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#14788/1317  1001 CLASSIC COMERCIALS
Tons of fun and learning too in this comprehensive collection of the most unforgettable, exceptional and memorable commercials to hit the small screen. This is an entire history of American pop culture in its most eloquently simple and straight-forward form.

#11292/0635  AD INFINITUM: The Many Paths into Advertising DVD
Everything you wanted to know about the advertising industry but couldn't find anyone to ask. It's tough, highly competitive, cut-throat, creative, secretive, deceptive and deceiving and a lot of people want to work in it. This in-depth study focuses on a big time New York advertising office so viewers can begin to understand what goes on behind closed doors.

In this highly anticipated sequel to his groundbreaking Advertising & the End of the World, media scholar Sut Jhally explores the devastating personal and environmental fallout from advertising, commercial culture, and rampant American consumerism.

Do you know when and where are you being targeted for marketing? It may be more often and in more places than you think. This program features interviews with cutting-edge advertising and media professionals who give an overview of how to navigate new media marketing techniques in the digital age.Grades 7 to A

#11464/0635  BEST OF 2007: Clio Gold Plus DVD
Clio Awards are like the Oscars for the year's best video advertising/marketing achievements. Entrants come from every corner of the world. Some are serious, many are funny, some sexy, some very dry, but all express the epitome of current marketing using the video medium.

#13076/0635  BEST OF 2009 CLIO GOLD PLUS
This program brings together 2009’s winners of the gold, silver, and bronze advertising Clio Awards.

#10970/0635  BIG SQUEEZE: Rejuvenating a Century-Old Brand (3 Programs) DVD
With the aim of expanding brand-identity and revenue, an iconic product - the sticky, brown, vegetable-derived bread-spread known in Great Britain as Marmite - has been overhauled. This three-part series presents a fascinating case study in operational and creative management, telling the inside story of a high-stakes product launch.

#11222/1120  BRAND MARKETING: Why We Eat, Drink, and Wear Brand Names DVD
The fact is that young people today live in a world where the pressures of marketing are greater than at any other time in history. At the same time they seem to be less obtrusive. How is that possible? Anyway, it seems to be working...this video explains how it's done. Are those Nikes you're wearing? Grades 7 to A

#12312/0635  CLIOS (THE) 2008 - DVD
This program enumerates 2008’s winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards.

#14236/0635  CLIOS 2010 (Gold, Silver, and Bronze Winners)
This program captures 2010's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze CLIO Awards, the annual awards honoring creativity in television advertising from around the world.

In this illustrated presentation, media scholar Justin Lewis makes a compelling case that consumer capitalism can no longer deliver on its promise of enhancing quality of life, and argues that changing direction will require changing our media system and our cultural environment. Showing how consumer capitalism has become economically and environmentally unsustainable, Lewis explores how our cultural and information industries make it difficult to envision other forms of human progress by limiting critical thinking and keeping us locked in a cycle of consumption. He argues that change will only be possible if we take culture seriously and transform the very way we organize our media and communications systems. *English sub-titles *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request

#11884/0685  CONSUMING KIDS: The Commercialization of Childhood
With virtually no government or public outcry, the multi-billion dollar youth marketing industry has been able to use the latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform children into one of the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world. The result is that childhood itself has been commercialized. Drawing on the insights of experts, industry insiders, and children themselves, this program traces the evolution and impact of this disturbing and unprecedented phenomenon.

#6789/0685  DEADLY PERSUASION: The Advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco DVD
World famous advertising analyst Jean Kilbourne demonstrates that the big corporate peddlers of alcohol and tobacco products are still hard on the trail of new customers. They have a whole new arsenal of marketing schemes and they're still killing millions. Grades 7 to A

This astonishing documentary investigates how an advertising slogan invented by Madison Avenue executives in 1948 has come to define our most intimate and romantic rituals and ideals; an achievement all the more stunning given that diamonds are in fact neither scarce nor imperishable, just EXPENSIVE! Grades 9 to A

This CNBC Original documentary delivers a comprehensive look at how the Internet phenomenon began, evolved, and now influences everyday life - or, in some cases, not-so-ordinary life. What is this need to be CONNECTED and is it as addictive as it seems?

#15662/0685  FEEDING FRENZY: The Food Industry, Marketing and the Creation of a Health Crisis
While discussions about the spiraling obesity/health crisis have tended to focus on the need for more exercise and individual responsibility, FEEDING FRENZY trains its focus squarely on the responsibility of the processed food industry and the outmoded government policies it benefits from. The food industry floods the market with a rising tide of cheap, addictive, high calorie food products while employing a multi billion-dollar marketing machine charged with making sure that every one of those surplus calories is consumed.

#15668/0685  FIRE IN THE BLOOD: A Tale of Medicine, Monopoly and Malice
*Official Selection: 2013 Sundance Film Festival and New Zealand Film Festival FIRE IN THE BLOOD tells the true story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs in Africa and the global south in the 1990s - leading to the preventable deaths of at least ten million people -- and how a remarkable coalition of people came together to stop them.

#9822/0635  GADGET MANIA: The History and Evolution of the Infomercial DVD
WHO ever watches those things anyway? Whether it's slicing and dicing, or hanging by their ankles upside down, or the latest sit-up machine, how do those people ever sell ANYTHING? You'd be surprised. As this investigative program demonstrates, it seems that lots of viewers like the direct approach of the so-called and much derided infomercial.

#15669/0685  GOOGLE AND THE WORLD BRAIN: The Audacious Attempt to Control Human Knowledge (Two versions - Full and Abridged)
*Winner of many awards In 1937, the science fiction writer H. G. Wells imagined a "World Brain" containing all of the world's knowledge, accessible to all people, that would be "so compact in its material form and so gigantic in its scope and possible influence" that it could transcend even nation states and governments. Seventy years later, Google set about realizing Wells' vision, launching a massive project to scan millions of books from university library collections - and triggering a fierce backlash in the process. When it was discovered that over half of the first ten million books Google scanned were still in copyright, authors from around the world joined together to wage a fierce legal battle against the Internet giant, culminating in a dramatic courtroom showdown in 2011. In gripping detail, GOOGLE AND THE WORLD BRAIN tells the fascinating story of this complicated struggle over intellectual property and access to human knowledge, offering crucial insights into broader debates surrounding data-mining and privacy, downloading and copyright, fair use, freedom and surveillance. The DVD includes the feature length documentary (93 minutes), as well as an abridged version (54 minutes) shortened for use in the classroom.

#15932/0645  IN REAL LIFE
"Smart and serious! Offers a survey of the virtual world's creeping infiltration into our lives." The Independent "This is not just a well-made film, it is the starting point of a vital discussion." The Camden New Review "A riveting case for the prosecution of the web as a creature that bears careful watching." The Herald InRealLife asks what exactly is the internet and what is it doing to our children? INTERNET ADDICTION!? The only LIFE they've ever known?! Taking us on a journey from the bedrooms of teenagers to Silicon Valley, filmmaker Beeban Kidron suggests that rather than the promise of free and open connectivity, young people are increasingly ensnared in a commercial world. Beguiling and glittering on the outside, it can be alienating and addictive. Quietly building its case, Kidron's film asks if we can afford to stand by while our children, trapped in their 24/7 connectivity, are being outsourced to the net? *** A SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE IS AVAILABLE

#5783/0685  KILLING US SOFTLY III: Advertising's Image of Women
Jean Kilbourne uses examples from the world's premier marketers to examine whether the image of women in advertising has changed over the last 20 years and if so... how?. In the true Kilbourne style she encourages thinking and dialogue that moves and empowers.

#11058/0635  LIFECYCLE ASSESSMENT: The Environmental Impact of Manufacturing DVD
With all the talk about Kyoto, global warming and the 'footprint' that each human leaves on the Earth, waste, or the refuse we produce, must be carefully considered. This program charts the process of lifecycle assessment for items made of metal, plastic, and wood.

#14090/0685  MEDIA AND HEALTH SERIES (8 Programs) DVD
A special series price on eight of MEF's most personal titles dealing with the use of media for advertising and marketing and its effect on public health! It's your body and big corporations are messing with your head to make profits from it. Grades 9 to A

Just how much manipulation by various media, in terms of products and politics, is actually going on? Defining media literacy in terms of access, analysis, evaluation, and creation, the video examines race and gender issues, embedded social cues, the prevalence of media bias, and concrete methods for questioning the objectives and studying the techniques of media.

#11600/0635  MEDIA LITERACY SERIES (2 Programs) DVD
The average person is exposed to more than 3,000 commercial messages each day - and probably will not recognize almost 80 percent of them. Use this timely and informative two-part series to deepen your understanding of media's influence and to train students to critically analyze media messages before accepting them. TEACHING MEDIA LITERACY: Asking Questions UNDERSTANDING MEDIA LITERACY

#14065/2003  MEDIA LITERACY SERIES (3 Programs)
The first program in this series of three examines media literacy from an audience point of view - the concepts of demographics, psychographics, how ratings affect media, targeting and on-line advertising. The second program deals with how media is created and takes students on location to a behind-the-scenes look at a radio station, television news show, a regional newspaper and a national on-line newspaper. The final program discusses ethics and how in the media it's not just about what we say but what we show and how we show it.

#15288/0635  MIND YOUR MIND: Subliminal Messages
Are we really in control of our own thoughts? In this documentary, filmmaker Jason Brett Serle travels from the mall to the mountains to expose just how powerful the subliminal messages of advertising, politicians, and mass media really are. *Contains mature themes and explicit imagery. Serle simplifies complex neurological theories, then explains how neuro-linguistic programming can help provide psychological independence

Tweets, texts, updates, uploads, pins, posts... welcome to the 24/7 digital world. People are logging on and checking in from anywhere and everywhere in the world - to hang out, interact, reconnect, and make new friends. Whether you're new to social media or a seasoned social networker, we've got the lowdown on everything from the top dos and don'ts to successfully managing your online relationships and protecting your own personal brand. Maintaining social networks online can be a fun and positive experience, and bring us - and our worlds - closer together. * Includes Instructor's Guide *Full length preview availble upon requestGrades 9 to A

#15686/0605  OUT OF PRINT narrated by Meryl Streep
Every aspect of the written word is changing - from publishing to writing and selling to reading. If books are the foundation of civilization, how does that change the world of ideas? And how does it change us? With the unique perspective gained as a director at the Library of Congress and the UC Berkeley Library, filmmaker Vivienne Roumani tackles the questions confronting today’s word industry and shows that much more is at stake than how quickly we can access the latest byte.

#13145/0495  PSYCHOLOGY OF ADVERTISING (2 Programs)
This series by Dr. Phillip Rutsohn consists of two parts also available separately: PART ONE emphasizes five key psycho-sociological issues with examples drawn from TV commercials, print ads, and the Internet. PART TWO focuses on the interrelationship between the physical components and the message communicated by an advertisement.

#13020/0685  REMOTE CONTROL: Children, Media Consumption and the Changing Family
Remote Control offers a fascinating look at the centrality of media in our lives, revealing far-reaching effects that we are only beginning to understand, and suggesting ways we might begin to help our children live a life instead of watching one.

#5784/0685  SLIM HOPES: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness
Jean Kilbourne (KILLING US SOFTLY) focuses her attention specifically on the media, body image and health. Her thesis, and the hundreds of examples she presents, leave little doubt that advertisers are preying on the fears and insecurities of women, especially young women, with the result that they are actually encouraging the development of bad nutrition and eating disorders! An excellent resource for both media studies and women's health, this video offers insights and discussion topics that really go to the core of today's consumer society.

#7329/0685  SPIN THE BOTTLE: Sex, Lies and Alcohol
Using numerous examples from Hollywood movies, MTV Spring Break, sitcoms, and advertising, as well as interviews with college students, award-winning media critics Jean Kilbourne (Killing Us Softly 3, Slim Hopes) and Jackson Katz (Tough Guise) discuss the way that alcohol abuse has been normalized in the lives of millions of young people.

#6294/0685  TOXIC SLUDGE IS GOOD FOR YOU: The Public Relations Industry Unspun featuring John Stauber DVD
This video illuminates the hidden sphere of our culture known as public relations and examines the way in which the management of 'the public mind' has become central to how our democracy is controlled by political and economic elites. Grades 9 to A

What is a brand, and does it really influence me and my behaviors and what I buy and sell? This program will look at what a brand is, famous brands, what organizations can do to influence their brand, look at a case study for a brand, and discuss how and why brands get us to purchase products or services.Grades 8 to A

#16008/1047  WEB JUNKIE
*NOMINATED - GRAND JURY PRIZE - WORLD CINEMA, DOCUMENTARY - SUNDANCE FESTIVAL 2014 China is the first country in the world to classify internet addiction as a clinical disorder. WEB JUNKIE is a feature documentary, which identifies Internet Addiction and spotlights the revolutionary treatment used in Chinese Rehab Centers. Internet addiction is now a global issue. An increasing number of people, especially young adults, are using the Internet more than ever before. The film delves into a Beijing treatment center and explores the cases of three young Chinese teenagers from the day they arrive at the treatment center through the 3 months period of being held at the center, and then their return to their homes. *Sub-titled WEB JUNKIE provides a microcosm of modern Chinese life, examines inter-generational pressures, and takes a hard look at one of the symptoms of the so-called Internet age.

#16210/0987  WHAT THE HEALTH???
This film examines the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries. WHAT THE HEALTH is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award winning documentary COWSPIRACY. The film follows intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases - and investigates why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t want us to know about it. With heart disease and cancer the two leading causes of death, and diabetes at an all-time high, the film reveals possibly the largest health cover-up of our time. This surprising, and at times hilarious, investigative documentary should be a part of any DVD collection!!!

#1149/1120  WHY ADS WORK: The Power of Self-Deception DVD
How is language used in advertising to redirect, mislead, reassure, convince, exaggerate, minimize? And why does it work? Watch this video and learn... Grades 7 to A

#14058/2003  WOMEN'S REPRESENTATION IN THE MEDIA: Content, Careers and Criticism
*Telly Award and Communicator Crystal Award A first rate exploration of the reclaimed history of women who created media; the media portrayal of women; women's inclusion in the media workforce; and, how men perceive media differently than women and how that affects what we read, see and hear from the media.


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