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#12030/0145  ADOLESCENT ONSET SCHIZOPHRENIA: 1 in 100 Young People
Adolescent-onset schizophrenia is frequently highly treatable. Viewers learn signs and symptoms to help them recognize this illness in its earliest stages and provides them with basic 'what to do next' information as every passing day without treatment can be critical in long term effect.

#15320/0605  BEFORE THEY FALL OFF THE CLIFF: The Ripple Effect of Schizophrenia
This is the story of a family devastated by one member’s paranoid schizophrenia, and their ultimate struggle to find the courage to forgive and to enlighten others about mental illness. Explores the importance of advocating for those with mental illnesses. In 1994, Matthew McBride, the youngest son of a suburban family was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia when imaginary voices convinced him to kill his parents in order to prevent World War III. After Matt stabbed his parents to death, his siblings were left to deal with their parents’ violent end and to oversee their younger brother’s treatment for his debilitating illness.

#13384/0145  CHILDHOOD ONSET SCHIZOPHRENIA: A Life Interrupted
In this program, you'll see what happened when one family's nine-year-old son began hearing voices, and having hallucinations - the classic signs of childhood-onset schizophrenia. Where does one turn? Is this a life sentence?

#13696/0450  DIGNITY 1: A Study of Schizophrenia
Mentally ill people are too often outcast in society, instead of receiving compassion that a physically ill person would normally receive. Mentally ill people, like all of us, need dignity, which is the underlying theme of this eye-opening and much heralded documentary.

#14237/0635  HAYWIRE: Children Living with Schizophrenia
This ABC News program goes inside the homes of children living with severe mental illness, sharing the stories of three young girls whose schizophrenia commands them to harm themselves - or their younger siblings. Their parents' video diaries document the challenges, breakdowns, and frustrations that occur as they seek help for their children and relief for the rest of the family. Brutally honest and emotionally charged, Haywire sheds light on a disorder that is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

The symptoms of schizophrenia, beyond delusions and hallucinations, include a range of cognitive and social deficits which affect memory, decision-making, attention, and social cognition. These problems are not helped by current antipsychotic drugs, and psychotherapeutic measures are only of limited benefit. For the past 10 years, Sophia Vinogradov has focused on the design, implementation, and evaluation of neuroscience-informed computerized exercises to improve these undervalued symptoms - with life-changing implications for patients. *CC


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