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#11438/1945  ALL ABOUT FRIENDS - DVD
Friends are important to children, but what makes a good friend? Three age-appropriate scenarios show the youngest students that a friend is someone who make you feel good about yourself, won't talk you into doing something you know is wrong, and doesn't make it hard for you to have friends other than them. Grades K to 2

What is a family? A generation ago, maybe the answer was unambiguous, but today the word evokes a whole range of possibilities. This program is a thought-provoking and intelligent look at the changing roles, structures and functions of the family throughout time and up to the present day.

This program looks at the American family in the 21st century and the notion that there is no single, one-size fits-all model, Increases in the number of women in the paid labour force, the rise in divorce rates, as well as developments in contraception and reproductive technology, are just some of the factors that have profoundly affected the family as a social institution. Grades 8 to A

What special burdens and challenges, especially emotional and psychological, are experienced by children with a parent in the military serving overseas? Fear, anxiety, loneliness, detachment? Children share their personal stories of what it's like. Stories focus on what deployment means to them, the struggles they have faced, and how they have worked through challenging times. The authentic advice they offer for other children will leave viewers with a sense of hope. Also includes downloadable workbook with numerous discussion questions and creative exercises that correspond to the film. *CC

The death of a friend, grandparent, pet, family breakup; such things can have deep repercussions in the life and mind of a middle school child. Some of the shock can be lightened ahead of time by exposure to the idea and to an explanation of loss and grief and the emotions involved. Young viewers are encouraged to discuss some of these things that effect all of us. Grades 5 to 9

This program examines some of the theoretical models therapist as well as researches use to study the family. Regardless of which of these models they use, family therapists and researchers work in a field that is not only personally gratifying, but makes a genuine difference in people's lives. Grades 8 to A

#12160/1290  POWER OF FAMILY (THE)
What is a family anyway and what goes into making it a cohesive unit? Helping viewers entering adolescence to be more aware of these very important ties and relationships in their own lives is critical to their future development in more ways than one. Explains that aside from the 'traditional', families take many forms. Grades 6 to 12

This program explores both the obstacles and the opportunities stepfamily members are likely to encounter. During the course of the lesson, therapists point out that while there is no template for stepfamily success, families that value kindness, compassion and maturity generally fare best. Grades 8 to A

#11624/0788  THAT'S A FAMILY!
This award-winning video will stretch your mind and touch your heart no matter what your age. With courage and humor, the children in this program take viewers on a tour through their lives as they speak candidly about what it's like to grow up in a family with parents of different races or religions, divorced parents, a single parent, gay or lesbian parents, adoptive parents or grandparents as guardians. Grades K to 8


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