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#14769/1303  A ZEN LIFE: D.T. Suzuki
A ZEN LIFE is the first documentary film to present the extraordinary life of D.T. Suzuki. This vivid portrait of the man and his times includes rare footage of Suzuki himself and reminiscences by many whose lives and thinking he influenced.

#13019/0685  ABE OSHEROFF: One Foot in the Grave, the Other Still Dancing
Abe Osheroff, at 92 years of age, reflects on the meaning of his social activism, exploring the ideas that animated his actions and sharing wisdom built up over a lifetime of commitment to the "radical humanism" that defined his politics and philosophy. Covers his activities from the Spanish Civil War to labor strife and civil rights in the U.S., to his work in Nicaragua. Grades 9 to A

#13066/0635  AFRICA CALLING: An Appeal for Understanding DVD
Bringing together segments from other episodes in The Call of Africa series, this program strives to build bridges of genuine understanding about human rights, political power structures, the environment, public health, marriage customs, emigration, and many other vital topics through the views of real people living in the real Africa.

#15736/1725  AFRICAN AMERICANS: Many Rivers to Cross
In this six-hour series, explore with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the evolution of the African-American people, as well as the multiplicity of cultural institutions, political strategies, and religious and social perspectives they developed - forging their own history, culture and society against unimaginable odds.

#6172/0405  AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION: Bill of Rights and Beyond (3 Programs) DVD
This comprehensive three-part series explores each amendment, its origins, its real-world applications, its history of interpretation in the nation’s courts, and its implications for the future. Grades 7 to A

One of America's proudest achievements, its national infrastructure, is now its most dangerous embarrassment. Bridges, dams, levees and highways are crumbling, toppling, being washed away, and putting American citizens and cities at risk. How could the most powerful nation on the planet let this happen?

#11900/0365  ANCIENT AMERICA SERIES (4 Programs) DVD
This Ancient America series consists of four 60-minute programs: NOMADS OF THE WEST THE EASTERN WOODLANDS THE SOUTHWEST THE NORTHWEST Grades 7 to A

#12120/0635  ANTI-SEMITISM IN THE 21ST CENTURY: The Resurgence (Educator's Edition)
Although hatred of the Jewish people is often found at the margins of society, anti-Semitism appears to be approaching a groundswell in many parts of the world. This program examines the phenomenon at institutional and grassroots levels, focusing primarily on the Middle East and the complex history behind its conflicts.

#14491/0645  ARGUING THE WORLD
ARGUING THE WORLD is the story of four brilliant and engaging men caught up in the central struggles of our time. This enthralling film creates a vivid picture of intellectual life in the politics of the 20th century in the U.S.

#11671/0635  ARMENIAN GENOCIDE - Educator's Edition DVD
Covers a still violently controversial issue within Turkey itself, that affects that country's relations with Europe, and torments the Armenian diaspora even after almost a century has passed. The U.S. Congress and Canadian parliament have recently recognized it as historical fact. Viewers get a comprehensive explanation of the background circumstances that lead to the deaths of approximately one million ethnic Armenians at the behest of the Ottoman Empire.

#2217/1965  ARTeFACTS! DVD
This is the French version of #2126 A delightful series of short programs which explore artifacts found in collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Seen through the eyes of, and narrated by children, AReiFACTS brings to life the spirit and history of objects from Canada and around the world. Grades K to 6

Quite often it appears that, far from being the solution to humanity's problems, religious beliefs and practices are making things worse. If both sides in a conflict are receiving communication of approval for their activities directly from God can they ever get 'beyond their differences'? Can moderation ever succeed in the face of extremism? Should it?

#15030/1317  BLACK HISTORY: A Retrospective
Celebrate black history with 39 captivating programs! This comprehensive compilation features an in-depth collection of documentaries and programs chronicling the contributions and accomplishments of the most prominent and influential African-Americans throughout the history of the United States. From the oppression and hardship during the time of the Civil War to civil rights movements that paved the way to this country's first African-American president, this set is the definitive retrospective of Black History in America.

#12424/1830  BLACK INDIANS: An American Story
Narrated by James Earl Jones, explores the historical connections that existed between the African American community after slavery and Native Americans. It is said that attitudes were such that for mixed-breed, so-called Black Indians, it was better to identify oneself with the Black side of one's heritage that with the Indian side. What other historical anomalies between these much persecuted minorities have been lost, stolen or forgotten?

#7664/2085  BLACK TUESDAY narrated by Pierre Berton
Canada's history has never emphasized the conflicts that lead to the present. Good to not keep opening old wounds unnecessarily, but gives the mistaken impression that not much happened getting to where Canada stands today as a nation. This program focuses on one such point of extreme conflict; a miners' strike in Depression era Saskatchewan that escalated into violence, bloodshed and death. Grades 9 to A

#11886/0685  BLOOD AND OIL: The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Dependence on Foreign Petroleum DVD
U.S. energy and national security policies have become virtually inseparable! Ensuring the energy supply means controlling the sources and suppliers, not always through friendly coaxing. Where does it go from here? Grades 9 to A

"A compelling, gripping piece of storytelling!" Steve Martin, APTN "Brebeuf and the Huron Carol" is a visually stunning historical docu-drama shot on location about the martyred Jesuit, Father Jean de Brebeuf, Canada's patron Saint. Father Brebeuf lived a remarkable life among the Huron-Wendat Nation and wrote the new world's first Christmas Carol, essentially a prayer for peace and harmony among all the people of what would one day be Canada.

#10263/0300  BROKEN VOWS: Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence
A sensitive and informative documentary that examines perspectives on domestic violence from various religions. Interviews with six battered women from diverse religious traditions help to clarify the roots of abuse and reactions of their clergy and religious communities.

#15635/1725  BUDDHA (THE)
The Buddha never claimed to be God or God’s emissary on earth. He was a human being who, in a world of unavoidable pain and suffering, found a serenity that he taught others to find also. THE BUDDHA, a two-hour documentary by Emmy® Award-winner David Grubin, tells the story of the Indian sage who attained enlightenment as he sat beneath a fig tree two-and-a-half millennia ago.

#6653/0355  BUDGE: The One True Happiness of F.R. "Budge" Crawley
This video documents the trials, tribulations, and achievements of Budge Crawley of Crawley Films and one of the true 'indie' pioneers of the early burgeoning Canadian film industry. His story is also reflective of that industry as a whole in nearly equal measures of triumph and defeat...

#14066/1725  CALLING (THE) Seven Lives. Four Faiths. One Call
Where are the next generation of religious leaders coming from and why are they doing it? Visits Evangelical, Jewish, Catholic, and Muslim young adults and follows their transformation from idealistic students into ordained religious professionals.

#14283/1963  CANADA FOR CHILDREN SERIES (3 Programs) DVD
For some reason, Canadian students seem to be almost completely oblivious to the violent, harsh, interesting and exciting realities that make up the country's history as well the land itself. This series aims at the youngest audience to start making them aware at an early age of what went before and what they are inheriting. Grades K to 4

#9735/2190  CANADA: Provinces/Territories (4 Volumes) DVD
Canada is so big, so wide, so tall and so diverse in every way that visual presentations have seldom been effective in portraying its reality. This comprehensive series of Canada will acquaint viewers with historical, geographical, geological, social and economic facts and figures to form a rare portrait. Grades 7 to 12

#14286/1963  CANADA: Timoon and the Narwhal DVD
Immerse yourself in the culture and beliefs of the Inuit people through the captivating animations of this traditional tale. Grades 3 to 6

This extraordinary video examines a collection of paintings made by Canadian artists sent by the military command to record scenes from the second world war. Some of the artists involved recount their memorable and horrific experiences. Also in French. Grades 8 to A

#13486/0450  CARL GUSTAVE JUNG (A Tribute to): Artist of the Soul
The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was one of the founding fathers of modern depth psychology. His most famous concept, the collective unconscious, had a deep influence not only on psychology but also on philosophy and the arts. Here, in his own words and writings, as well as with accounts of his closest relatives, we gain a personal insight into the life of the great psychoanalyst.

#5129/0635  CATALYSTS OF CHANGE: Exploration, War and Revolution (3 Programs) DVD
History is predominantly a record of aggression and oppression between conflicting groups, interrupted by scattered periods of peace. This provocative three-part series examines the factors that drive people to explore, wage war, and revolt. Grades 9 to A

#14328/0545  CHANGING VOICES
Canadian multiculturalism has not always been fully reflected in Canadian media production but things have changed and continue to do so. This video goes back in time to view the origins of the minority voice and image on film and takes us into the present where the former majority is about to become another of the minorities and media production now reflects the new reality. Grades 8 to A

#10160/0335  CHARLIE: Pioneer Fossil Hunter
*Award-winner! Though many of us have at some time or other been fascinated by his dinosaur displays, few people are aware of the real extent of Charles M. Sternberg's contributions; not ony the collections, but the scientific knowledge of North American dinosaurs.

#16225/2003  CHINESE ETHNIC DANCE: Dai, Aini, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Han
From the Series "The Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance" describes the history of five Chinese Ethnic dances - Dai, Aini, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and Han.

This series adds a novel dimension to multicultural, diversity, and literature curricula. Video classes are hosted by Dr. Jacquelyn Kilpatrick of Governors State University, and feature interactive discussion between students and major contemporary Native American authors. The authors provide insights to their fiction and poetry, and explain the impact of Native American philosophy, culture, and concerns on their work. Common discussion themes include the context in which the writers practice their craft and what it means to be a Native American author. Grades 8 to A

#15494/0635  CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY (15 Programs)
This comprehensive series from the archives of the BBC features Bryan Magee - world-renowned author, professor, expert in the history of ideas, and creator of this series - who discusses the main developments in Western philosophy from the 19th century to the present with fifteen distinguished thinkers. Those interviewed include Willard Van Orman Quine, A. J. Ayer, Iris Murdoch, Ernest Gellner, Noam Chomsky, and the late Herbert Marcuse. Each program reinforces the relevance of philosophy to a broad range of subject areas, including language, morality, science, politics, literature, economics, and sociology. *Fifteen programs 40 to 49 minutes each

#16087/0545  CRUEL LESSONS: Canada's Residential Schools
Residential Schools, the term conjures up a history of abuse for Canada's First-Nation peoples - poignant reminders of the cultural and citizenship issues under investigation in the press, courts and Government. Their own language forbidden; constantly told their culture was inferior; subjected to physical and psychological abuse, four seniors (male and female) remember the cruel lessons absorbed during their "school days."

#11925/0973  CULT OF WALT (THE) - DVD
16 Grammy nominations and won three times! This program lets viewers see and hear who Walter Ostanek is- Canada's Polka King! So how come he never got a Juno? Are we just too cool for that stuff?

#10269/0920  DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA with Daniel Dennett DVD
A single great idea: The Theory of Natural Selection. With it, Charles Darwin shattered existing notions of the natural world by demonstrating how complexity could arise as a result of a blind and mechanistic sorting process, without an "intelligent designer". Now, join Daniel Dennett as he illuminates the radical nature of Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Grades 9 to A

#16093/1725  DAY THE 60s DIED (THE): The Kent State Shootings
THE DAY THE 60s DIED chronicles the chaotic month of May 1970, when it seemed America was at war with itself. From the students and guardsmen who witnessed the Kent State shootings to a young G.I. in the Cambodian jungle, how did the events of that turbulent spring affect who these people became? How have the shockwaves from these events reverberated into the present? During May 1970, frustration and anger split American society apart and we still live in the aftermath of that rift

#10175/0845  DEMOCRACY IN WORLD HISTORY (6 Programs)
What is democracy? Do we actually live in one? Does anybody? Viewers learn how governments thinking themselves to be or at least claiming to be democratic have existed in history and how they treated their people and others. Where is democracy now and where is it going faced with the many challenges that are so obviously on the horizon? Grades 9 to A

#12240/0845  DEMOCRACY: The Basics (3 Programs)
This three-program series examines three fundamental areas of conflict and cohesion that permeate the democratic process: RELIGION AND DEMOCRACY, CAPITALISM AND DEMOCRACY and SCIENCE AND DEMOCRACY. Grades 9 to A

#13803/0635  DUBAI: City of Money and Mystery DVD
It has the tallest building in the world, the biggest shopping mall on earth, and had economic growth rivaling China’s. This CNBC Original documentary takes viewers to Dubai, a Persian Gulf city with huge business and investment opportunities ... many of which have nothing to do with oil.

#15573/1725  ECONOMIC MELTDOWN (THE): How America's Fiscal Fallout Triggered a Global Crisis (Five videos on 2 DVDs)
A set of five 60 minute programs that describe how America's fiscal fallout triggered a global crisis. Topics covered in depth include the origin of the financial meltdown, the problem of U.S. debt and deficits, deregulation and the bank collapse, Washington's inattention to warnings and the political stonewalling that prevents meaningful remedies.

#16203/0685  EDUCATION INC
American public education is at a crossroads. For years now, public schools across the country have been struggling, desperately short on funds while facing extreme political pressure to improve student performance. For advocates of public education, these struggles have been a major cause for concern. But for advocates of privatization, they’ve been a highly profitable business opportunity. EDUCATION INC is a film about the accelerating movement to privatize America’s public schools. Filmmaker and parent Brian Malone travels to public school districts across the country to see for himself what the privatization movement is all about, and to determine what it would mean for his own kids if we abandoned our public school system.

Edward Said is widely recognized as a leading cultural analyst, especially in the relationship between the United States and the Islamic world. In this program he argues that the Western understanding of the Middle East in particular as a place full of villains and terrorists ruled by Islamic fundamentalism produces a deeply distorted image of the diversity and complexity of Arab peoples and Islam. Grades 9 to A

Just mention the name Einstein and most people's attention span shrinks to the size of an electron. But how about Einstein one bit or bite at a time, say in 90 seconds or less? Introducing EinSteinchen, an animated techno-Einstein who has a genius for explaining physics.

#7095/0405  EINSTEIN: Shedding Light
This lively animated biography of Albert Einstein introduces students to one of history's most influential scientists while clearly illustrating his profound ideas. Attention is given to how Einstein reconciled conventional velocity addition with the constant speed of light and how he arrived at his special and general theories of relativity. His most famous equation, E=MC2, is derived in four simple steps, and the tapping of matter's energy through fission and fusion is addressed. Rich in content and fun to watch, this video provides a perfect platform for discussing the scientific theories that revolutionized the way we understand our world Grades 7 to A

#13301/0545  ELIJAH
*Nominated for an astounding eight Leo Awards and winner of two Gemini Awards!!! This is the story of how Elijah Harper, a reluctant provincial politician of native origin from Manitoba, killed the Meech Lake Accord by saying NO! This feature length video hits all the bases from Harper's early experiences with 'white' administrators and educators through his recruitment by NDP leader Howard Pauley and the influence of various native chiefs including Phil Fontaine. Many concerns shared by aboriginals in Canada are given voice in portraying this fundamental Canadian conflict. This is a very revealing and provocative presentation of significant recent Canadian history. Grades 8 to A

#15475/0450  ELY PARKER (SENECA): Warrior in Two Worlds
*WINNER OF MANY AWARDS including CINE Golden Eagle and BEST DOCUMENTARY - TELLY AWARDS Hosted and narrated by actor Wes Studi (Dances With Wolves), this is the compelling documentary on Ely Parker (Seneca), a 19th-Century Native American who defied racial barriers to succeed in two very different worlds. He was a Seneca Chief, a federal engineer, U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs and, as Civil War Secretary to General Ulysses S. Grant, he wrote down the terms of surrender at Appomattox. Yet his successes became tainted with controversy, and his quest for the American dream turned tragic. Soundtrack by Joanne Shenandoah.

#11760/0635  ESSENTIALS OF FAITH (7 Programs) DVD
Some of history’s most violent religious conflicts have taken place among people who profess the same beliefs. Are there insights to be learned from schisms within faiths? This seven-part series exposes the internal arguments and core beliefs of the world’s major religions.

#10039/0635  ETHICS: What is Right? DVD
Is it possible to know how history's greatest thinkers on the subject of ethics would have seen what are considered to be today's hot ethical issues? The philosophical examination of what is right is nothing new. Viewers get a broad introduction to this subject that is so much deeper than is generally recognized today.

#1100/0635  EUROPE IN THE MIDDLE AGES: A Way Out of Darkness (4 Programs) DVD
Middle ages, dark ages, medieval times; just the words conjure up images that are almost mystical and mysterious. Viewers are taken on an amazing journey back to the real 'old' Europe to meet the aristocracy, their knights, the peasants and merchants as well as the religious figures who dominated so much in the period. Production values and the information delivered make this fantastic series accessible for the widest age range.

#13195/0495  EUROPEAN UNION (THE)
Traces the development of the European Union from the original six countries of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), to the 12 countries of the European Community (EC), to today’s Union (EU) of 27 countries. And much more...Concludes with a discussion of the current financial difficulties facing the EMU and what is commonly referred to as "Europe’s Debt Crisis." *NOTE - should there be a change to the European Union, a free updated version of the DVD will be sent to all past purchasers.

#11105/0635  FACING EAST, FACING WEST with Bill Moyers DVD
As the faithful of Islam face the east in prayer, some Muslims also face the West with a growing sense of confusion, alarm, and anger. This timely four-part series brings Bill Moyers together with several of today’s leading experts on Islam to grapple with some of the issues on everyone’s mind since September 11, 2001.

#10222/0635  FAITH AND REASON - DVD
This video explains efforts being made by scientists and theologians to find common ground between their two seemingly opposing and uncompromising fields. Can a true scientist be truly religious? Can a believer find a scientific basis for that belief? Grades 11 to A

#15636/0605  FAITH IN THE HOOD
Southeast DC, the city's poorest region, has only one sit-down restaurant, but hundreds of churches. This program is a compelling portrait of the inner city, as seen through the prism of the spiritual life of its people. The film profiles five ministries: a street ministry for former convicts, a socially active storefront church, a powerful Afro-centric church, an evangelical camp for youth, and an Islamic school. With commentary from leading experts on African American faith, the film displays the richness of inner-city religion and its centrality as a defining aspect of black community life.

#12268/2165  FALLEN FEATHER: Canada's Indian Residential Schools
Provides an in-depth critical analysis of the driving forces behind the creation of Canadian Indian Residential Schools. The film argues that the lasting effects that First Nations in Canada suffer today can be traced back directly to their experiences within these schools. Finally, we as Canadians are all challenged to re-examine our shared history.Grades 9 to A

This visually rich series offers a fascinating look at a broad cross-section of world renowned individuals. Every historic re-creation explores the most important developments of their very famous lives whether artist, businessman, composer, leader, philosopher, poet, explorer, writer, reformer, scientist or ruler. Interested viewers will enjoy the focused approach to understanding the emotional state, significant contributions, important benchmarks and major turning points in these incredible lives.

Scientific disciplines like astronomy, ecology, engineering, zoology, and even artificial intelligence have all been influenced by the knowledge learned by the First Peoples of North America. Grades 8 to A

#15946/0899  FORGOTTEN SPACE (THE)
*WINNER OF MANY AWARDS (see list) "About containerization and all of its social implications, and not about the container itself... the film's power lies in the way it depicts a range of spaces that are 'forgotten' amidst the mobilities of global capitalism ... invaluable" Philip E. Steinberg, Society and Space The "forgotten space" of this essay is the sea, the oceans through which 90% of the world's cargo now passes. At the heart of this space is the container box, which, since its invention in the 1950s, has become one of the most important mechanisms for the global spread of capitalism. The film follows the container box along the international supply chain, from ships to barges, trains, and trucks, mapping the byzantine networks that connect producers to consumers (and more and more frequently, producing nations to consuming ones). Employing a wide range of materials and styles, from interviews to classic film clips, essayistic voiceover to observational footage, THE FORGOTTEN SPACE provides a panoramic portrait of the new global economy and a compelling argument about why it must change.

"Astonishing... disturbing (but alas, riveting)." "Even the pyramids," Hitler told his protégé, architect Albert Speer, "will be dwarfed by the stone and concrete masses I plan to erect." By early in the twentieth century Nuremberg was regarded as the most anti-Semitic city in Europe. By 1929 Hitler had decided to make Nuremberg the "City of the Party Rallies" and a symbol representing the greatness of the German Empire in medieval times. Up to 1.5 million people converged on Nuremberg in the course of a party rally, which lasted eight days, forming an indispensable platform for the Nazis once a year - with a gigantic propaganda machine, brochures and books, recordings, radio and films - all brilliantly captured by Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will." * Closed Captioned * School boards and Non-Profit 50% discount

#13177/0635  FULL COVER GIRL: How Fundamentalism and Democracy Are Eroding Women's Rights in Iraq
To veil or not to veil, that is the question! Under Saddam Iraqi women were among the most fully secularized in the Moslem world. Filmed on location in war-torn Baghdad, this program exposes the deteriorating state of women's rights as fundamentalist Islamic and burgeoning democratic ideals bury the secular principles that had empowered Iraqi women for decades.

#12313/0635  GET 1.1 BILLION'S ATTENTION: Growing Consumerism in India DVD
Once racked with poverty, India is now a model of economic revival and Western-style consumerism. This program examines the impact of the country’s newfound wealth on domestic and international business, and on Indian society as a whole.

#5030/0315  GLOBAL CITIES (6 Programs)
This is a video series about globalization. Viewers are taken on a tour of 6 cities where the effects of the global economy, whether positive or negative, are examined. Is the urbanization of the world's population and the international nature of that movement going to be, ultimately, the cause of major problems or opportunity? Grades 9 to A

#9330/0315  GLOBAL GENERATION: The Human Face Behind Globalization (6 Programs)
This comprehensive and very timely six-video series brings a variety of the elements that make up the globalization controversy together in one package. It explains the much touted benefits that are the hoped-for rewards of this massive process and examines the other, darker side that many fear will be the actual result. Grades 9 to A

#15330/1963  GLOBAL ISSUES FOR STUDENTS (7 Programs)
One of the most important results of this new wave of globalization is our heightened awareness of how the importance of human rights, the vast differences between rich and poor, the spread of disease and the use of the Earth's resources affect us all. Programs in this series focus on modern global issues, their historical roots and the exploration of varied viewpoints and solutions. Using comprehensive news footage and commentary from some of the world's leading experts, students will gain a greater understanding of the most important issues affecting the world today. There are seven 23 minute programs in the series: AFRICA: Challenges in the 21st Century GENOCIDE GLOBAL ECONOMIC ISSUES GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES GLOBAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ISSUES HUMAN RIGHTS LATIN AMERICA: Challenges in the 21st Century *Includes Teacher's Guides *Lower price available for individual schools and public librariesGrades 9 to A

#14180/1725  GOD IN AMERICA: How Religious Liberty Shaped America (3 DVDs) .
For those who know that in America, religion matters, and for those who wish it didn't matter so much, comes GOD IN AMERICA, a sweeping history of how religious faith has shaped America. Interweaving documentary footage, historical dramatizations, and interviews with religious historians, this documentary series is an in-depth exploration of the historical role of religion in the public life of the United States.

#15939/1927  GRANITO: How to Nail a Dictator
In a startling loop of time and memory, "Granito" shows how a filmmaker's first documentary has been instrumental to indict Guatemalan ex-dictator Ríos Montt. *Available with English or Spanish sub-titles *Closed Captioned

#11095/0635  GREAT IDEAS OF PHILOSOPHY I (7 Programs) DVD
With some of the world’s foremost contemporary philosophers, this series investigates core questions in philosophy, such as: Why is there something rather than nothing? What is right action? And what do we mean when we talk about the "mind"?

#11096/0635  GREAT IDEAS OF PHILOSOPHY II (6 Programs) DVD
Stimulating commentary by renowned philosophers whose lines of inquiry intersect the spheres of science, religion, politics, epistemology, and logic makes this series an indispensable asset for the study of philosophical principles and approaches that are closely aligned with the activities and concerns of daily life.

#14723/1317  GREAT INDIAN WARS 1540-1890
The year 1540 was a crucial turning point in American history. The Great Indian Wars were incited by Francisco Vazquez de Coronado when his expedition to the Great Plains launched the inevitable 350-year struggle between the white man and the American Indians. From that point forward, the series of battles between the military and civilian forces of the United States and the native American Indians began when blood was shed and ultimately tens of thousands of lives were lost on both sides. This DVD set also includes bonus features containing biographies, timelines, rare photographs and maps! 3 hours 55 minutes.

#12620/0635  GREAT MUSEUMS SERIES (29 Programs) DVD
Want somewhere meaningful to go in the U.S. for your next vacation? Need to research some particular aspect of U.S. history or culture? Really like museums but can't travel to them all? This series of 29 videos visits and explores a like number of great U.S. museums that between them cover just about every nook and cranny of American history.

#14725/1445  GREAT NATIVE AMERICAN LEADERS (4 Programs)
Historic photographs and graphics, dramatic reenactments, maps, haunting music, and their own words of four of the greatest Native American leaders. The Series includes four 15 minute programs: CHIEF JOSEPH AND THE NEZ PERCE INDIANS CRAZY HORSE AND THE LAKOTA SIOUX GERONIMO AND THE APACHE INDIANS QUANAH PARKER AND THE COMANCHE INDIANS Grades 3 to 8

#14720/1445  GREAT NATIVE AMERICAN NATIONS (6 Programs)
Six of America's representative Native American nations from five major geographic areas are portrayed here by historic photographs and graphics, dramatic reenactments, maps, haunting music, and the people's own words. The Series includes six 10 minute programs: SHAWNEE: Indians of the Midwest SEMINOLES: Indians of the Southeast NAVAJO: Indians of the Southwest CHEYENNE: Indians of the Plains IROQUOIS: Indians of the Northeast LAKOTA SIOUX: Indians of the PlainsGrades 3 to 8

#14833/0635  GUANTANAMO TRAP (THE)
At Guantanamo Bay detention camp, history has proved that concepts of right and wrong can all too easily become distorted by expediency and ambiguity. This program examines the lives of high-profile individuals from both sides of the razor wire who have intimate knowledge of the horrors of Gitmo

#13153/0635  HAMAS: The Untold Story
Produced with unprecedented access to Hamas and its operations, this program takes viewers inside Gaza’s Islamic fundamentalist government in the months following its civil war against Fatah.

#13573/0635  HEARTFIELD: Father of the Photomontage
This biographical program begins in Heartfield’s native Berlin and progresses through his painful childhood, his involvement in the Dadaist movement, his friendships with Bertolt Brecht and George Grosz, and his active stance against Hitler’s Nazi regime through his provocative photomontages. His exile and internment in Britain and his return to East Germany in 1951 are also covered. Archival materials, interviews, and speeches featuring a vehement Heartfield are combined with numerous examples of his work.

From its cosmopolitan cities to its rich history to its unparalleled natural beauty, students will obtain a firsthand look at the wonders of Canada. Explore the historical heritage of Quebec City, the capital of New France, and Lunenberg, famous for its master shipbuilders and cod fishermen. From there, discover unique Native American cultural history in the land of the Haida people and at Head-Smashed-In, a fascinating reminder of prehistoric life. Finally, students will experience the spectacular natural beauty of Canada's Rocky Mountains. *Includes a PDF Teacher's Guide *Closed Captioned *Features: Chapter Select, Interactive Menu, Discussion Questions and ActivitiesGrades 7 to A

#12740/0635  HISTORY OF MUSIC (THE) 2nd Edition (8 Programs)
Using period music, magnificent works of art, and colorful diagrams, this updated eight-part series thoroughly examines the Western music tradition: its roots, its major eras and movements, and many of its most significant composers.

#10398/0630  HMCS HAIDA: A New Chapter
Noted author and professor of Canadian Naval history Barry Gough narrates this one hour documentary following the Canadian WWII TRibal Class Destroyer the HMCS HAIDA through its retrofit examining it’s significant role in Canada’s storied naval history. Enjoy never before seen footage of the H.M.C.S. Haida on what will likely be her last trip to sea.

#5369/1290  HOUSING STYLES: A Tour Through Time DVD
Walk through most modern cities and a variety of housing styles present themselves. Like clothing, housing styles are often connected to fashion, but function also plays a very important role. So this study of 'the house' involves not only aesthetics but also family and social relationships, climate, work, wealth...history. Grades 9 to A

Distinguished historian John H. Bracey Jr. offers a provocative analysis of the devastating economic, political, and social effects of racism on white Americans. In a departure from analyses of racism that have focused primarily on white power and privilege, Bracey trains his focus on the high price that white people, especially working class whites, have paid for more than two centuries of divisive race-based policies and attitudes.

Details how an obscure list of nonviolent actions authored by 83 year old American Professor Gene Sharp in 1973 has served as a blueprint for anti-authoritarian revolts everywhere from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Giving as much attention to the substance of Sharp's "198 Methods of Nonviolent Action" as it does to the democratic rebels who have courageously made these methods their own, How to Start a Revolution bears witness not only to the power of nonviolent struggle, but to how one person of conscience can quietly influence the lives of millions of people.Grades 9 to A

#12425/1830  HOW TO TRACE YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE *Telly Award and Crystal of Excellence
*WINNER! Telly Award and Crystal of Excellence This program teaches how to search out your Native American ancestors, obtain tribal citizenship, how to research the Dawes Rolls and discover your heritage. A valuable resource for anyone looking to discover or establish their Native American ancestry. Narrated by Gregg Howard.

#5230/0635  HUMAN, ALL TOO HUMAN: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre (3 Programs) DVD
This powerful three-part series profiles the lives and critically examines the contributions of proto-existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche; then Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Sartre. Grades 11 to A

#15474/0450  IN CARIBOU COUNTRY: The Adventures of W.B. Cabot
William Brooks Cabot (1858-1949) was an eminent engineer in New England who would escape city life and the demands of engineering to explore the wild waterways and native lands of northern Canada. He made annual trips from 1903 - 1910 to Labrador, Canada, to meet the Innu, then known as the Naskapi, native people - an almost mythical band of caribou hunters who had minimal contact with the outside world. He mapped their routes, visited their hunting camps, kept a journal, which eventually became his book, IN NORTHERN LABRADOR, which was published in 1912, and photographed what he could of the native people's life that changed dramatically when the caribou disappeared. This fascinating documentary is an account of that stunning record of Innu life at that time.

#13802/0635  INDIA RISING: The New Empire DVD
Billionaires are popping up all over India, but 300 million of its people still live on less than a dollar a day. This CNBC Original program examines the astonishing new power of the Indian economy as well as its growing pains.

#15442/0635  INDIAN SCHOOL: Stories of Survival
Proposing to "kill the Indian and save the man", U.S. Army captain Richard H. Pratt envisioned an educational system that would erase Native American culture and "civilize" the continent’s indigenous people. His chosen method? Removing children from Pennsylvania’s tribal communities and confining them in barracks-style schools - initially the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, which Pratt founded in 1879. In myopic terms it was a remarkably effective strategy, and Carlisle became a cruel model for institutions all over the U.S. and Canada, including Michigan’s Mount Pleasant Indian School. Subjected to emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse, Mount Pleasant students were inevitably alienated from their families, native languages, and tribal religions. *This program is Closed Captioned This film combines archival materials with present-day interviews to make clear just how inhumane the system was.

#11015/0635  INSIDE THE GLASS BUILDING: Interviews with UN Secretaries General (4 Programs) DVD
While the United Nations Secretary-General often attracts the media spotlight, history has rarely recorded the personal impressions of the world body’s top leader. In this four-part series, Secretary-General Kofi Annan and three of his predecessors - Kurt Waldheim, Javier Peréz de Cuéllar, and Boutros Boutros-Ghali - share their thoughts about serving in the often-unenviable post. Grades 11 to A

#12725/0645  INSIDE THE KORAN
The Koran is one of the most ideologically influential texts in the world, with over a billion Muslims following its precepts. Yet within this singular religious community there are profound differences in attitudes about peace, violence, punishment, forgiveness and the status of women, among others. In this eye-opening film, award-winning director Antony Thomas goes deep into the heart of the Muslim world, exploring the history and current state of Islam.

#12870/0635  INSIDE THE TATE MODERN: A Century of Modern Art (5 Programs) DVD
What the MoMA is to New York, the Tate Modern is to London. This stimulating five-part series draws on the works of 35 modern masters and pop culture icons displayed at the Tate Modern to show how art evolved during the 20th century. Each of the series’ 15 insightful segments is ideal for stimulating discussion as well as for deepening understanding and appreciation.

#14755/0847  INSULAR EMPIRE (THE)
What does it mean to be a colonial subject of the greatest democracy on earth?

#14679/0635  INTERCONNECTED WORLD (THE): An Inside Look at the IMF and its Impact
This program guides viewers through the history, mission, and real-world impact of the International Monetary Fund. Topics (all with an IMF focus) include China’s need to boost domestic consumption and build social safety nets for its population; Ghana’s challenges in ensuring that oil revenues benefit the country; and Poland’s adoption of market economy principles as it moves toward economic powerhouse status.

#12811/1290  INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT: Furniture Styles
For students of interior design or for people thinking of changing the furnishings of their house or apartment, this video offers an overview of the benefits and limitations of a wide range of styles guided by professional interior design consultant Brandi Hagen. Grades 6 to 12

International law is described as the general principles of law as recognized by civilized nations. This informative program adds much needed depth to this broad definition by explaining: state sovereignty, domestic law and international law; the importance of the United Nations and international courts and tribunes; the role of organizations such as NATO, IMF and Red Cross; and the future of international law.

#14528/1963  IROQUOIS (THE)
The Iroquois, also known as the "OGWEO:WEH," were a harmonious Indian confederacy made up of six tribes -- the Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Mohawk and Tuscarora -- who stood behind principles of peace, equality and justice. British and French territorial battles stripped the Iroquois of their land, and federal government schools set up to "take the Indian out of the Indian" resulted in a loss of tribal language and culture. Today, the Iroquois live in western New York and southern Canada. Grades 5 to A

This collection of 25 concise video clips is designed to spark thoughtful, productive dialogue on major turning points in U.S. history. Each clip lays out two opposing viewpoints in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds framing a complex historical episode as if it were a debatable "issue" - just as citizens of the time might have thought and argued about it.

The March 11, 2011 earthquake was the world’s fourth largest earthquake since record keeping began in 1900 and the worst ever to shake Japan. The subsequent tsunami that slammed Japan’s coast with 30-foot-high waves traveled six miles inland, obliterating entire towns in a matter of minutes. This program features gripping stories from tsunami survivors, compelling day-to-day reportage, and in-depth science perspective. It also explores the risk of a comparable disaster on the U.S. west coast.

#7520/0635  JAZZ HEROES: Monk, Ella and Dizzy (3 Programs)
Monk, Ella and Dizzy. Three of the biggest names in American music history are bioed and celebrated in this excellent three part series. Their place in post-war social development and race relations as reflected in their music take center stage.

#11727/1465  JAZZ ICONS I BOX SET (9 DVDs)
This boxed set features nine DVDs of the greats in concert at their peaks in the 50's and 60's. Each DVD also includes a 16-page booklet with an essay written by an authoritative jazz historian as well as rare and previously unseen photos.

#11728/1465  JAZZ ICONS II BOX SET (8 DVDs)
This boxed set features nine DVDs of these jazz greats in concert at their peaks in the 50's and 60's. - Charles Mingus, Dave Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan, and Wes Montgomery.

#12220/1465  JAZZ ICONS III BOX SET (7 DVDs)
Filmed in Europe between 1958 and 1975, this third set of Jazz Icons DVDs features concerts by seven of the most influential jazz artists of the 20th century captured in their prime and accompanied by some of the most legendary sidemen of the day. Previously forgotten or lost in the vaults of TV studios throughout Europe (in some cases for nearly 50 years!), they are now being made available for the first time.

#14645/1465  JAZZ ICONS IV BOX SET (7 DVDs)
"This is like the discovery of a bonanza of previously unknown manuscripts by William Shakespeare." Nat Hentoff, The Wall Street Journal The fourth in the fabulous JAZZ ICONS series consists of seven famous artists.

#6258/0635  JEAN-PAUL SARTRE: The Road to Freedom DVD
The last world famous intellectual? Sartre was a thinker whose name WAS recognized by more than just philosophy students. But now? This video takes viewers back to a different time and place, to the people and events that influenced and disgusted the great existentialist. Grades 11 to A

#13012/1725  JERUSALEM: Center of the World DVD
If nothing else it certainly is ironic that the three great monotheistic religious movements in history evolved in this one ancient city, and that it has been the site of almost constant warfare among the adherents of those religions ever since. But that's not all this city is about. It has a 4000 year human history apart from its theological one.

#9679/1965  JEWEL ON THE HILL: The History of Canada's Parliament Buildings (Includes STUDY GUIDE)
Tells the remarkable story of Canada's Parliament Buildings and reveals the architectural beauty and history of their vaulted corridors, glorious chambers and famous rooms of power. Divided into 10 sections approximately 9 minutes each. Narrated by Gordon Pinsent. Grades 8 to A

#9214/0635  JOHN LOCKE
Without a doubt, Locke’s legacy is vast: his articulation of empiricism laid the intellectual groundwork for an explosion of scientific activity that continues to this day, and his political philosophy is widely seen as the genesis of modern liberalism - an inspiration behind the American and French Revolutions and the philosophical foundation for the development of democracy in the west. Grades 11 to A

#6274/0635  JOURNAL OF THE FIRST AMERICANS (5 Programs)
This series explores the experiences of Native Americans throughout North America today, including the difficult issues they face as they fight to hold on to their lands, their cultures, and their spirituality. There are five 60-minute programs: A LINE DRAWN ON A MAP - Living deep in the Canadian wilderness, the Lac La Croix band of Ojibway INDIAN HOUSING: Challenges and Solutions SACRED LANDS, WHITE MAN'S LAWS OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE - The future of Indian people lies with their children. OUR IDENTITY, OUR LAND - The Kanaka Maoli, the original people of Hawaii Grades 9 to A

#14117/0433  JUST THE FACTS: Colonization of North America
This program explores the first incursions of the Spanish, the French and the English on the North American continent. Covers the first settlements in Florida, Central America, Virginia, Massachusetts, Quebec. Discusses their various relations with the Natives on whose land they were squatting. Grades 6 to 8

Could the world's first nuclear war be fought over ownership of the state of Kashmir? What claims do the governments of India and Pakistan put forward to substantiate their claims to this territory and what extra-legal methods are they currently using to try to realize those claims? Is a solution even possible?

#10890/0635  KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND (6 Programs) DVD
What exactly is royalty, and why has England, one of the most advanced nations on Earth, persisted in maintaining this strange institution for centuries? Viewers get the historical background, in depth character studies, reports on disasters and achievements, all connected with the Houses that have 'ruled' England and significant other parts of the world.

#15349/0605  LACANDON MAYA (THE)
Interweaving past and present and combining fabulous archival film and photographs with current documentary footage, The Lacandon Maya tells the story of an isolated community catapulted into civilization within the space of one generation.

Designed for college and advanced high school students, this program examines the interactions of biological and social factors during the Irish Potato Famine, which started in 1845 as a result of a potato disease epidemic.

Ce documentaire canadien de deux heures nous fait revivre, avec passion et fierté, les péripéties et les intrigues qui ont marqué l'histoire des édifices du Parlement pendant plus de 140 ans. L'histoire est racontée de façon éloquente par Laurier Lapierre. Grades 8 to A

#13150/1725  LEGACY OF WAR
This program details the successful launch and execution of the Marshall Plan - America's expansive commitment to re-build Europe at the end of the war. Walter Cronkite traces the complex and changing relationship between the United States and England and explores the dramatic shifts of the Cold War from the end of the war up to the present.

#13307/1725  LEWIS & CLARK: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (2 DVDs)
The most notable expedition in U.S. history was led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, with soldiers, a Shoshone woman named Sacagawea as interpreter, her husband Toussaint Charbonneau a French Canadian guide/boatmen, and York, an African-American slave. Ken Burns' LEWIS & CLARK re-creates the 1803 journey to locate the Northwest Passage that ended up on the Pacific coast in what is now Washington State. The explorers found a varied landscape and a dizzying diversity of Indian peoples. 300 minutes on 2 DVDs

This detailed program traces the lifelong odyssey of Sojourner Truth, a woman who literally walked out of the bondage of slavery, changed her name in 1843, and traveled the U.S. as an abolitionist and women’s rights advocate.

#14459/0685  LIFE IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE: Eyewitness Stories and Photos
Provides a straightforward account of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while chronicling the almost unbearable living conditions of Palestinians under the Occupation. An accessible introduction to a difficult subject delivered by Anna Baltzer, a graduate of Columbia University and the Jewish-American granddaughter of Holocaust refugees. Grades 9 to A

#15583/1725  LIFE OF MUHAMMAD (THE) 3 Programs
This is the extraordinary story of a man who, in little more than 20 years, changed the world forever. In a journey that is both literal and historical, host Rageh Omaar retraces the footsteps of the Prophet, from his humble beginnings in Mecca to his struggles with accepting his Prophetic role; from his flight to Medina to his subsequent military and political successes and failures - through to his death and his legacy. The series consists of three 60 minute programs.

#12499/0635  MADE IN CHICAGO: The Making of Barack Obama
In this program, many of the people who have known Obama best since his arrival in Chicago offer their insights. Obama’s work as a community organizer, his achievements at Harvard Law School, the writing of Dreams from My Father, his brief stints as a law professor at The University of Chicago and as a civil rights lawyer, and his meteoric political career are all discussed.

#10186/0920  MAGIC OF CONSCIOUSNESS (The) with Daniel Dennett
Daniel Dennett takes viewers on a fascinating journey backstage, behind the mind's curtain, to reveal the inner workings of the magic show we call consciousness - and why it evolved. Grades 9 to A

#13618/0903  MAN FOR ALL CANADIANS (A)
This documentary examines the life of Ramon John Hnatyshyn, the 24th Governor General of Canada, through the eyes of his family and friends. His story is also the legacy of the Hnatyshyn family, of how they came to Canada, of how they succeeded.

#15466/0635  MARX RELOADED
Today a new generation of philosophers, economists, political activists, and sociologists is returning to Karl Marx’s ideas in order to try to make sense of the global economic and financial crisis of 2008 - and to consider whether a world without or beyond capitalism is possible.

Mexican immigration to Canada has been occurring continuously for decades or longer, even if not noticeably to most Canadians. Mainly immigrants travel to Canada from Mexico to work in agricultural production on temporary summer permits and return home for winter. These two documentaries - written, produced and directed by Mexican Aaraón Díaz Mendiburo - investigate this phenomenon. The first called MATRICES (PERSPECTIVES): "TEMPORARY" MIGRATION IN CANADA analyzes Canadian attitudes and perspectives held by Canadians who come into contact with this labour force. Some are negative or utilitarian but also many positive. who appreciate the tremendous effort made by these immigrants to help themselves and their families to achieve a better quality of life. 54 minutes, 2011 The second called MIGRANTS: THOSE WHO COME FROM WITHIN looks to the other end of the journey to see how the departure of this labour force on a regular basis affects a perhaps typical Mexican town named Cuijingo. The important financial rewards as well as the significant social repercussions are revealed. 45 minutes, 2007

This program looks at how medieval manuscripts came into being: how illuminations were accomplished and what materials were used, how scriptoria functioned, which titles were selected. Grades 11 to A

#12618/0635  METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: A World of Art DVD
The collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is world-renowned and provides the material for this fascinating 52 minute introduction to the history of art. Great visuals, production values, and informed commentary make this a tour de force for both serious students of art as well as for less dedicated viewers.

#15964/0635  MISSISSIPPI SUMMER *Emmy Award Winner
In the summer of 1964, hundreds of northern white and black students traveled to Mississippi to help blacks register to vote. The summer touched off a ground swell of marches and demonstrations that gave birth to the Civil Rights Movement. This Emmy-winning documentary shows some of the events leading up to that summer and the battles that followed.

#16123/0881  MOOSE RIVER CROSSING: The Terrible Legacy of Residential Schools
*WINNER! World Film Awards MOOSE RIVER CROSSING examines the premise and asks the question "Does time heal all wounds?" Six childhood friends and former residential school students meet at the train station to travel to their school reunion. It's been eighteen years. As the minutes move to hours and a derailed train delays their travel, these six adults flash to the past; the love, the lies, the pain of childhood lost and finally resolution. Their reunion insulated in the stark lobby of the train station, proves to be the door that opens a path to healing. MOOSE RIVER CROSSING is a reunion not simply of old friends but a resolution, a crossing over and a letting go.

This classic video provides details on the many contributions made by the First Nations of North America to the development of medicine, drugs, architecture, science, urban development, the study of the environment, transportation, government, national destiny and show business. Grades 7 to A

#16149/0635  MOTHER TERESA: Saint of Darkness
Recently published personal letters and notes reveal Mother Teresa's profound spiritual crisis and shake the image of the pious nun to its foundations. In this film, intimate confessions show the moral icon of the 20th century in a different light. The woman who achieved worldwide recognition for her life among the beggars and dying in the slums of Calcutta often felt lonely and empty inside. Learn about her life story, unsettling and provocative in equal measure.

#11377/0635  MUSIC MOVES THE WORLD: The Power and Passion of Rhythm, Melody, and Dance DVD
This program travels to both developing and industrialized countries to capture culture-defining rhythms and melodies and explain the important roles they play in human society.

A remote, bleak speck of rock in the middle of the Pacific, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, has mystified the world ever since the first Europeans arrived in 1722. How and why did the ancient islanders build and move nearly 900 giant statues or moai, weighing up to 86 tons? And how did they transform a presumed paradise into a treeless wasteland, bringing ruin upon their island and themselves? NOVA explores controversial recent claims that challenge decades of previous thinking about the islanders, who have been accused of everything from ecocide to cannibalism.

#4444/0635  MYSTIC WOMEN OF THE MIDDLE AGES (6 Programs) DVD
This six-part series presents the legacy of medieval women who challenged society through their visions, teachings, and writings, and who continue to provoke discussion today. Grades 11 to A

#4445/0635  MYSTIC WOMEN OF THE MIDDLE AGES Part 2 (4 Programs) DVD
This six-part series presents the legacy of medieval women who challenged society through their visions, teachings, and writings, and who continue to provoke discussion today

#15036/1317  NATIVE AMERICA: Voices from the Land
An Historical Overview of America's Indigenous People! Take a captivating journey through Native North-American culture, past and present with this compelling collection of 32 documentaries. Examines Native North-American culture, past and present, and its attempts to halt assimilation and retain native cultural traditions. Through historical and contemporary photographs, paintings, artwork, archive footage, reenactments and interviews, the rich culture and history of America's aboriginal people is showcased. Witness the struggles and hardships, the practices and traditions, the art and beauty of this country's natives past, present and future. On two discs - total 9 hours and 48 minutes

Ancient remedies now endorsed by modern medicine! This program is a comprehensive look at the healing practices of American Indians and how so many of those natural remedies are applicable to today's alternative health-conscious society.

#14116/2003  NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY: Native American Influence on the U.S.
Discover the fascinating ways in which the U.S. was profoundly affected by the native cultures that were here thousands of years before Europeans. Explore the ways in which the government, economy, agriculture, medicine, language and legal system are still influenced by Native American contributions. Explore your first impressions of the word "Indian". Discover Native American contributions to medicine, agriculture and the environment.

Irene Bedard, the recognized voice of Disney's Pocahontas, narrates this journey through Native American history created especially for children. Grades K to 4

Much is said of the 'spirituality' of the First Nations of North America but not much is understood about how this characteristic ties into what is normally thought of as 'religion'. In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about Native American religions with Suzan Shown Harjo, executive director of The Morning Star Institute in Washington, D.C. *This program is sub-titled

#15476/0450  NATIVE AMERICANS (Spirit of America Series)
What does it mean to be a Native American? Perhaps Native American model Stormy Hollingsworth (Ute) says it best, "to be proud, to know that our past and our whole history is a circle of life." This program introduces us to members of the Ute, Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Omaha nations, who reveal that Indians' lives are based on a circle which incorporates their beliefs in respecting their heritage, preserving their traditions and educating their young.

This series of five 24-minute programs studies American Indian cultures showing the complex history that led to their rich diversity. THE SOUTHWEST INDIANS; THE EASTERN INDIANS: THE NORTHWEST INDIANS; THE GREAT BASIN INDIANS; and, THE PLAINS INDIANS. Grades 5 to 12

#11657/0635  NATIVE AMERICANS: Celebrating Traditions
Once forced to hide their heritage, Native Americans now enjoy both an acceptance and a celebration of their history and culture. By presenting the experiences of Native Americans from a wide array of fields including artisans, performers, and teachers, this program shows how many tribes are returning to the traditions and spirituality of their ancestors.

#11832/0635  NATIVE VOICE: The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
The Smithsonian collection of Native American historical artifacts is world renowned. Viewers get a very interesting introduction to this unique gathering of historical material. Grades 9 to A

#15673/0697  NELSON MANDELA: One Man
Nelson Mandela is a shining example of what one man can do to change the world. One Man navigates Mandella's life from his birth in a small village and an oppressive regime through his struggles to overcome prejudice and hate to unify a nation. Viewers will discover how Nelson Mandela's dedication resulted in his inauguration as the first black President of South Africa; his award of the Nobel Peace Prize and ultimately, his inspirational role in overthrowing the Apartheid regime.

#15287/0685  NEW GREAT GAME (THE): The Decline of the West and the Struggle for Middle Eastern Oil
Canadian filmmaker Alexandre Trudeau's fascinating documentary charts turbulent waters to show how the logic of empire is being tested by a rapidly changing Middle East. The so-called Arab Spring was greeted with rave reviews from almost every corner. Changes in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of former dictators and authoritarian regimes overthrown got a similar response. But then ... what follows? Piracy, failed states, lawlessness, radical Islamists; where do they go from here?

#15336/0685  NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION (THE): Beyond Corporate Capitalism and State Socialism
Pointing to efforts already under way in thousands of communities across the U.S., from co-ops and community land trusts to municipal, state, and federal initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and sustainability, historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz marshals years of research to show how bottom-up strategies can work to check monopolistic corporate power, democratize wealth, and empower communities. The result is a highly accessible look at the current economy and a common-sense roadmap for building a system more in sync with American values.Grades 9 to A

#15665/0685  OCCUPATION 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority
*Winner of several prestigious awards - see list The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is widely viewed as one of the most complicated geopolitical disputes in the world. OCCUPATION 101 lays out the basic facts of Israel's ongoing military occupation of Palestinian land in vivid and heart-wrenching detail, offering a crystal-clear and myth-shattering history of Israel's systematic dispossession of Palestinians from their land. Features Middle East scholars, journalists, religious leaders, and humanitarian workers.

#11036/1965  OUR HOUSE - Canada's House of Commons DVD
This beautifully produced and interesting video offers viewers the 'inside story' on the Canadian House of Commons. Both its history and function are explored. Hosted by Gilbert Parent, the Speaker of the House. Grades 8 to A

#11016/0635  OUR OWN PRIVATE BIN LADEN - Educator's Edition DVD
Would the collapse of the Soviet Union have been possible without American sponsorship of Islamic fundamentalism? Did U.S. policies pave the way for 9/11? Does the American media help sustain Osama Bin Laden’s popularity? This documentary examines those questions, studying the machinations of key players - the CIA, Bin Laden, Afghani mujahideen and opium traders, Presidents Carter and Reagan, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, and others - as the Cold War morphed into the War on Terror. Grades 11 to A

The mysterious relationship between the mind and the body is avidly being researched by today’s cognitive scientists. This program seeks to understand the mind/matter dichotomy through the eyes of some of history’s keenest philosopher.

Moslem holy sites in Arabia seem to come first to mind when religious pilgrimage is mentioned these days. This fascinating collection clearly demonstrates that there are numerous other locations, in the four corners of Europe, that hold great religious significance and draw millions of pilgrims from Christian denominations.

#15472/0635  POCAHONTAS: Her True Story
As the tale goes, Pocahantas, age 12, saved the gallant John Smith from the "savages" in her tribe. The relationship blossomed into love, and Pocahontas went with Smith to London, where British society undoubtedly perceived her as an exotic creature. This program holds that legend up to historical scrutiny. Interviews with Pocahontas’ descendants provide a new perspective on the life and times of this revered Native American heroine.

#11154/0635  PRIVACY AND SECURITY (Liberty and Limits Series) DVD
This video examines the fine balance between the power of the government and the rights of the individual as established in the constitution of the U.S. Grades 9 to A

#14525/1725  PROHIBITION: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
This three-part documentary series explores the extraordinary story of what happens when a freedom-loving nation outlaws the sale of intoxicating liquor - and the disastrous unintended consequences that follow. This utterly relevant cautionary tale raises profound questions about the proper role of government and the limits of legislating morality.

#14812/0635  PROTESTANTS IN CHINA: A Growing Spiritual Movement
China’s economy is booming - and so is its Christian community. This program examines the rise of the country’s nondenominational Protestant movement, its basic structure and organization, and its relationship with the government.

#11626/0635  REALISM: The Artistic Form of the Truth
It is a creative impulse as old as humanity itself: to depict life faithfully, accurately, in words or images. This program shows how that impulse led to Realism - a widespread artistic movement, born in the latter half of the 19th century, which rejected pretense, distortion, and sentimentality.

#15938/1927  RECKONING (THE): The Battle for the International Criminal Court
"THE RECKONING is a riveting look at the ICC's efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators of some of the world's worst crimes while those offenses are still taking place." USA Today A David and Goliath battle of titanic proportions unfolds as International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo faces down warlords, genocidal dictators and world superpowers in his struggle to tame the Wild West of global conflict zones and bring perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice. *Available with English or Spanish sub-titles *Closed Captioned

#10396/0685  REEL BAD ARABS: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
Have Arabs (like native North Americans?) been vilified and demeaned both as a race and as individuals by their portrayal in Hollywood movies? Has that portrayal and the misconceptions that followed in the psyche of western movie goers resulted in poorly conceived and misdirected government policy? This video investigates.

#13018/0685  REFUGE: A Film About Darfur
In this alternately enraging and heartbreaking documentary, Alexandre Trudeau (Trudeau's son) and Canadian student Jonathan Pedneault travel to Darfur to try to make sense of the ongoing civil war and reports of genocide in the region. Grades 9 to A

This exhaustive biography covers the tumultuous career of the failed Austrian artist who nearly conquered the world: a series of events and people, a chemistry of history and current happenings, a confluence of economic, psychological, and political forces that turned a thousand minor, innocuous events into a huge and murderous whole

#15949/1725  RISE OF ISIS (THE)
FRONTLINE investigates the miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS. Correspondent Martin Smith reports from Iraq on how the country began coming undone after the American withdrawal and what it means for the U.S. to be fighting there again. *SDH Captioned

This DVD includes three actual historic motion pictures of Native Americans and their life-style in the early 1900s. Featuring Tribal Chiefs who participated in the Last Great Indian Council and several who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

From the muted stone-gray of the Russian streets to the blood-red of civil warfare, this two-part series explores the political and military upheaval that destroyed czarist Russia and created the Soviet Union.

#5216/0635  SACRED SPIRIT: The Lakota Sioux, Past and Present
The history, culture, and present day circumstances of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe are the subject of this video. Their spiritual connection to nature and the destruction of their traditional way of life are explained. Grades 9 to A

#14722/0635  SAND CREEK MASSACRE: Seven Hours That Changed American History
On November 29, 1864, Col. John Chivington and 800 troops of the First Colorado Cavalry attacked a peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho camp - massacring women, children, and the elderly. This program introduces the Sand Creek atrocity to viewers in a way that written texts and dramatizations cannot.

#9062/0635  SHACKLED WOMEN: Abuses of a Patriarchal World DVD
This program assesses second- and third-world abuses of women’s rights by the male establishment - and examines how female collaboration sometimes contributes to their perpetuation. Grades 11 to A

#11242/1332  SINGING HOME THE BONES: A Poet Becomes Himself
This arts documentary - suffused with humour and pathos - chronicles Métis poet Gregory Scofield's lifelong striving to piece together his fractured identity.

#14696/0697  SITTING BULL
Who was Sitting Bull and why does his name remain one of the most recognizable in the history, myths and legends of the American west? Was it due to his defeat of Custer at Little Big Horn? Perhaps that he attempted to find refuge from the Americans in southern Saskatchewan with 5000 of his fellow Sioux but was rejected by the then Canadian government and had to return to a U.S. reserve.Grades 5 to 9

Esquire magazine was a galvanizing force in American culture from the early 1960s through the early '70s. Forging its pop-cultural capital on the basis of provocative cover art, intellectual audacity and riveting articles by the preeminent and cutting edge writers of the time, the magazine captured the zeitgeist of America in the crucible of the '60s. The chief architect of this print revolution was Harold Hayes, a brilliant and tenacious editor who granted Esquire's contributors unprecedented journalistic freedom. Hayes' fearless instincts provided a haven for writers like Gore Vidal, Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese, Nora Ephron, William F. Buckley and Norman Mailer, and nurtured the iconoclastic talents of art director George Lois. By making it possible for writers and artists to bring novelistic techniques into reportage Hayes fostered what became known as "New Journalism".

The Na people (also known as Moso) of southwest China, along the confluence of Chinese and Tibetan cultures, are best known in the West for their matrilineal kinship system. Western representations of Na culture usually overlook the significance of religion, a central aspect in the lives of Na people. This richly detailed documentary, created by Na directors Onci Archei and Ruheng Duoji and produced by American anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker Tami Blumenfield, consists of five short pieces that capture important Na ceremonies.

#13031/0605  SPIRITS FOR SALE: The Commercialization of American Indian Rituals
When Annika is given an eagle feather by a Native American visiting Sweden, she realizes it is a sacred object which should probably not be in her hands. Native American ceremonies are being commercialized for "outsiders," arousing resentment in the Native community. Annika sets out to find the feather's rightful owner. She meets many Native Americans who are bitter, believing they are "the forgotten people." But others are fighting to preserve their culture and their faith as well as to protect their land.

#6128/0635  SPIRITUAL INDIA: A Guide to Janism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism DVD
This program provides an overview of four of India's prominent religions: Jainism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Stunning footage from all around the subcontinent displays these jewels of India's religious heritage along with their monuments, shrines, temples, festivals, and sacred rituals.

#14329/0635  STALIN AND H ITLER: Dangerous Lisasons (3 Programs) DVD
Allies? In actual fact it was the biggest game of 'chicken' ever played in human history to that point. Who was baiting whom? This fascinating three-part series examines the compelling evidence that Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany were closer allies than either could or would acknowledge. Using startling archival information temporarily declassified after the Soviet Union’s collapse, these programs present details of the true motives behind the Stalin/Hitler alliance.

#12666/1725  STORY OF INDIA (2 DVD Set)
Sixty years after Indian independence, British historian Michael Wood presents the tale of the oldest and most diverse civilization, and largest democracy. A nuclear power and a rising giant, India's population will overtake China's within 10 years and its economy is predicted to overtake that of the U.S. in the 2030s. This journey of sights and sounds, and achievements takes him from the deserts of Turkmenistan to the Khyber Pass. Features: *Scene Selections *The Sights and Sound of India *Audio descriptions for the visually impaired *Closed Captioned

Narrated by Jack Palance, a haunting story of extraordinary man who never gave up. In 1923, Mike Swistun was literally "the strongest man in the world" with Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey circus. Later he returned to his Ukrainian immigrant roots in Ohla, Manitoba where this documentary found him living with his hypnotized chickens, bending steel bars. Many awards including the GENIE, GOLDEN SHEAF and AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL.

#14437/0635  SUBURBAN AMERICA: Problems and Promise
Filmed in a wide range of suburban and metropolitan areas, this program presents a dynamic and thought-provoking exploration of American suburbia, including its genesis and history, its dramatic political and social evolution, and its developmental challenges. Viewers are guided through specific issues facing the nation's suburban landscape.

#10297/0635  SUPERMAX: Life in a Super-Maximum Security Prison (2 Programs) DVD
This explosive two-part series scrutinizes the impact of supermax on convicts, prison staff, and society itself. What is it like to work in a supermax (highest of high security) correctional facility? How about being a prisoner in one? What effect do such places have on either the guards or the guarded? This two part series explores the realities.

#12428/1830  TALES OF WONDER I and II
Tales of Wonder I and II (as seen on PBS) showcases Native American stories for children, as told in the Native American tradition by acclaimed storyteller and linguist Gregg Howard. "Tales of Wonder" has been used in a curriculum unit developed by the Stanford University Program on International and Cross-cultural Education.

#14644/1725  TANK MAN (THE): Tiananmen Square and China's Economic Miracle
On June 5, 1989, one day after Chinese troops violently expelled thousands of demonstrators from Tiananmen Square, a solitary, unarmed protester stood his ground before a column of tanks advancing down the Avenue of Eternal Peace. Viewers learn some background details of how Tiananmen Square and the tank man ties in with the Chinese economic miracle and the urbanization that feeds it, their restrictive democracy and U.S. corporate complicity in helping them maintain the iron fist even if it is in the velvet glove of prosperity (for some).

Is it possible for the current stimulus package being administered in the U.S. to reverse the meltdown that has shaken the American (and world) economy? Will it result in a debt so huge that it will remain virtually unpayable? Can productivity ever be expected to rise to a level to overcome that debt?

#12750/0635  THIS IS CIVILIZATION SERIES (4 Programs)
In this series, art critic and renowned broadcaster Matthew Collings updates and expands upon the 1969 British television classic "Civilization: A Personal View" as he travels the world in search of art and architecture that illustrate pivotal moments in the history of Western civilization. Each episode in this series addresses a watershed in artistic expression and explores how that transition has shaped Western culture and thought.

"A powerful, comprehensive visual examination of the African-American image from the beginning of the photography medium to the present. Over 950 mostly original photographs of African Americans assist in weaving stories of representation, exclusion, pride, dignity, pain, shame, hate and stereotypical depictions that have been prominent in American culture." Documentary Magazine The first documentary to explore the role of photography in shaping the identity, aspirations and social emergence of African Americans from slavery to the present, Through a Lens Darkly probes the recesses of American history by discovering images that have been suppressed, forgotten and lost.These images show a much more complex and nuanced view of American culture and society and its founding ideals. Inspired by Deborah Willis's book Reflections in Black and featuring the works of Carrie Mae Weems, Lorna Simpson, Anthony Barboza, Hank Willis Thomas, Coco Fusco, Clarissa Sligh and many others. *Closed Captioned

#15480/1445  TIME COMPASS SERIES (16 Programs)
Watch children fall in love with history! With its innovative style and animation, this series of sixteen 20-minute programs portraits significant historical events in ways that kids find fun and easy to digest. Add better yet, they will be enjoying themselves! 1. ANCIENT EGYPT 2. INCAS AND ANDEAN CULTURES 3. CLASSICAL GREECE 4. THE AZTEC EMPIRE 5.iIMPERIAL ROME 6. ANCIENT CHINA, 7. MESOPOTAMIA 8. THE MAYAS 9. CELTS AND VIKINGS 10. THE BYZANTIME EMPIRE 11. THE ANCIENT ISRAELITES 12. ISLAM 13. THE PERSIAN EMPIRE 14. ANCIENT JAPAN 15. THE CAROLINGIAN EMPIRE 16. INDIA.Grades 4 to 10

Filled with fabulous photography and Newfoundland/Canadian history and also great for high school music education classes. This is a joyful, exuberant documentary featuring Newfoundland-based composer, conductor and educator, Stephen Hatfield with Shallaway (Newfoundland and Labrador Youth in Chorus) rehearsing and performing the opera "Ann and Séamus" - a Newfoundland folk opera about the early 19th century cod fishery.

"Trail of Tears Cherokee Legacy" explores America’s darkest period: President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation to Oklahoma in 1838. Nearly a quarter of the Cherokee National died during the Trail of Tears, arriving in Indian Territory with few elders and even fewer children.

#5109/0405  TRIAL BY JURY - DVD
This video examines the history of 'trial by jury' in general while focusing on the very specific adaptations that have occurred in the U.S. judicial system. Grades 7 to A

#15440/0635  TRIBAL WIVES: Female Roles, Western Norms, and Tribal Life (3 Programs)
A female entering a developing-world culture will experience issues related to patriarchal control and female independence which will almost certainly shape her interactions with the community. This three-part series follows three British women as they become temporary additions to families in remote areas of Turkey, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Each episode evokes challenging questions regarding women’s rights across the globe. To what extent can we impose Western standards? Should they enter the discussion at all? Is defiance or conformity the better strategy when the customs under discussion, however alien, are no longer theoretical? Three 59-minute programs: TRIBAL WIVES: Challenging Western Views of Polygamy and Female Circumcision TRIBAL WIVES: A Look into Tribal Family Life and Female Independence TRIBAL WIVES: Western Taboos versus Tribal Traditions

#13845/0635  U.S. GOVERNMENT: How It Works (6 Programs)
While the complexities of the American political system have never been greater, the right visual aid can help students sift through them - and even develop a passion for the subject. This six-part series is an ideal tool for introducing and exploring key aspects of U.S. government and public policy. The Series Includes : The Legislative Branch | The Executive Branch | The Judicial Branch | The Constitution and Foundations of Government | Elections and Political Parties | Citizenship and Civic Responsibilities

#14485/0635  UN: It's More Than You Think DVD
This informative program provides an accurate profile of the United Nations - its organization, structure, and purpose.

#15776/0635  UNBREAKABLE: One Girl Changing the World - The Story of Malala
"They cannot stop me. I will get my education", declares Malala Yousafzai in this riveting ABC News interview, filmed in the wake of the young activist’s 2013 trip to the United States. Her resoluteness and courage are unmistakable, but as she speaks with reporter Diane Sawyer about her mission and her near-fatal confrontation with the Taliban, Malala’s quite understandable fear and vulnerability also emerge. From her family and cultural background to her vision of a world in which education is available to all, Malala’s presence on camera is truly compelling and leaves no doubt as to her significance in the global struggle for women’s rights.

This program provides a fun and colourful look at the nuts-and-bolts of our governing bodies in Canada - namely the federal and provincial governments. *Now CLOSED CAPTIONED Grades 8 to A

This dynamic and colourful program provides a solid foundation for understanding Canada's justice system. Featuring exciting animations, navigational diagrams, upbeat music and a young, energetic host, this modern approach offers a primer on all aspects of law in Canada and our court systems. Grades 7 to A

This collection of short programs will help students get to grips with the causes and extensive consequences of an increasingly globalised economy. Our experts address issues of sustainability, opportunity, threat, energy, tourism, manufacturing and transnational corporations in these engaging and accessible programs. Each individual program has an accompanying worksheet.

This program's lively host guides the viewer through an exploration of how their local government organizes and manages the community they live in. Students will learn how their local government affects them in their everyday lives and encourages them to get involved and participate in the building of their community. Grades 7 to A

#13343/0635  UPSTREAM BATTLE: A Case Study in Native American Fishing Rights
The Karuk, Yurok, and Hoopa peoples live along northern California’s Klamath River, and each tribe’s ancient culture revolves around the majestic Pacific salmon. Today, four large hydroelectric dams have made salmon extinction there a real and frightening possibility. This case study follows tribal members as they confront the owners of the dams - specifically, a global energy giant in Scotland which is subsequently bought out by Warren Buffett’s corporate empire. *CC

Who was Buddha? How did Buddhism develop into a major historical influence across much of Asia? This video examines the foundations of Buddhism and how it has shaped the nations and the peoples touched by it through the ages.

#15666/0685  WAR AROUND US (THE)
THE WAR AROUND US tells the absorbing true story of the only two international journalists on the ground in Gaza during Israel's bombardment and invasion of the troubled Palestinian territory over a three-work period in 2008-9. Award-winning filmmaker Abdallah Omeish (Occupation 101) chronicles the experiences of Al Jazeera's Cairo-born, Arab-American Ayman Mohyeldin and Arab-British Sherine Tadros as they report from Gaza City throughout the devastating assault. With never-before-seen footage and gripping personal testimonies, the film bears witness to Israel's ongoing siege of Gaza in the wake of its withdrawal in 2005, and pays tribute to the power of journalism - and friendship - under conditions of enormous conflict and stress. The result is a deeply human glimpse into wartime reporting and life in one of the most besieged places on earth.

#14478/1725  WAR OF 1812 (THE)
The War of 1812 is a two-hour film history of a deeply significant event in North American and world history. The war shaped American, Canadian and British destiny in the most literal way possible: had one or two battles or decisions gone a different way, a map of the United States today would look entirely (and shockingly) different. At the same time, the result tolled the end of Native American dreams of a separate nation.

#7041/0635  WAR POETS - Cd-Rom/DVD
This program traces the development of the art of war poetry from Anglo-Saxon times to the early 20th century and brings a new vitality to the checkered tales of heroism, cowardice, luck, valor, and misery which together form the experiences of war over the centuries.

#13305/1725  WAR THAT MADE AMERICA (THE) - 2 DVDs
The French and Indian War pitted French forces for almost a decade against the British, yet few North Americans realize its historic contribution to the revolutionary fervor which swept the continent in 1776.

#15387/0635  WASPS AND WITCHES: Women Pilots of World War II
A previously untold story of the forgotten fliers of the Second World War: women pilots from Britain, the United States, Russia, and Germany. These pilots risked everything for their countries and pioneered the way for others at a time when flying was the sole prerogative of men. Because of widespread skepticism, they had to prove their worth and their ability to do a "man’s" job. With unique archival footage and present-day interviews with the pilots themselves, this inspiring film offers unique insight into the experiences of the thousands of courageous women who have been "written out" of the history books

#12815/1725  WE SHALL REMAIN
A provocative series that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. Five heartbreaking, yet inspiring stories highlight Native ingenuity and resilience over the course of 300 years. Upends two-dimensional stereotypes of American Indians as simply ferocious warriors or peaceable lovers of the land. 1. AFTER THE MAYFLOWER 2. TECUMSEH'S VISION 3. TRAIL OF TEARS 4. GERONIMO 5. WOUNDED KNEE

#7574/1970  WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Spiritual Lives of Teenagers
In this award-winning documentary, a number of teenagers who are Catholic, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian Evangelist, Pagan, North American and Hindu share their most personal struggles and beliefs about faith, morality, suffering and death, prayer, the purpose of life, and the divine. A sensitively filmed discussion-provoker about the issues that are at the heart of being human, What Do You Believe provides a path to open conversation with teenagers about religion and spirituality.

#3221/1120  WHAT IS A HOUSE?
Shelter is probably the most basic human need for people who live in less-than-tropical climatic zones. This video looks at how those needs have been fulfilled historically and how they find expression with comtemporary housing. Grades 7 to A

The immense changes that accompanied what is known as 'the industrial revolution' are examined in detail in this comprehensive 6 part series. The repercussions are still very relevant in the modern world and will be long into the future.

#14490/0635  WHEN THE MOORS RULED EUROPE (2 Programs) DVD
As the eighth century dawned, Islam pushed beyond the borders of the Middle East and northern Africa - with Spain as its primary foothold in the West. This two-part series guides viewers through that extraordinary period, examining the faith and culture of Mohammed as civilizing forces poised to dominate much of Europe.

#5340/0635  WISDOM OF FAITH with Huston Smith (5 Programs) DVD
This 5 part series is about similarities rather than differences. Best selling author Huston Smith converses with Bill Moyers about his experiences as one of the world's few ecumenical investigators. He not only studied the major religions but has spent years fully participating in their rites and absorbing their beliefs.

This three-part series shines history’s spotlight on Madeleine Albright, Benazir Bhutto, and Corazon Aquino: female political leaders in the right place at the right time to change the course of world events - and to serve as powerful role models for women everywhere. Informative and inspiring.

#9375/0635  WORLD INSCRIBED: The Illuminated Manuscript DVD
This program is a concise history of the illuminated manuscript and monastery libraries, and depicts the workings of a scriptorium and the arduous art of copying and illustrating/gilding medieval and Renaissance literature. Grades 11 to A

For centuries dancing was part of virtually every aspect of Native American life. Although outlawed at times by the U.S. government and performed out of context for Wild West shows, dancing now unifies tribal nations and preserves Indian heritage. This documentary explores the dynamics of competition dancing - its artistry, origins, and meanings, as well as the clash between progress and tradition that marks the contest powwow.

#12502/1120  WORLD RELIGIONS: A Common Journey
Religion seems to be the cause of more of the world's current conflicts than it is the solution to them. Why is that? Is there not some common ground that believers can find in each other that would promote peace and understanding. Can there be any optimism on this subject when one sees what the history of religions has brought?

#11325/2155  WORLD WAR II: The Epic Battles (3 Programs) DVD
Witness some of the most critical battles of World War II. " great and as moving a documentary as TV had ever produced." The Chicago Tribune on Battle of the Bulge This 3-disc DVD set includes: FINEST HOUR: The Battle of Britain (previously unreleased) THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE IWO JIMA: Red Blood, Black Sand Grades 9 to A

#13864/0635  WORSE THAN WAR: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity DVD
Genocide is many things - horrific, tragic, and immoral, among others. But one thing it is not, says political scientist Daniel Goldhagen, is inevitable. In this program, the author of HITLER'S WILLING EXECUTIONERS explores the social and psychological factors that have repeatedly pushed stable societies into the insanity of mass killing.

What is it like to be young and ambitious in China today? This comprehensive documentary delves into the lives of a variety of youthful Chinese citizens who want to accomplish things, change things, protect things. What barriers do they face from their government, their environment, their families, their society in general?

#6299/1040  YOUR HUMBLE SERPENT: The Wisdom of Reuben Snake
This multi-award-winning program contains an uncut presentation, given by Native American activist Reuben Snake in 1991, which he called "The Rebrowning of America". This speech, which he gave several times during the last few years of his life, offers a calm, confidant and insightful look into the history and future of America and the World. Grades 9 to A


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