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Trying to find happiness is the search of a lifetime, and in this program, a diverse cross-section of experts share insights into the psychological and physiological constituents of happiness; the effects of genes, life circumstances, and intentional activities on happiness; and, where on Earth the most - and least - happiness is said to exist. Viewers learn that finding happiness for oneself is a quest and like most quests there is effort involved and steps to be taken with great satisfaction in each stage closer to the goal.

This multi-award-winning collection of eight three-to-six-minute micro-documentaries attempts to communicate the subjective experience of abnormal psychological states by blending edgy animation with narration by people who live each day with debilitating mental conditions. Impressionistic, abstract, and even surreal, these dark cinematic gems are designed to help eliminate misconceptions about mental illness by promoting viewer empathy. Compelling; insightful; honest. Segments include: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, and, Self-Harm.

Our "fight or flight' response can be highly beneficial, but in the 21st Century, this state of anxiety in some people can become a constant state of mind, and a real limitation to a person's ability to function well. This program takes a comprehensive look at anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety, panic, post traumatic, and obsessive compulsive disorders and phobias.

#13245/0635  APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY (5 Programs)
The basic premise of applied psychology is the use of psychological principles and theories to overcome problems in other areas. This classic five-part series studies aspects of criminal prosecution, childcare, stress management, eating disorders, and situational ethics through the lens of psychology. EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY: Psychological Aspects 29 minutes DAYCARE: Psychological Impacts on Child Development 28 minutes STRESS MANAGEMENT: Psychological Counseling 28 minutes EATING DISORDERS: Mind, Body, and Society 28 minutes OBEDIENCE AND ETHICS: Benefits and Costs of Psychological Conformity Studies 30 minutes

#12929/1725  BE WELL NOW! A Happier and Healthier Life
Dr. Nancy Snyderman provides clear, practical and scientifically proven advice that can lead to a happier and healthier life. She uses anecdotes, personal life stories and clinical science to help the audience discover the simple, everyday things that affect well-being and provide the information they need to revitalize their bodies, maintain their longevity, manage their care, and possibly even save their lives!

#14448/0635  BIPOLAR: Life Between Two Extremes
This program examines the lives of people who have struggled for decades with bipolar disorder, once known as manic depression. Through case studies and discussions of recent research, the film shows how each patient has overcome the grip of debilitating despair and hyperactive euphoria, and how advances in psychology and neuroscience are helping such individuals lead better, more productive lives.

#16162/0410  CANNABINYZED: The Physical and Mental Effects of Marijuana
As the legal status of marijuana changes, it's perceived dangers are lessening while the potency of the drug is increasing. This video covers marijuana as a psychoactive substance that induces its effects by manipulation of natural brain chemicals known as the endocannabinoids. The toxic and addictive impact that results from the drug’s disruption of natural endocannibinoids is characterized in this video by the testimony of those impacted by the drug and by the scientists who are studying its effects. This video will help to clarify the many myths and misconceptions regarding the effects of marijuana. *Closed Captioned

#13652/0635  DIAGNOSIS BIPOLAR: Five Families Search for Answers
Suicidal impulses, hyper-sexuality, recurring nightmares - these are only a few of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. But what is it like for families of bipolar children and teens? This documentary takes viewers inside five households ravaged by the illness, revealing painful dilemmas over medication, school, and family dynamics.

#15581/0463  EXERCISE AND MENTAL HEALTH: The Mind-Body Connection
A growing body of research has looked at the mind-body connection. The results of these investigative effects have found that exercise has a positive impact in a number of mental-health related areas, including reducing anxiety, helping balance the challenges of ADHD, decreasing the negative effects of depression, and helping to effectively manage stress. This DVD reviews how exercise balances neurotransmitters and brain chemicals to keep the brain and the body functioning in harmony.

#15385/0635  FACELESS: Inside a Psychiatric Ward
Since Maria was found dancing on a line of train tracks, it’s a good bet that confinement in a mental ward saved her life. Still, she says, she prefers freedom to the "freedumb" of the medicated world she now resides in. Many of her fellow patients are equally ambivalent about being institutionalized. Following Maria through this claustrophobic landscape of uncertainty and anguish, viewers are allowed to explore the darkest catacombs of the psyche as well as the ever-present human tendency to search for a way out.

#15691/0635  FALSE MEMORIES: Skepticism, Susceptibility, and the Impact on Psychotherapy
The early 1990s saw a dramatic rise in the use - or misuse - of repressed memory as a psychoanalytic tool. While more and more therapists were encouraging their adult patients to revive supposedly long-buried recollections of childhood sexual abuse, a small minority of experts began to question that methodology - chief among them a cognitive psychologist named Elizabeth Loftus. This film shows how Dr. Loftus challenged the trend of memory "recovery" even as she expanded and enriched the study of human memory in contemporary psychology

#10656/1125  MEDS
An intimate film in which people with various mental health issues discuss their experiences with psychiatric medications. They talk candidly about the negative side effects and the benefits medications have had in controlling the devastating symptoms of their illnesses, as well as what else helps them live with their conditions. *CC

#15630/2003  MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, CHRISTIAN SOLUTIONS: Living One's Life with a Christian Perspective (4 Programs)
Faith can become an integral part of treatment for those who are struggling with overwhelming emotional and spiritual burdens. This unique series gives guidance on how to approach life's challenges, the tools needed to deal with them and how to overcome and start living a life of confidence. Each of these four 21-minute programs discusses how some people have faced their fears and conquered a broad range of debilitating conditions with the support of their faith. 1. DEPRESSION 2. STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS 3. ANXIETY AND PHOBIAS: Faith based Solutions 4. OVERCOMING ANXIETIES AND PHOBIAS: How to Conquer and Start Living a Life of Confidence.

#15058/0545  MENTAL HEALTH: The Basics
A person’s overall mental health can be difficult to define. How we feel and the factors influencing our emotions and moods are explored in this upbeat, animation-driven program. Viewers will be introduced to the causes and symptoms of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, and the many ways in which people cope with these challenges. Grades 6 to 12

#13750/0545  MENTAL HEALTH: The Individual and Society
This program examines mental health at the personal level and in a social context. It discusses key processes for recovering and maintaining mental well-being; helpful information concerning depression and drug and alcohol abuse; and the importance of diet, exercise, meditation, social interaction, and community resources and structures.

#15386/0635  MOMENT OF CLARITY (A)
This intimate documentary offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between creativity and mental illness through the life and artwork of painter Isti Kaldor. At age 19, Kaldor experienced his first manic break while attending medical school, received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and began painting soon afterward. Eleven years and 13 manic episodes later - four of which occurred during the filming of this documentary - Kaldor sees painting as both creative expression and a way to communicate.

#15578/0605  OF TWO MINDS: Coping with Bipolar Disorder
An award-winning documentary that explores the extraordinary lives, struggles, and successes of three individuals living with bipolar disorder. The harrowing events they undergo, the medical mazes they find themselves lost in, the discrimination they face, and the effects of social stigma merge to provide a compelling look at a generation coming out of the "bipolar closet."

#15346/0635  ONE CALM HOUR
This program introduces viewers to a group of patients at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto who benefit from participating in a weekly drum circle. Linda, Nathan, and the others speak candidly about the challenges of living with schizophrenia, and for the one hour that they bang on percussion instruments they experience a calm that is otherwise difficult to attain. The video follows as Linda goes on to form an advocacy group, Nathan is released and vows to shun drugs, and Laura looks forward to an outpatient visit with her family. In addition, the staff at CAMH - who enjoy the drumming as much as their clients do - provide a clinical overview of schizophrenia and discuss the need for supportive community housing.

#13850/0430  PERSONALITY DISORDERS (4 Programs)
Examines each disorder in depth, looking at their development, prevalence, symptoms, impact and treatment. Uses dramatic vignettes and interviews with professionals and educators in the field to provide a basic understanding of these disorders and how they present challenges in the home, workplace and treatment environments. CAUSES, ASSESSMENT, AND TREATMENT Explores causal factors and influences. Explains the criteria that sets these disorders apart from other diagnoses and examines the different approaches for assessment and identification. Introduces the three basic clusters of personality disorders "A," "B" and "C," as defined in the DSM and some methods of treatment. 29 minutes PARANOID, SCHIZOID, AND SCHIZOTYPAL (Cluster "A") The "odd or eccentric" - personality disorders. 28 minutes ANTISOCIAL, BORDERLINE, HISTRIONIC, AND NARCISSIST (Cluster "B") The "dramatic, emotional, or erratic" - personality disorders. 38 minutes AVOIDANT, DEPENDENT, AND OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE (Cluster "C") The "anxious or fearful" - personality disorders. 29 minutes

#9220/1835  PROMISE OF RECOVERY SERIES: A Psychiatric Guide for Clients and Their Families
Designed to teach professionals how to help patients and their families understand mental illness and learn how to implement a successful recovery plan. Offers an overview of psychiatric illness, therapy and recovery and examines six specific disorders and recovery programs. There are 11 Segments A-K on 2 DVDs: Part ONE: Psychiatric Illness -An Overview A. Understanding Psychiatric Illness & Recovery B. How to Use Therapy and Counseling C. The Role of Medication in Recovery D. Developing a Relapse Plan E. Psychiatric Illness and the Family Part TWO: Specific Psychiatric Disorders F. Depression G. Borderline Personality Disorder H. Bipolar Illness I. Anxiety-Panic Disorder J. Schizophrenia K. Eating Disorders *A Counselor Manual and Client Workbook included with series. Grades 9 to A

Developed from the lost discipline of Christian contemplative practice, this powerful approach incorporates current understandings of psychology, neurobiology and monastic contemplative approaches to permanently dissolve aspects of the false-self (ego). This dissolution or emptying of self opens one up to spiritual healing. This realization is the key to serenity and selfless service-sources of true happiness. PowerPoint slides are included.

#15032/0545  ROSENHAN'S EXPERIMENT: Being Sane in Insane Places
David Rosenhan's famous experiment in 1973, where a group of pseudopatients were admitted to psychiatric hospitals after feigning auditory hallucinations, shook the psychiatric profession to its scientific roots. What long term effects did it have on the diagnosis and treatment of the mentally ill? Has psychiatry discovered a new foundation since this hoax was perpetrated?

#14855/0635  SECRETS OF YOUR MIND: Why We Do What We Do (4 Programs)
Spanning several areas of focus - from emotions to nutrition to violence to the anxiety-ridden atmosphere of a hospital’s neurosurgery unit - this four-part ABC News series takes viewers into the mysterious realm of the brain. Connections between human behavior and the wiring of the human mind are explored in detail with help from experts in psychology and neuroscience, while numerous case studies and a wealth of visually compelling imagery make complex topics clear and meaningful. There are four 38 to 40-minute programs in the series. Detailed descriptions of each program are available. THE BRAIN AND VIOLENCE HEALING THE BRAIN THE BRAIN AND FOOD THE BRAIN AND LOVE

#13362/0405  SHOULD I LIVE? SHOULD I DIE? Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline personality disorder is a condition affecting emotion regulation. This program opens a window of understanding into the excruciating reality of life with BPD by examining the experiences of Rachael and Maria. Two women, two outcomes, and one question repeatedly faced: should I live, should I die?Grades 9 to A

#11027/1345  SPIRIT OF RECOVERY (The)
Three mental health professionals, representing three different viewpoints, speak from the heart about recovery from serious mental illness. In an engaging conversation, Dr. Ed Knight, Sheila Le Gacy, and Dr. Nancy Kehoe share their personal and professional experiences about recovery and its many challenges. Grades 9 to A

#16042/2003  STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS (Mental Health Issues/Christian Solutions)
Millions of people struggle with mental illness and against the stigma brought upon them. For the great majority of families watching their loved ones suffer and often suffering themselves, the struggle can be endless. Mental illness can take many forms and is often difficult for family and friends to understand. Faith has become an integral part of treatment for those who are struggling with overwhelming emotional and spiritual burdens. It is through their Christian faith that many have learned that they can still live happy and fulfilling lives.

#13304/1725  THIS EMOTIONAL LIFE (3 DVDs in one case)
Ordinary people and famous celebrities share a basic human problem - how to handle one's emotions, relationships, and negative experiences. Yet why are some more successful than others? Best-selling author and Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert weaves together accounts of ordinary individuals and celebrities including Chevy Chase, John McEnroe, Alanis Morissette, and Richard Gere. Topics examined in the series include the importance of early attachment, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, grief, and other challenges. FAMILY, FRIENDS AND LOVERS FACING OUR FEARS RETHINKING HAPPINESS 360 minutes on 3 discs Grades 9 to A

#10884/0635  WINNING THE MIND GAME: Triumphing Over Mental Illness
Seeing any light at the end of the tunnel can be one of the greatest challenges facing people suffering from mental illness. Is there actually a 'life after'? Viewers get encouraging documentary evidence from four people who have persevered against a variety of disorders and discover hope and promise in their struggles.


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