatment program are a part of the Hip Hop Generation, a group of young adults that many find hard to understand. Perhaps this is true especially when it comes to the focus on substance abuse and this lifestyle that seems to idolize criminality. In these two videos on Hip Hop Sobriety, Delbert Boone addresses the influencing factors of this often controversial group. Part One THE ROOTS OF THE HIP HOP GENERATION is primarily a staff training program. Part Two, BUILDING A BRIDGE TO THE HIP HOP GENERATION, a client education program filmed with a group of young adults.

#13640/0395  HOOKED: The Addiction Trap (3 Programs)
Kids are being exposed to addictive substances and behaviors at younger and younger ages. The negative habits that some will form in their early years can impact their lives in disastrous ways. In this best selling program, young viewers are introduced to the dangers of getting hooked through an unflinching look at a variety of addictions including substance abuse, gambling, internet pornography, and smoking.. Three 20-minute segments - Understanding Addiction; The Consequences of Addiction; and Alternatives to Addiction - create a comprehensive exploration of the underlying reasons for addiction; the painful consequences of getting hooked and the road to resilience for young people growing up in stressful times. *Three programs on one DVD with Workbook

You can become addicted to just about anything. It becomes a serious problem when it takes you away from the things you normally do. Some people have a predisposition to addiction and Will's story shows that anyone call fall dangerously into addiction. It started with a video games addiction which was the beginning of the slippery slope that almost cost him his life. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. He could never imagine that at the age of 17 he would be living on the streets addicted to crack cocaine and near death. His remarkable story brings so much hope to those that struggle with addiction and now he dedicates his life to helping youth.Grades 8 to 12

#15771/0635  KIDS AND HEROIN: A Wakeup Call to Parents
What may surprise some viewers is that these stories take place far from the inner city- they represent suburbia’s children, a demographic falling victim to substance abuse as never before. Heroin and suburban teenagers simply don't seem to fit together as a rule ... or do they?

#9098/1805  MARIJUANA AT YOUR OWN RISK: A Two-Part Prevention and Intervention Program DVD
This great two part series puts all the arguments against teen experimentation with pot into one package. The social, the physical, the educational, the criminal aspects are all dealt with in an interesting and convincing manner. The difficulties experienced in withdrawal and recovery are also demonstrated. There are two videos and the package includes Counselor's Guide with discussion questions and reproducible client worksheets. PART ONE shows how becoming a chronic user is a gradual process that typically takes over one's life in steps. 20 minutes. PART TWO identifies just what the negative effects of chronic marijuana use can be. Also, recovering teen marijuana users share how much better their lives have become since they got help and stopped using, providing hope and inspiration to viewers who need it. 25 minutes Grades 7 to 12

#9537/0505  MARIJUANA: The Gateway Drug 2.0 Updated!
Now updated to include social media, this very popular title points out how marijuana plays a key role in addiction by introducing users to illegal drugs. Because marijuana has mind-altering properties, it is certainly considered to be the launching pad for hard drugs for many people.Grades 7 to 12

#11550/0795  MATRIX MODEL FOR TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS FAMILY CURRICULUM: An Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program
Family participation in treatment enhances a client's progress, especially in the case of young clients. The Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults is an evidence-based program adapted from The Matrix Model, Hazelden's best-selling intensive outpatient program for adults. This 12-week package includes a facilitator's guide, handouts (hard copies and on CD-ROM), and three DVDs: Road Map for Recovery, Triggers and Cravings, and Families in Recovery.

#12980/0795  MATRIX MODEL FOR TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS: Intensive 16 Week Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program (DVDs etc)
THIS MATRIX MODEL IS THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE ADULT MATRIX MODEL.This intensive outpatient program for youth received an exemplary rating by Drug Strategies. *Significant reductions in the number of days of reported alcohol and drug use over 70% of clients reported no alcohol use and 75% reported no drug use *Improved severity and significant improvements in areas such as drug use, family relationships, peer/social relationships, and psychiatric status

#9342/0600  NEXT DOOR: A Documentary about a Teenage Alcoholic and Her Family
Takes an in-depth look into the intricacies of a "normal" family who failed to see the warning signs of teenage addiction and admit to a family legacy of alcoholism. Offers a realistic look into the life of a real family who believed they had created a balanced life for their children until addiction struck at its core. The film illustrates the teen's descent into substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, rebellion, manipulation and lying, and how her choices affected her younger siblings who watched in silence.

#9325/0505  NO KINDA LIFE!
This is a stark and biting documentary filmed entirely behind bars at a penitentiary featuring prisoners "telling it like it is" about the realities of losing their freedom at an early age for drug related crimes. In dramatic settings, they relate their individual stories imparting a strong sense of personal loss and regret. Ultimately this "living testimony" concludes with compelling advice to teenagers not to choose drugs, not to let crack cocaine and other dangerous substances ruin their lives. This program will make your most at-risk students sit up and take notice. Grades 9 to 12

#14603/0545  ON THE ROCKS: Teenage Drinking
The underage drinking epidemic has become a severe problem and this program shows parents how to protect their children from participating in binge drinking.Grades 8 to A

#14572/2003  PARTY DRUGS (Real Life Teens)
This video answers important questions: What is Ecstasy? What are club drugs? Why are prescription pills just as dangerous as illegal drugs? Where are teen abusers of prescription drugs sharing "recipes" for getting high? Do some teens self-medicate undiagnosed depression or anxiety with prescription drugs? Grades 8 to 12

#10312/2003  PARTY'S OVER (The): Sex, Alcohol and Pregnancy
Although today's teens are exposed to more blatant sexuality than almost any other generation in history, the questions and conundrums that surround sexual activity remain. This portrayal of three teenage couples covers a variety of contemporary sexual health and relationship issues. Grades 8 to 12

#13915/0635  PHARM COUNTRY
The snack bowl at a "pharm party" includes a mix of prescription drugs - from Adderall to Oxycontin to Xanax - and most of them come directly from the household medicine cabinet. This ABC News program examines a disturbing and rapidly growing trend in teenage drug abuse: getting high on legal drugs, often obtained through parents’ prescriptions or from questionable sources over the Internet.

#9770/0795  PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE: Prevention
The fact that prescription drugs come from pharmacies and are prescribed by doctors can add a certain (imagined) air of legitimacy to their illicit use in some teenage minds. Viewers get the real facts about these often very potent, dangerous and highly addictive substances. Grades 7 to 12

#10997/0795  PREVENTING RELAPSE: Taking the Necessary Steps
Relapse prevention for teens and young adults in recovery... this very informative video examines the special challenges that will face young people on their long and challenging journey to clean and sober. Grades 9 to A

Ecstasy ... very popular and very dangerous. Three experts contribute in-depth analysis that teenage viewers will understand and relate to. There are also "straight, on the street" interviews with young adults and ex-users geared towards ecstasy prevention. Features actual rave footage.Grades 6 to 12

#7409/0410  PSYCHOACTIVE: Club Drugs and Inhalants
Everything you wanted to know about rave- or club-drugs, including psychedelics and inhalants, and we mean EVERYTHING! This excellent, realistic video explains current scientific and medical opinion on these widely used (and abused) chemical intoxicants. Grades 9 to A

#7726/0505  RAPE UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Sexual Assault on Campus
For most students, date rape is a confusing issue. This "survivor" documentary discusses the realities of an actual date rape where alcohol and drugs were involved. Viewers will see a young victim’s devastation after a violent gang rape, hear from a police detective committed to pursuing serial acquaintance rapists, and share in a discussion as college students talk about sexual assault on campus. Upperclassmen teach incoming freshmen how to use date rape prevention strategies, such as recognizing the crime’s danger signals. This is an awareness video designed to help stop predatory sexual assault.

Todays teens are more exposed to illegal, prescription and over the counter drugs than ever before. Many teens are starting to see drug use as part of the normal teenage experience whether to escape, self-medicate, get instant gratification, or hide feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. This program discusses the ways teens can resist pressure to try drugs, ways they can say (no) to their friends and the dangers and consequences if they do not. *Closed CaptionedGrades 8 to 12

Most teens don't use drugs...making sure it stays that way is the goal of this video. Encouraging teens to stick with the majority and NOT take that first all important step into the world of substance abuse and experimentation is perhaps the most important message to get across in fighting this battle. Grades 5 to 9

Lots of middle schoolers feel the peer pressure to experiment with drugs. This video turns that pressure around by celebrating the majority of kids who do not! There are so many reasons for young minds to be clear instead of blurry, for real experiences and adventures to be enjoyed with all faculties in tact and all senses working at full youthful capacity. Grades 5 to 9

#11656/0143  REWIND: A Film About Choices
Offers a provocative look into the real-world relationship between drugs and alcohol and teens who get consumed by them. Also offers hope to those trying to quit and examines the role that drugs like marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol, magic mushrooms and crystal meth play in their lives. Frank and powerful!

#13765/1733  SOOPER PUPPY: Drink, Drank, Drunk
Multi-award winning video! While searching for his favorite bone, Baxter falls under the influence of a couple of neighborhood "characters" who pressure him into attending a party where "spiked" punch is served. Baxter and his friends and family share important life lessons that are easy for children to understand and remember. Grades K to 3

#15331/0685  SPITTING GAME: The College Hookup Culture
Filmmaker Denice Ann Evans draws heavily on the voices of students in this timely and eye-opening look at the dangers and consequences of hookup culture on college campuses. Shedding much needed light on a culture steeped in alcohol and often shrouded in silence, Evans supplements student testimony with analysis from experts and health professionals to tease out the gender politics at the heart of hookup culture and what's come to be known as "the spitting game" the finely tuned art of the pickup that many young men now aspire to master. Examines hookup culture in light of persistently high levels of sexual assault, binge drinking, and gender violence on college campuses.Grades 9 to A

#15054/2003  STONED AT SCHOOL (Real Life Teens)
It's just so cool to be cool ... to be stoned at school ... everybody knows how cool you are. But where does it actually get you? Teen peers explain what happens in REAL LIFE! Provides students with a realistic overview of the consequences of drug and alcohol use and how staying straight is vital to a student’s success in school. Grades 8 to 12

#10951/0635  TEEN DANGER ZONE: Teens at Risk
Combining hard-hitting personal stories with cold facts, the first six segments of this chaptered program report on some of the most common drugs currently being abused by teens: OxyContin, PMA, Special K (ketamine), the methamphetamine Ice, inhalants, and, in the form of binge drinking, alcohol. The final segment focuses on hazing, a frequently outlawed form of initiation that, like substance abuse, speaks directly to the teenage desire to fit in with peers - sometimes at any cost.

#14591/0545  TEENAGE DRINKING: Facts and Fiction
How does binge drinking really affect individuals physically, socially and psychologically? What are the short and long term effects? What are the direct and indirect consequences? Exploring the issue through the eyes of our youth, this program takes an in depth look at this major health issue and investigates the concept of binge drinking and what can happen when it gets out of hand.Grades 8 to A

#16200/2003  TEENS IN TREATMENT SERIES (2 Programs)
The TEENS IN TREATMENT series consists of two 30-minute programs - THE WARNING SIGNS OF ADDICTION and LIFE BEYOND GETTING HIGH. THE WARNING SIGNS OF ADDICTION So Who Becomes Addicted? Most people don't understand why or how someone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol or any other substance that completely dominates their life. This series takes an in-depth look at teen addiction and provides a personal connection with those in recovery, the steps to recovery and an honest look at substance abuse. Teenagers all go through traumatic experiences and symptoms of depression. In many cases they don't have the resources to deal with their problems. Many times they turn to drugs as a solution or as a coping mechanism if they feel they can’t deal with a problem on their own. This often leads to a path of addiction. This program discusses the traits that can be found in an addictive personality, the warning signs and the attraction to try drugs. It takes a look at what can take a seemingly normal teen down the road of addiction and the intense process of treatment and recovery. Also addresses the physical, mental and behavioral effects of drug abuse and the effective treatment options. Features clinical addiction psychologists, mental health and teen drug abuse experts. LIFE BEYOND GETTING HIGH Rehab or treatment for addiction begins with the desire to stop using drugs or alcohol and choose a clean and sober life. For many teens, this may seem like an impossible task especially when their life seems to have lost all meaning. At first teens think using drugs or alcohol helps them fit in and can relieve stress either at home or at school. However, they soon realize it doesn’t fix anything and their problems keep coming back and often get worse. This program teaches teens that living a life of addiction is one that can be changed. Personal accomplishments can be achieved and a healthy successful life, without dependence on drugs or alcohol is possible. NOTE: Closed Caption available upon request - additional charge.

*WINNER! Intermedia GOLD GLOBE Award This video employs older teens to deliver a very important message to younger adolescents about the direct effect alcohol consumption has on brain growth and development, especially before the age of 24. Grades 5 to 9

#12659/2305  TWELVE: Young Addicts Speak from the Heart
Is becoming involved with alcohol and drugs during early adolescence more dangerous, more likely to result in addiction? Are the unfledged body and brain more susceptible to the effects of drugs and result in longer and deeper habitual usage? Do young starters have a more difficult recovery? Drunk or stoned at TWELVE! Delves into the world of the adolescent addict. Grades 7 to 12

This video provides young viewers with a comprehensive look at these drugs that are often claimed to be harmless. It also offers first hand testimony about this deception often used as a sales pitch at "raves" and the dance club "party" scene.Grades 7 to 12

WOW!!! It makes you feel so great!!! Yah right... This video provides teen viewers with a little more down to earth description of what meth can do for them. Things like permanent brain and physical damage, real addiction and withdrawal, and a visit to Angola, the picturesque Louisiana State Prison, are offered. Riveting!!! Grades 7 to 12

#7769/1730  WHERE ANGELS WEEP: Teenagers and Heroin
Even heroin addicts in recovery are shocked when they actually see what they, their activities, their lives, in addiction look like when they watch them on video. This documentary gets down and dirty to bring the realities of life on the street as a teenage junkie to viewers of all ages. Hopefully its prevention message will be most powerful to teen viewers. Grades 7 to A

#14604/1255  WHERE DO I TURN? Answers for Parents of Adolescent Drug Users
Shock, fear, embarrassment, guilt - these are the emotions that many parents experience after discovering their children have taken drugs. Then comes a painful uncertainty about what to do next. A group of 30 parents of adolescent drug users were asked, "What information do you need in order to help your child?" The parent’s top 10 questions are answered in this program. Answers come from nationwide substance abuse experts, parent advocates, and those who share things that have helped in their own recovery. The DVD can be viewed in its entirety or as individual questions. A Media Guide is included.

*Awarded "Best Documentary" and "People's Choice for Best Film" Produced specifically for use in schools with a "in your face" shock approach, this documentary is about teenagers and drug addiction, and in particular the devastating result heroin will have on their lives. The message is simple "If you are doing heroin, you are going to die!" Grades 7 to A

In this engaging video, young people in recovery discuss how working a Twelve Step program helps them in their recovery journey. Each of the 12 Steps is discussed by young people in recovery sharing their personal stories about how working the Steps have helped them stay clean and sober.

#15699/0795  YOUTH AND DRUGS OF ABUSE: Prevention to Recovery
In this program, doctors and clinicians join teens and young adults with firsthand accounts to discuss the symptoms and consequences of substance abuse. This engaging video is divided into four segments and discusses drugs of abuse across the continuum - from prevention to intervention, to treatment, and early recovery. Segment 1 focuses on the short and long-term consequences of alcohol and other drug use. Segment 2 focuses on how alcohol and other drug use effects the developing brain and body with specific emphasis on alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, and synthetic drugs. Segment 3 focuses on the messages that have been proven to reduce or prevent drug use. Segment 4 focuses on how to get help and what treatment is like. *The accompanying CD-ROM includes reproducible materials for young people and their clinicians, teachers, and other leaders.


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