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Today’s adolescents live in a hypersexualized culture. But despite their greater exposure and education, current evidence suggests that many youth are in trouble sexually and that their sexual development is not unfolding as it should. How is sexuality meant to develop? What is happening today that is different than in previous generations? How does sex affect the brain and bonding? In this program, Dr. Gordon Neufeld examines sexuality through the lenses of attachment, maturation and vulnerability. He sheds light on why adolescents are losing their timidity, why sexual interaction is on the rise, and why sexual bullying is becoming a problem. Four one hour sessions.

#13393/0405  BECOMING ME: The Gender Within
What ultimately determines a person’s gender? Is it chromosomes, hormones, genitals, or an innate sense of self? In this Telly Award-winning program, five transgendered individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 speak openly about what it has meant to them to be transgendered - their first experiences of gender confusion, life after coming out, family responses, and more.

#13911/0635  FIRST: Perspectives on Sexual Awakening and Identity
This program collects stories and reflections on the thoughts and sensations surrounding a young woman’s first sexual encounter from ten unique women, all of whom speak candidly about their backgrounds, their expectations prior to having sex, and how they have learned to define themselves sexually.

#13752/0685  GLOUCESTER 18 (THE): The Realities of Teen Pregnancy
"This film ... should be mandatory viewing for every teen in the country." Yvonne Abraham, The Boston Globe Looks behind all the headlines and hype to tell the real stories of eighteen high school girls from Gloucester, Massachusetts who were accused of making a pact to become pregnant. Explores the complicated emotional and practical challenges faced by teens on the brink of motherhood. In the process puts a human face on a startling statistic: that the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.

#14232/0635  I'M COMING OUT
This program accompanies two men when they return home with the idea of coming out to family members. Though their lifestyles are different, they share the same fears and sensitivities as they consider the impact their news will have on loved ones. Provides a candid glimpse into a long struggle for acceptance, and stands as encouragement to those in a similar place.

#14510/0697  MY CHANGING LIFE: The Complete Guide to Puberty (2 Programs)
One DVD for boys and one for girls provides a consistent and education-focused theme about puberty, normalcy, and acceptance. As youngsters move towards, into, and through puberty many important changes will take place in their bodies. This variety of change once completed, will create their new and unique identity as adults. Learning to understand these physical changes as "normal" will greatly reduce angst and assuredly assist in the acceptance of self. Grades 5 to 8

#13666/1120  OUT TO THE FAMILY
This animated video shows six families, from a wide range of backgrounds, coming to terms with the developing sexual or gender identity of a son or daughter. It aims to help parents and others understand more about the issues facing their LGBT teenagers, and how best to help them. Also shows how family acceptance and support can make all the difference for young people who may be at risk of serious - even life-threatening - social or mental health problems.

#10312/2003  PARTY'S OVER (The): Sex, Alcohol and Pregnancy
Although today's teens are exposed to more blatant sexuality than almost any other generation in history, the questions and conundrums that surround sexual activity remain. This portrayal of three teenage couples covers a variety of contemporary sexual health and relationship issues. Grades 8 to 12

#13632/0545  ROLE OF GENDER
This program focuses on how all of us learn about gender from an early age, and explores some of the ways in which gender-based roles, expectations and assumptions are changing. Grades 8 to A

#15930/0645  SEX(ED): How Did you Learn About Sex?
When we learn about sex, we don't just learn about social mores and biology; what we learn affects our identity, our relationships and our ability to be intimate throughout our lives. Many people look back at how they learned about sex, whether it was a book, an embarrassing parental chat, a school presentation, or porn, and remember their shock and embarrassment. Sex(ed) captures the humor and vulnerability of those experiences while allowing us to look at the various agendas that shaped the content. To get at the truth behind the history and current state of sex education, SEX(ED)examines sex education films from the 1910s up to the present day. Often hilarious, sometimes instructive, and almost always awkward and embarrassing, these films reflect the changing moral, cultural and political attitudes that inspired them. *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE ***

#13360/0545  SEXUAL AWARENESS SERIES (4 Programs)
Effective sexuality education and sexual health education acknowledges the critical role of people's values, moral beliefs, cultural and religious background, sexuality and gender. The four 30 minute programs in this series explain why careful consideration should be given to sexual involvement. SEXUALITY ISSUES - focuses on issues related to sexuality, identity and discrimination. TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY AND NEGOTIATION IN RELATIONSHIPS - deals with issues related to trust, responsibility and communication in relationships, including sexual partnerships. HEALTH, PROTECTION AND INFORMED DECISION-MAKING - explores the emotional issues involved in commencing a sexual relationship, sexual attraction, sexually transmitted infections, contraception and some of the myths about sex that can confuse us. THE IMPACT OF PARENTHOOD - presents the options available to young women who are, or think they might be pregnant. Grades 10 to 12

#12453/2003  SEXUAL RESPONSIBILITY (Real Life Teens Series II)
Teens are too often motivated by curiosity and the pressure to perform sexually as expressed by friends, love and the media rather than a healthy conscious desire and understanding of their sexual behaviors. Teens need to learn how to manage their sexual feelings responsibly and be able to select a partner who will respect them and avoid unwanted sexual outcomes. Hear from real teens about sexual responsibility.

#12458/0635  TEEN ROMANCE: What's Risky, What's Not?
It’s safe to say that dating, sex, and socializing preoccupy most teenagers - but how often do young people really benefit from and participate in their relationships? This video enables students to see teen romance in a clear light - exploring love, sex, friendship, and how easily all three can get mixed up.

#9756/1945  TEENS AND SEX: What You Need to Know DVD
Two peer hosts, using a straightforward approach, answer questions and debunk myths about sexual development, conception, pregnancy, contraception and sexually transmitted infections. Abstinence is presented as the only 100 percent foolproof way to avoid pregnancy. Grades 7 to 12

#12329/0405  WHEN I KNEW I WAS GAY
This film brings together 16 interviewees for an intimate group discussion to answer one simple question - when did you know that you were gay? Though some of the stories are told with a sense of loss, most are proud affirmations of sexual identity, supporting the conviction that recognizing and embracing one's sexual orientation is essential to being true to oneself. Illuminating and moving. An HBO Production. Grades 9 to 12

#12852/0235  WISDOM OF GIRLS (THE): Teens, Sex and Truth
What does 'ready to have sex' really mean to the modern teenage girl? The answer is anything but unanimous. Listen and learn from this thought-provoking outpouring of opinions and observations directly from teen girls themselves. Grades 7 to 12


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