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#1027/0890  EMERGENCY STRESS KIT with Loretta LaRoche (3 DVDs)
This special collection includes Loretta's three most popular videos and three hours of hilarious stress relief for home or office. THE JOY OF STRESS - Deals with managing change through humor and choice. Clear instructions are provided on how to become crazed and humorless! HUMOR YOUR STRESS - Faxing, phoning, whining, over-achieving, over-scheduling, and over-dressing have taken over... Watch out! Loretta's here to lead viewers back to a simpler and much funnier time. LIFE IS SHORT! WEAR YOUR PARTY PANTS - If you're not sure that you have party pants, this is the perfect opportunity to find out! Grades 9 to A

#13904/0370  HUMOR IN TREATMENT with Mark Lundholm
What's funny about a DVD on addiction recovery? Everything! In what could be the most uplifting 90 minutes ever spent in drug and alcohol rehab, HUMOR IN TREATMENT is at once familiar, edgy and ripe with optimism. As one program director says, Lundholm uses humor to disarm us - we see our pain and self-destructive behavior - and that we can progress to a new life. An indispensable tool for any counselor or client in a drug and alcohol rehab program. Funny. Raw. Inspiring. Get one of the best addiction treatment tools around. In three sequential phases ... Getting Here – How you ended up in treatment Being Here – What you need to do in treatment and Leaving Here – Where you go after treatment is up to you - the series supports the therapeutic rehabilitation of people in addiction treatment. The creators use the healing power of laughter to help individuals make sense of their story, the gauntlet of recovery, and how to re-enter life beyond.

#16215/0370  RECOVERY HUMOR 101 CLINICAL SET with Mark Lundholm
RECOVERY HUMOR 101 offers a fresh approach to addiction and recovery, based on techniques Mark Lundholm has developed over 25+ years in recovery, supported by the latest evidence-based research and best practices in addiction treatment. The 40 minute DVD contains all new material written, produced and filmed specifically for this product. The 70 page, full-color workbook is filled with full color, original illustrations, more than 70 exercises, and provides tools and roadmaps to help those struggling with addiction to achieve and maintain recovery.

#13611/0293  STRESS AND HUMOUR
Explores the relationship between stress and humour. Stress and humour go well together. A sense of humour allows us to see the lighter side of life’s problems, especially those we cannot change.


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