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#12218/1290  AMAZING EGGS Revised!
Get the facts on the amazing egg! Learn about size, grade, color, storage, cooking temperatures, and nutrition. Explore the versatility of eggs, various ways to prepare them and how they contribute to the preparation of other foods. Egg recipes are included and demonstrated by comedian Stevie Ray. Grades 6 to A

Teenagers planning to move out of their parents' houses and into their own living space often have some surprises in store for them. Handling money, food, laundry, cleaning; the realities of home economics is just part of it but there can be some other painful lessons involved as well. Viewers get a peek into the art and science of living on your own. Grades 9 to 12

#13056/1290  BAKING BASICS SET (5 Programs on one DVD)
Learn the basics of baking and cooking with this comprehensive series. Discover the secrets of mouth-watering baked goods and basic meat preparation techniques. Includes five programs: PIES, COOKIES, MEATS, YEAST BREADS and QUICK BREADS. Grades 7 to A

#15096/1290  BAKING FUNDAMENTALS: Cookies, Bars, and Cakes
With a knowledge of baking basics, cookies, bars, and cakes are easy to prepare. Learn the essential skills necessary to make delicious baked goods. Step by step instructions take viewers through each recipe from start to finish,Grades 6 to A

#14993/1290  BAKING FUNDAMENTALS: Muffins, Biscuits, Pancakes and Quick Breads
Discover just how easy and fun baking can be! With a knowledge of baking basics, biscuits, scones, pancakes, and other quick breads are simple to prepare. Join Chef Dave Christopherson in the kitchen as he demonstrates and explains how to make a variety of different quick breads. Step by step instructions take viewers through each recipe from start to finish!Grades 6 to A

#14068/1290  BAKING MATH - DVD
What does math have to do with baking a cake!? Watch and learn as ingredients are measured proportionately and combined by four students making a perfect, banana chocolate chip bread. Grades 5 to 9

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. In this video, Chef Paulette Mitchell discusses the variety of fruits and vegetables available while demonstrating preparation and cooking methods. Chef Paulette also demonstrates easy and delicious recipes including fruit kabobs, fruit smoothies, fruit ices, vegetable pizza and a veggie tortilla roll-up. Grades 7 to A

#14912/1290  COOKING FUNDAMENTALS: Success in the Kitchen
Chef Dave demonstrates and explains a variety of basic cooking techniques necessary for success in the kitchen, including baking, blanching, boiling, grilling, roasting, sautéing, simmering, stir-frying and more!Grades 6 to A

#14071/1290  ETHNIC EATING: Japanese Foods
A dining experience at a Japanese restaurant includes more than just eating sushi! A knowledge of food terms and eating etiquette are also necessary. Join Chef Andrew Zimmern for a fascinating study of the rich cultural history of Japan's foods. He interviews the owner of a Japanese restaurant and presents a food tour of Japanese dishes. Grades 10 to A

Cooking and baking are perfect examples of math used in everyday life. Join Chef Dave Christopherson as he takes a closer look at practical applications of math at the grocery store and in the kitchen. Basic math skills are used to determine recipe costs, converting recipes, determining timing, and more. Includes English to Metric conversion. Grades 6 to A

#11148/1290  GOT A NOTION TO SEW? DVD
What can you say about sewing? It seems so antiquated. To actually make or repair things in cloth in our instant-gratification obsessed society? This video will get students ready to sew! What an idea! Radical! Includes safety in the sewing lab, notions for sewing, hand-sewing basics and the sewing machine. Grades 7 to 12

#12976/1290  HERBS AND SPICES
The essence of the world's cuisines is based on indigenous ingredients and flavorings. Most important are the herbs and spices which give the cuisines their personalities. Instead of the artificial (and unhealthy) flavorings found in most processed (junk/fast) foods, alternatives do exist through the use of natural and healthy herbs and spices. Viewers get an introduction to their use that shows how easy (and tasty) it is to prepare great meals. *CC Grades 6 to 12

#12995/1120  IN THE KITCHEN SERIES (6 Programs) DVD
Six new and fully revised programs exploring kitchen math and measuring, cooking techniques, food preparation, microwaves, kitchen utensils, and knife skills. Grades 7 to A

#12140/1290  JUST THE FACTS KITCHEN SERIES (9 Programs)
Chef Jonathan Locke has led professional kitchens in San Francisco, in Santa Fe and in Minneapolis for more than 20 years. In this series Chef brings his energy and expert food knowledge to these high-quality instructional videos. Programs include: MICROWAVE OVENS; SUPERFOODS; KNIVES; SALADS; BREAKFAST; CAKE DECORATING; YEAST; MUFFINS; and FOOD SAFETY. Grades 10 to A

#13314/1290  KITCHEN FUNDAMENTALS: Basic Techniques Used in Food Preparation
This introductory course shows young viewers the workings of the kitchen and the preparation of real food. The first segment covers the fundamentals of preparation, including hand washing and knife cuts. The second segment reviews the basics of cooking, from measuring to broiling to steaming and more. Grades 6 to 12

#16169/1290  KITCHEN MATH: Measuring
Success or failure in the kitchen depends on three elements interacting with each other: ingredients, time, and temperature. Measuring these three elements accurately helps ensure the end result is delicious food. This program resents measuring basics with humor and fun: * Units of measurement * Common abbreviations * Measuring tools and techniques * Proper measuring techniques for dry, solid, and liquid ingredients * Basic recipe conversion and cost comparisons Closed CaptionedGrades 6 to A

#13078/0880  MANUFACTURED FIBERS: Fabrics and Beyond
This program introduces a variety of manufactured fibers, looks at their physical and chemical structures, examines their properties, and discusses their uses. The program covers such fibers as rayon, lyocell, acetate, nylon, polyester, and acrylic.

#13833/1290  MATH IN THE KITCHEN: Do You Measure Up?
Watching cooking shows gives the impression that a pinch of this, a few drops of that and a splash of something else results in haute cuisine. The reality of preparing food is another matter as this video demonstrates. Pinches, drops and splashes are actually measurements that trained chefs recognize. Viewers are introduced to the mathematics of recipes and measurements. Grades 6 to 12

#14072/1290  MEAL APPEAL: Quick Garnishes
Chef Paulette Mitchell demonstrates innovative and delightful food designs for fruits, vegetables, breads and more. Feed your eyes and your appetite! Grades 6 to A

#12210/1290  MEALS IN MINUTES SERIES (4 Programs)
Join comedian Stevie Ray in this series of four programs as he uses humor to educate on the following topics: EASY STIR-FRY - walks viewers step-by-step though the basics of stir-fry cooking. VEGETARIAN - Vegetarianism is more than just not eating meat - it’s about smart eating. The key is to eat a varied, balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. MEAL PLANNING - Explains the steps of meal planning KITCHEN AND FOOD SAFETY - Learn the difference between safe and dangerous safety practices in the kitchen. Topics covered include: Hand washing; Knife safety; Cross-contamination; Burns and cuts; Food storage. And more! Grades 6 to 12

This program introduces such natural fibers as cotton, wool, silk, and bast fibers. It discusses their origins, examines their properties and uses, and explains how they are formed into fabrics.

Master costume designer Rosemary Ingham takes viewers through a step-by-step explanation and demonstration of her process for pattern development; from initial drawings through measurement and fittings to the finishing touches.

#13684/1290  SEW COOL! Be Unique! Be Creative!
Sewing instructor Kimberly Oedekoven encourages viewers to create their own unique look and save some money by learning sewing basics that give the skills to begin to make projects on their own. Grades 6 to A

#13178/1290  SEW GREEN: Recycle, Repurpose, Restyle DVD
Can everything old really be new again? Getting young members of our all-consuming culture to appreciate anything that is not BRAND new can open many creative windows to environmental thinking. Actually making use of older fabrics and materials by dismantling them and sewing them into new useful items is the focus of this video. From there the sky's the limit! Grades 7 to A

#14446/1290  SEW THRIFTY!
Create a unique and fashionable look using second-hand thrift store clothing for your next sewing project! Instructor Kimberly Oedekoven explores her local thrift store while explaining what to look for when shopping and practical thrifting tips to find used clothes to refresh and refashion into something new. Back in the sewing studio, four easy sewing projects are demonstrated from start to finish. Grades 7 to A

The right small appliances can help you skillfully and efficiently prepare healthful foods from scratch. Learn the importance of reading owners’ manuals and properly caring for appliances such as blenders, food processors, toasters and toaster ovens, mixers, slow cookers, electric grills, and more. Also offers advice on selecting kitchen appliances and shows how to use them while demonstrating simple, delicious recipes.Grades 6 to A

Motivate students to experience the sensational world of the fabric store! A high school student takes them on a tour and presents the basics of: Fabric (understanding fibers); Patterns (understanding the envelope); Notions; Craft supplies; and, Sewing machines (understanding the differences). Grades 6 to A

Ethnic markets are a wonderful way to experience the rich culture and history of many countries! Travel with Chef Andrew Zimmern on his journey through a Mexican food market, learning about the culture and history of Mexico through the food he encounters. Grades 6 to 12

Travel with dynamic and engaging Chef Andrew Zimmern on a journey through a Mexican, an Italian and a Chinese grocery store. Viewers are introduced to the basics and unique ingredients of these countries as well as the food pyramid for each culture. Grades 10 to A

#14167/0463  VEGECIPES
Going vegetarian is a big step that many people are considering, or actually trying. But is it really a positive move health-wise, and how difficult is it to get proper nutrition as well as taste satisfaction from a non-meat/fish diet?

Join cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Zhujiajiao, an ancient water town. See food markets that hum with activity both day and night. The Chinese come not only to shop but also to socialize and to savor noodles, dumplings, and many local specialties. The aromas and flavors are amazing. Grades 7 to A

Join chef and award-winning cookbook author Paulette Mitchell as she walks down grand boulevards and wanders through cobblestone streets in Paris, Nice, and Marseille while savoring the wonderful flavors and memorable sights of France. Grades 7 to A

Join cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell as she walks down grand boulevards and wanders through cobblestone streets in Paris, Nice, and Marseilles while savoring the wonderful flavors and memorable sights. Grades 7 to A

There is a reason why real Italian cooking has set a standard for both taste and health that is recognized pretty much around the world. Viewers learn that in a traditional Italian marketplace the ingredients that make up that cuisine are almost all available fresh from local sources. Grades 7 to A

Come along on a journey through the beautiful markets of Spain, the place to find traditional and exotic produce and other ingredients which provide the rich flavor of Spanish cuisine. Viewers will follow Paulette Mitchell, chef and award-winning cookbook author, inside several marketplaces to explore Spanish culture and food. Grades 7 to A

#13036/1290  WORLD FOODS: Chinese Cooking DVD
Whether you're a newcomer to Chinese cooking or want to finetune your skills, this video makes it easy to prepare healthful, classic Chinese dishes at home. Grades 7 to A

#14092/1290  WORLD FOODS: French Cooking DVD
Cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell explains typical French ingredients; French home cooking is thrifty and seasonal, combining an abundance of healthful ingredients with delicious flavorings. In this video she prepares Croque Monsieur, Rustic Chicken and Potatoes, and Tuna Salade Niçoise and Vinaigrette. Grades 6 to A

#12977/1290  WORLD FOODS: MEXICAN Cooking
The cuisine of Mexico is a fiesta - a celebration of the senses. Cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell explains traditional Mexican ingredients, such as fresh and dried chilies, tortillas, cheeses, vegetables, beans, and beverages. She demonstrates the preparation of tasty recipes including guacamole, two salsas, quesadillas, tortilla soup, and chilies rellenos, and she explains how to combine them into a festive meal that will delight family and friends. Grades 6 to 12


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