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#16159/2003  BIOLOGY: The Science of Seeds
To keep up with the growth in human population, the quantity of food that will have to be produced over the next 50 years will be greater than the past 10,000 years combined. With seven billion people on the planet, traditional farming can only succeed with the assistance of science and a host of hi-tech tools and innovations. This program explores how farmers and scientists continually adapt and innovate in order to produce enough food to feed a hungry planet, while understanding and protecting the environment. *Closed CaptionedGrades 8 to A

#15599/0450  COCOA (Cacao): A STUDY OF CHOCOLATE
This DVD traces the journey of the cacao bean from harvest to consumption. It examines the roles of growers, harvesters, brokers, and exporters and explains why producers receive only five percent of the profits from chocolate sales. The program visits Ecuador, where some of the world’s most refined cocoa is produced, and tours the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory in Broc, Switzerland.

Given the absolute overabundance of BAD food choices available to young people today, one of the most important lessons they can learn for their own health is how to properly shop for and prepare food for themselves. In this three-part series, the creator and host of PBS's Colameco's Food Show explains how to shop for groceries, store food, prepare ingredients, keep the kitchen clean and safe, and develop basic kitchen skills and techniques.

#13710/1733  FARM TO MARKET SERIES (15 programs on 3 DVDs)
Elementary age viewers learn that the stuff they eat does not just magically appear in their mother's hand on a plate or in a colourful cereal box; that the clothes they wear and the bedroom they sleep in were not always there. They actually originate somewhere else like a farmer's field or a forest and often go through various processes before arriving at their house. Fifteen 10-minute programs are on three DVDs. Grades K to 4

#12272/1120  FOOD ADDITIVES
From the history behind preserving foods to new concepts in enriching foods, this program presents examples of the many additives that are used to flavor, color, and preserve so much of what we eat. Takes a simple, factual look at the everyday trade-offs we make when we choose our food.

#14009/1290  FRESH INGREDIENTS: Healthy International Food Tips
Viewers get an introduction to the pleasures and benefits of grocery shopping, cooking and eating. Five video segments offer food and nutrition lessons we can learn from food markets around the world that can be applied to our home-cooked meals. Contrasts packaged and processed foods with similar fresh items found at your local farmer's markets and supermarket, while offering tips for using fresh, tasty ingredients in quick-to-prepare, healthful meals. The segments are: Planning fresh meals; Seasoning with fresh herbs; Seasoning with spices; Selecting olive oil; and, Selecting the best fish. Grades 6 to 12

Looking for the most bang for your buck at the grocery store? Want to know the nutrition values in the aisles of your grocery store? Look no further! Get the inside scoop on what stores do to get you to spend more at the checkout. Grades 6 to A

#15601/1043  MAD COW, SACRED COW
This DVD explores the connections among the mad cow crisis, the farm crisis, and the global food crisis and follows filmmaker Anand Ramayya as he examines the contradictions between the cow that provides beef as a food source and the cow that is the god of his Hindu ancestors. The DVD travels to India, which has a burgeoning meat export industry that is critical to the livelihood of 65 percent of India’s population. It discusses globalization and considers food consumption in relation to current environmental, cultural, economic, and health crises. .

#14035/1290  SMALL APPLIANCES: A to Z
As with most things in life, technology has taken over the kitchen. Small mechanical appliances now make the job of cooking easier and more fun. Take a look as a professional chef demonstrates a variety of appliances, from bread machines and food processors to waffle irons. Grades 6 to A

#10166/1120  SUPERMARKET PERSUASION: What Marketers Know DVD
Supermarkets...almost everybody uses them. This video delves into how supermarkets are designed with the specific intention of getting the most money out of each and every shopper in the shortest time possible. It allows consumers to begin to recognize and understand the marketing manipulation that is occurring, and holding on to more of their money. Very Interesting! Grades 7 to A

#14453/1120  SUPERMARKETS: Aisles of Persuasion
First of all it's a big store that you have to wander around to find what you need, then it's a big empty cart, then all that attractive packaging with yummy food pictures, then the special sales that keep popping up whenever you turn around! Hooked! That'll be $118.97 please. But all I wanted was some peanut butter?! Grades 7 to A

#14940/0353  SUSTAINABLE GREEN FARMING AND LIVING: Eco-Farming, Organic Farming, and Green Buildings for Green Living (2 Programs)
The two programs in this series deal with Eco-Farming, Organic Farming, and Green Buildings for Green Living. Defines what is organic vs. conventional farming and discusses the differences between organic and non-organic produce with several practical examples. The benefits of organic food considering nutrition, pesticide levels, taste, environmental impacts, humane considerations and price are also examined. Visits the First Hungarian Cooperative for Organic Farming in Europe - including the animal farm, some of the fields, as well as the eco-village. Some traditional sustainable green fabrication methods are demonstrated in detail in buildings under construction, as well finished family homes are visited.


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