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#9342/0600  NEXT DOOR: A Documentary about a Teenage Alcoholic and Her Family
Takes an in-depth look into the intricacies of a "normal" family who failed to see the warning signs of teenage addiction and admit to a family legacy of alcoholism. Offers a realistic look into the life of a real family who believed they had created a balanced life for their children until addiction struck at its core. The film illustrates the teen's descent into substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, rebellion, manipulation and lying, and how her choices affected her younger siblings who watched in silence.

#14603/0545  ON THE ROCKS: Teenage Drinking
The underage drinking epidemic has become a severe problem and this program shows parents how to protect their children from participating in binge drinking.Grades 8 to A

#14604/1255  WHERE DO I TURN? Answers for Parents of Adolescent Drug Users
Shock, fear, embarrassment, guilt - these are the emotions that many parents experience after discovering their children have taken drugs. Then comes a painful uncertainty about what to do next. A group of 30 parents of adolescent drug users were asked, "What information do you need in order to help your child?" The parent’s top 10 questions are answered in this program. Answers come from nationwide substance abuse experts, parent advocates, and those who share things that have helped in their own recovery. The DVD can be viewed in its entirety or as individual questions. A Media Guide is included.


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