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#15209/0768  AFTER I'M GONE: Suicide Awareness
This program takes a haunting look at teen suicide from the perspective of Cari, a young girl who appears to have taken her life due to relentless bullying and abuse from her parents and peers.

Teen suicide is a complex event often arising out of deep depression where a teen develops feelings that they are unwanted, misunderstood, angry, ashamed, abused, unloved or victimized. Viewers learn to recognize symptoms that may indicate suicidal tendencies in friends, family and peers and get some expert advice on what to do about it. Grades 8 to 12

This program deals with the aftermath of suicide with three teenagers who talk about their feelings after a friend committed suicide. They explore their guilt, regret, fear and sense of loss as they share what they went through and talk about the support that is needed when a suicide happens. Grades 7 to 12

Teen depression...what are the causes, symptoms, results? Middle school age viewers are given a complete explanation of this problem that plagues many in their age group. Examples are provided to allow them to recognize it in themselves, their friends or siblings, and do something to help. Grades 5 to 9

#15435/0795  LIFELINES TRILOGY: Suicide Awareness and Responsiveness for Teens
LIFELINES TRILOGY is a comprehensive suicide-awareness and responsiveness program for teens in middle and high school. This school-wide program is made up of three tools: LIFELINES: A SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM (47 Minutes) educates administrators, faculty and staff, parents, and students on the facts about suicide and their respective roles as suicide "preventers". $249.95 LIFELINES INTERVENTION: HELPING STUDENTS AT RISK FOR SUICIDE (37 minutes) provides information on how to be prepared to address and respond to threats or signs of suicide and intervene and provides clear guidance on how best to involve parents and guardians as partners. $169.95 LIFELINES POSTVENTION: RESPONDING TO SUICIDE AND OTHER TRAUMATIC DEATH is a best-practices manual specifically designed for middle and high school communities that educates everyone in the school community $119.95

#11862/2265  NEED TO CONNECT (THE): A Personal Story About Suicide
This is an honest, intimate portrait of a young woman who attempted suicide after the man she loved killed himself in her presence. As she reflects upon her experiences as both a witness to and a survivor of the suicide of a loved one, speaking directly to the viewer, she allows viewers to share her profound grief and sadness at the loss, and at her inability to prevent or even to understand it. This unique video will be tremendously valuable for suicide, crisis, and bereavement counselors, and for their clients, as well as for students and clinicians in psychology, social work and healthcare settings.

#2273/0930  ONE SURVIVOR'S MESSAGE: Don't Kill Yourself
DON'T KILL YOURSELF is the message. At 16 years of age David attempted suicide. Now at 22 years old he shares the events in his life leading up to the attempt as well as the recovery. He explains how low self-esteem eventually lead to drug addiction. He explains how he has changed his life. Grades 7 to 12

#13824/1615  REASON TO LIVE (A)
A powerful documentary about teen and young adult depression and suicide - penetrating, personal stories of despair and hope told by the young people themselves and their families. Grades 9 to A

#15329/2003  SUICIDAL SIGNS: Depression, Self-Mutilation, RAD
Young people with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, self mutilation, reactive attachment disorder are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts. Raising teenagers with mental health issues can be a difficult and very challenging experience. This reflective program focuses on parents and teenagers who tell their stories of struggle as they learn how some families cope with parenting a mentally ill teen. When parents have to deal with a mentally ill teen they face many unique challenges. Through personal stories and discussions, you'll learn some of the reasons for mental illness and some of the solutions and resources for dealing with and available to help support families.Grades 8 to 12

#12821/1745  SUICIDE AND SELF-HARM: Helping People at Risk with Linda Gask, MD
This comprehensive video from the University of Manchester walks through all the steps necessary to effectively intervene when a client threatens suicide or self-harm. You’ll learn about assessment, crisis management, problem solving, and crisis prevention through a variety of realistic vignettes.

How do families cope with depression in their midst...especially depression that is so extreme as to be suicidal? This video documents a case in the words of the potential suicide himself as well as his son and grandson. It's about causes and effects, and success in recognition and prevention. Grades 9 to A

#14717/0433  THERE'S ALWAYS HELP: Suicide Prevention
Sometimes teens may feel like their situations are hopeless and think that one way to get relief from the bad feelings is to escape through suicide. What are the warning signs of suicide? Is there anything we can do to help prevent it? This is what this program will discuss.Grades 9 to 12

#15976/0545  THESE DAYS: Youth Suicide (2 DVDs)
THESE DAYS explores the aftermath of a youth suicide (Malik) on his friends, family and school community. Targeted firmly at teenagers in language and tone with a very honest look at teenage life today. The narrative focuses on Malik's friend Chloe as she struggles with the grief and depression that follow this tragedy. Provides an opportunity for viewers to reflect on warning signs, positive and negative coping strategies, and ultimately the importance of resilience and a strong support network. THIS ENTIRE PACKAGE INCLUDES: - These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide - These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide (Censored Version) - These Days: A Short Film on Youth Suicide (with Extended Commentary) - Understanding Youth Suicide: A Guide for TeachersGrades 10 to A

#15896/0899  TOWARD DAYLIGHT
*Best Documentary Short, 2011 Directors Circle of Shorts Suicide crosses all human boundaries and alters the lives of everyone involved. TOWARD DAYLIGHT combines the stories of five individuals struggling to cope with a variety of suicidal incidents. Some are finding hope after being abandoned in the most tragic way, while others have lived through their own attempt and are rebuilding a healthier life. Their stories are unique, but each person faces the difficulty of achieving a full recovery because of the anger, guilt, and stigma surrounding suicide.

Describes the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and offers guidelines from experts in suicide prevention and treatment for getting troubled loved ones to the professional help they need. Hear from three individuals who have made serious suicide attempts and lived, as they share their remarkable stories of self-destructiveness, survival, and recovery.


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