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Used to train professionals in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, this informative, interactive CD-ROM combines video demonstrations, easy-to-use navigation, pop-quizzes, and tests to give students a general understanding of the basic principles of fire, the types of fire extinguishers and their applications, and ways to identify different types of fire extinguishers.

This is a complete survey of World War I on CD-ROM. Students can examine and analyze original source material by accessing the PictureBase database through keyword searches. Teachers are able to customize the program by adding their own text and specific keyword trails.

#1339/1405  HIV/AIDS: What Do You Know? CD-ROM
This cd-rom provides all of the most up-to-date scientific and medical research results about AIDS and H.I.V. The aim is in prevention and risk reduction as well as to provide information on social effects. Grades 7-12 Grades 7 to 12

#1340/1405  LIFE BEGINS: An amazing Multimedia Journey from Conception to Birth CD-ROM
An educational journey into the miracle of human life, this highly recommended CD-ROM provides parents and teachers with an exciting new way to help explain not only the creation of life but adolescent maturation as well. Grades 9 to A

This CD-ROM brings the vanished world of Tudor and Elizabethan England to students on the elementary and secondary school levels. The social side of Tudor England is explored through four main areas: Arts and Architecture, Life at Sea, Court Life, and Life in Town and Country.

#2849/0635  PATHOLOGY ATLAS Cd-Rom
Aimed at medical professionals and students, this comprehensive cd-rom provides in-depth information on the entire scope of human pathology. A fascinating, well-planned information resource. Grades 9 to A

#3181/0405  SCIENTIFIC METHOD: Processes & Investigation on Cd-Rom
The 'scientific method' is the basis for the development of knowledge in what we know as western science and the way we see the world. This cd-rom explains what the 'method' is, why it is so important and how it applies to both scientific experiments and every day life. Grades 7 to 12


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