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#15679/1416  BOY GAME (THE)
"If the conversation about bullying is going to advance, this is the project to help us advance it." Michael Kimmel, author of Pulitzer nominated, Manhood in America Recommended by Video Librarian, THE BOY GAME unpacks the complex dynamics that lead some boys to bully and the majority, who are bystanders, to stand watching in silent conflict. Boys desperately need a way to talk about the pressures they face in order to develop the resilience needed to stand up, be themselves, and redefine masculinity in terms of emotional, tolerant strength. And girls and all of us of who care about peer violence among boys need to be part of the conversation. THE BOY GAME is powerful resource for use in Middle and High schools, *Includes a comprehensive study guide (designed for co-ed groups or boys alone). *A transcript is available

#14666/0680  BOYS ON BULLYING
"This program helps boys examine and break down male stereotypes that can contribute to bullying and isolation..." - Bernice T. Humphrey, Girls Incorporated Bullying causes depression, anger, and isolation. These boys learned strategies for handling their situations through support from friends, parents, or other caring adults. Grades 5 to 12

Recent surveys revealed that thousands of children stay home from school every day because they fear what other kids may do or say to them. The newest forms of bullying are Cyberbullying, cruelty on the Internet, and Bullycide, one child driving another to suicide. Family members tell the tragic story of 13-year-old Ryan, who took his life after being subjected to merciless taunting and teasing at school and online. Another victim, Marvin, fantasizes about taking violent revenge against his school tormentors. Viewers will also meet Allison, whose family sues her school after she is relentlessly sexually harassed. This powerful program identifies warning signs that a child is being bullied, including dark moods, bad grades, and wanting to be alone, so that steps can be taken to help.Grades 6 to 12

#15404/1390  BULLYING AND BEYOND SERIES (3 Programs)
Bullying is not just a school problem; it’s a community problem. But educators have a unique opportunity to make a powerful, positive impact in the lives of bullies and victims alike. Get to the root of bullying behavior. Understand the relationships between bullies and victims. Learn what needs to happen in schools and communities to turn negative behavior around and create a culture of learning that is free from fear. Filmed at the first national conference on bullying, these compelling keynotes explore a variety of bullying behaviors, their causes, and the dangers they pose to both bullies and victims. BOYS WILL BE BOYS, BUT WHAT ABOUT GIRLS? Childhood Aggression and Gender BULLYING AND PEER HARASSMENT: Why Does It Start, and Who Is Affected? THE ROLE OF THE BYSTANDER

#15777/0635  BULLYING AND SUICIDE: Think About It
Bullying is a leading factor in suicide among kids 11 to 16 years of age. And although bullying is only one of a number of suicide-related risk factors impacting tweens and teens, the fact that the term "bullycide" has entered the lexicon is a telling sign of how closely linked bullying and suicide are perceived to be. Structured around two scenarios in which a boy and a girl commit suicide after repeatedly being bullied, this video offers valuable insights into bully and victim psychology, types of bullying, and anti-bullying behavior through penetrating commentary by experts. In addition, alternate scenarios are included that illustrate how bystanders to bullying can help neutralize some of the cumulative psychological effects of bullying that could - and too frequently do - push students to take their own lives.

Featuring Bob Ditter, a well-respected child and adolescent therapist, presents a clear and powerful overview of the complexities of bullying behavior in boys and how to respond to it in practical, effective ways.

This package is an educational resource created to help elementary school students, staff members, and parents come to a common understanding of the definition of bullying, the impact bullying can have on all involved, and what steps can be taken to address and prevent bullying. Consists of a comprehensive Guide and two introductory videos on one DVD - AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS, 8 minutes and AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR PARENTS AND EDUCATORS, 16 minutes. Grades K to 5

Bullying happens with the compliance of middle school peers, teachers and school officials, and even of parents. To put a stop to bullying everyone must take a stand. This two part series offers tips and techniques to make that happen. Consists of a comprehensive Guide and two introductory videos on one DVD - AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS, 8 minutes and AN INTRODUCTION TO BULLYING FOR PARENTS AND EDUCATORS, 16 minutes.Grades 6 to 8

#9069/0235  BULLYING, TEASING AND PUT-DOWNS: What Victims Can Do
The kind of behavior described in the title of this video can be so insidious as to cause both homicides and suicides. The fear and stress caused can mark victims for life. Providing youngsters with tools to help them cope, deflect, report, survive these activities as early in their school careers as possible seems to be the best solution available. This video will help. Grades 4 to 8

#14643/0680  BULLYING: True Stories
"A very touching and honest account of bullying from different perspectives... a very powerful teaching tool because they speak directly to the listener. I highly recommend this for anyone who wishes to reach young people about the devastating impact of bullying behavior and most importantly, how to stop it." Robin D' Antona, Ed.D., Educational Consultant, Founding Board Member, International Bullying Prevention AssociationGrades 4 to 12

#10734/1710  BULLYING: What Every Adult Needs to Know
Bullies are sneaky, underhanded, secretive of their activities as far as adults are concerned. Victims are ashamed, scared, and often silent about their victimization. Parents of both bullies and victims, and people who work with youth, can only benefit from this program that gives adults the tools they need to prevent and stop bullying among young people.

#12529/2003  CYBERBULLYING (Real Life Teens II)
Cyberbullying has not only led to suicides, it has also led to revenge murders. It causes fear and depression, withdrawal from society, wrecks school careers, creates anger. Far from being adolescent pranks, in today's teen world it can be the ultimate destructive force as the internet is unstoppable once it gets going. Vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites and mean or cruel email messages are all examples of bullying. While cyberbullying mainly takes place on line, other high tech methods like threatening text messages and taunting voicemail also fall under this category. Hear from real teens as they discuss their views on cyberbullying. Grades 8 to 12

#11097/0635  CYBERBULLYING: Cruel Intentions
The teenage years have always been tough - but digital technology has raised the dangers of the social battlefield to a whole new level. This ABC News program reports on how cell phones, digital cameras, and personal websites encourage and amplify the frequent cruelty of teen behavior.

#13296/0545  CYBERSAFE: Identifying and Combating Cyber Bullies
Letting students know that bullies hiding behind the anonymity of the internet is no longer as safe as it once might have been can encourage victims to come forth and make the perpetrators themselves think twice. This video demonstrates a whole school approach to combat cyberbullying; students, parents, teachers, administrators. Grades 8 to 12

#15742/1410  FROM BULLIES TO BUDDIES: From Problem Management to Social and Emotional Skill Development in All Children
How can counselors use contemporary understandings of the brain to boost children’s social skills - such as empathy, kindness, patience, impulse control, self-esteem, and self-confidence - in meaningful and lasting ways? How can counseling be tailored to address the particular capabilities of children’s brains when under duress? This film answers these questions by proposing two dramatic paradigm shifts from common social and emotional skills interventions.

#15793/0405  GIRLS AND BULLYING: Identify, Understand, Prevent
Bullying by girls and against girls is as commonplace as it is among boys, but often takes different forms. This program examines female bullying, with a look also at the nature of bullying in general and why these tormentors behave as they do. Features input from adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg and provides some protective strategies for young people in this situation.

#13298/0545  GIRLS' BUSINESS: Friendship and Bullying in Schools
Girls can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Instead of physical aggression typical of boys, girls tend to use indirect techniques that are equally devastating to the victim. This program examines some of these strategies and helps us to understand why some girls adopt these methods of expression. Grades 8 to A

#12468/0768  HATING TAMI: A Look at Female Bullying
Why do some adolescent girls bully their peers? Are their motives the same as those of boy bullies? Are their methods? What can and should parents, teachers, and other teens do stop this malicious and often dangerous activity?

#14585/1945  INTERNET BULLIES Lesson Booster
This DVD contains three programs that teach students the meaning of cyber harassment, why it spells trouble, and how to protect themselves from being a victim. INTERNET BULLIES: WHAT IS IT? INTERNET BULLIES: EMOTIONS PLUS INTERNET EQUALS TROUBLE INTERNET BULLIES: KEEP YOURSELF SAFE Grades 4 to 7

#3759/0795  IT'S NOT OK TO BULLY
A powerful favorite, this program explains what bullying is and teaches children how to deal with and stop bullies, including when and how to stand up to them and when to tell an adult. Mixes real children and animation with an original sing-along song. Grades K to 3

#11623/0788  LET'S GET REAL! Taunting and Bullying
Not only gives a voice to targeted kids, but also to kids who do the bullying to find out why they lash out at their peers and how it makes them feel. The most heartening part includes stories of kids who have mustered the courage to stand up for themselves or a classmate.Grades 5 to 9

Thousands of children avoid school each day for fear of being persecuted by their peers; countless more dread it for the same reason. This timely, insightful, and truly practical video shows parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders how to begin creating healthier, safer communities.

#14707/0867  REENA VIRK STORY (THE)
Reena Virk was only fourteen when she was beaten and drowned by a group of her peers in a middle-class suburb of Victoria, B.C. Reena's parents' profound dedication to the prevention of similar tragedies, has led them into dialogue with communities, teachers and students, and even one of the youths responsible for Reena’s death. The DVD is accompanied by a Discussion Guide and includes two versions of the story - one for ages 13 plus and is 20 minutes. The other version is for ages 10 to 12 and is 25 minutes.

#14169/0463  RELATIONAL AGGRESSION IN GIRLS: Bullying Behavior and What To Do About It
Aimed at adults, features a clear and powerful discussion of the complexities of relational aggression (aka bullying) in girls. Also details a step-by-step process for responding to bullying behavior in girls - an approach that is essential for anyone working with children in groups, no matter what the setting.

#14714/0433  RUMORS, GOSSIP, AND TEASING: It Hurts
In this program students will learn that rumors, gossip, teasing and taunting are all forms of harassment. Rumors and gossip don't just hurt the person talked about but also hurt those who do the talking. Try to steer clear of people who spread rumors and gossip. One of the best ways to deal with teasing and taunting is to ignore it. And speak up. Don't stand by when you see bullying happen!Grades 3 to 6

The very idea of bullying, harassing, hazing by using the internet, e-mail or text has clearly demonstrated its evil potential in the last few years. Such activities can assume almost demonic or other worldly proportions in the mind of a young victim. This video explains to teens and adults that there are some straightforward but essential steps that have to be taken to disarm a cyber bully.

#15830/1710  STOP BULLYING with Mike Hall
Mike Hall has spent years studying and documenting the ‘bullying’ phenomena and speaks to about two hundred audiences of kids each year on the topic. Mike teaches kids who are the victims of bullying a proven method for disarming perpetrators; a method simply called the FOUR C’s. They are CALM, CONNECTED, CONFIDENT and last but not least COMPLIMENT THE BULLY!? Mike explains that what motivates bullies is not always what it seems to be so DON’T retreat into yourself, get lonely, depressed and DON’T become angry, get violent, DON'T "give them what’s coming"! Mike explains how to put the FOUR C’s to work instead.

#10731/1710  STOP BULLYING: Standing Up for Yourself and Others
Bullying is an affliction that disrupts, damages and even ends numerous young lives. Getting bullies to stop requires that both victims and witnesses actually do something ... but what? Renowned speaker Mark Brown outlines specific techniques that both can use to stop this form of harassment ASAP! Grades 6 to 10

The pain bullies cause is not always physical, and the weapons they use are often invisible: teasing, exclusion, and name-calling. Their victims may experience a loss of confidence, a drop in grades, and a fear of people and school. In this wrenching program, bullies and victims speak out about the nature of bullying and its devastating legacy. The concept of "spectator responsibility" is also introduced.Grades 6 to 12

#9753/1945  WHEN YOU SEE BULLYING HAPPEN: What a Bystander Can Do
The lesson here is that standing up for the victim of a bully is the right thing to do and that there are a number of ways to do it. Kids are encouraged to seek advice or adult help, to become friends with the victim, to get others together to tell the bully how they feel about it. Grades 3 to 5

#16100/2003  WIPE OUT BULLYING (4 Programs)
*Learn about the 4 forms of bullying - Physical, Verbal, Exclusion and Online. *Explore the 3 roles in bullying - The Bully, The Victim and The Bystander *Get the tools and resources: To Ignite Powerful Classroom Discussion Use these four 30 minute programs to show students the many ways to prevent bullying through compelling and captivating sketches and anti-bullying storylines using real teens. Empower students to take charge if they witness bullying, show students how to be a good bystander, how to stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading and take a stand against hate, racism and intolerance. Bullies or not, students will explore the true consequences of bullying, what they can do to change their behavior, deal with a bullying situation and how to react in situations to resolve conflict. DVD One - WHY DO BULLIES BULLY? Who They Pick on and Why *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request DVD Two - THE FOUR TYPES OF BULLYING: Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, Online *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request DVD Three - WHERE DOES BULLYING HAPPEN? How to Deal with Physical Threats and Intimidation *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request DVD Four - BULLY THINK TWICE: The Bully, The Victim, and the Bystander *A full-length preview of this title is available upon request ONLINE RESOURCE GUIDE and ANTI-BULLYING PLEDGE Each program includes an online resource guide, the Anti-Bullying Pledge, learning objectives, discussion topics and shows students how they can "take a stand"


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