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Examines the truly international character of French as a language as it is used in virtually every corner of the world. The historical realities that carried the language worldwide are examined as is the current significance of La Francophonie.

Learning French as a second language offers many hurdles. This excellent video deals specifically with one of them. It uses the proven methods of a leading British language school to explain and demonstrate the many facets of the 'negative' in the French language. Grades 9 to A

#10983/0635  LES IDIOMATICS (French) DVD
Raising comprehension levels in any 'second' language means developing an ear for idiom...that is those peculiar sayings or ways of putting things that add so much in terms of color and depth to any language. This video delves into the fascinatingly rich world of French 'idiomatique' for students of that language and uses comparisons from English idiom to make things clearer. Grades 9 to A

#9893/0635  MANY FLAVORS OF FRENCH (in French) DVD
Grades 9 to A

#13853/0635  ON THE GO CHINESE WITH XINWEN: Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons
Who says it’s hard to learn Mandarin? Who says it can’t be fun? Not Xinwen Chen, a thirty-something TCSOL-certified Mandarin Chinese teacher! Taking a functional approach to language acquisition, this collection of 50 three-minute chaptered lessons uses very simple scenarios based on everyday situations to immerse learners in the elements of practical conversation. "I define myself as a bridge between east and west!" says Xinwen. An engaging language-learning tool, and an enchanting glimpse of Chinese culture.

#12892/0635  VIRGIL GOES TO CHINA: An Introductory Course in Spoken Mandarin (5 Programs in 2 Cases)
A hands-on introduction to Mandarin Chinese, this set of videos provides vocabulary, pronunciation, syntax, appropriate usage, and the realistic setting for the words and phrases. Perfect for tourists and business visitors going to China or for those receiving guests from there.


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