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#11599/0635  EXTREMES OF FASHION: Women's Couture and the Media
Everything old is new again! Well maybe not everything. Bellbottoms may come and go but the fashions and the BIG business of clothing that came about in the 50's, 60's and 70's have been all but unmatchable. They laid the foundation for the multi-billion (trillion?) dollar industry that exists today.

#7264/1290  FASHION FRENZY: The History of Clothing
Viewers take a tour of 20th century fashion. What inspires fashions to become duds or classics? What effect do economic, social and political events have on fashion? Does fashion "trickle down" or "bubble up"? Follow fashion for 100 years with a teen narrator, fashion expert, vintage videos and a fabulous fashion show. Grades 7 to A

Imagine traveling back in time to wear the clothing of days gone by! That’s what happens to three teens! While researching period clothing for a school play, class project, and costume party, they magically find themselves in Ancient Civilizations. Viewers travel along as they experience what people wore in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and all the decades in the 1900s - and catch a glimpse at clothes of the future. Grades 6 to A

Grades 7 to A

#5931/1120  HOW CLOTHING IS SOLD: Fashion Merchandising DVD
The fact is that the clothing industry has become so big and so profitable that the best minds in marketing are now directing campaigns of incredible complexity to deliver consumer dollars and loyalty. And whether it's NIKE or ARMANI, brand names are a big part of it. This video teaches viewers to recognize and understand this type of merchandizing. Grades 7 to A

This is a fast-paced introduction to the world of textiles - the fundamentals of natural and manufactured fibers. Viewers share their experiences with fiber properties like comfort, warmth, cost and care. And how technology is creating new fibers such as spandex, microfibers, and locell is explained. Grades 6 to A

How did two female immigrants to the U.S. start businesses early in the 20th Century that grew into competing, hugely profitable enterprises? The names Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden still rank among the most recognizable even in today's cosmetics and fashion industries.

#13596/1120  READING BLUE JEANS: Clothing and Culture
Look around! How many people of all ages, races and sizes do you see wearing blue jeans? Viewers learn where this trend began way back when these were workpants worn by laborers and how they have successfully evolved into a common (and sometimes very expensive) fashion statement for the masses on all social levels.

#13597/1120  SHOPPING BEHIND THE SEAMS: Judging Quality in Clothes
Aside from the fashion aspect what determines the price of clothing? Most people would think higher prices reflect higher quality but in an industry that is largely ruled by trends that is not always the case. Viewers learn the ways to spot well-made clothes.

#15438/1290  WARDROBE PLANNING: Dressing for Your Body Type
Looking for expert advice to dress your best with flattering clothing styles for all body types? This program takes viewers through the basics of dressing for your body type by creating a flattering, put-together look that is uniquely you.Covers a variety of hints and tips for both women and men to dress and look your best.Grades 7 to A

#13963/1120  WHY WE WEAR CLOTHES: The Functions of Fashion
Although considerations of climate and modesty may be the most obvious responses to the question about clothing, viewers learn there are other things involved as well. What could they be? Grades 7 to A


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