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A unique and personal look at the issues surrounding the sexual abuse of children and how it affects them as adults. Profiles the lives of two men - a violent victim of violent sexual abuse and a convicted pedophile. With their therapists, they discuss their experiences with the post-traumatic healing process and present their personal insight on the impact of trauma on a survivor's life. An excellent training program for police, prison, and social work.

A documentary about the epidemic of the sexual abuse of boys, the impact on individuals, families, and society, and the importance of male survivors healing and speaking out to end the cycle.

#10257/0110  BREAKING THE SILENCE with Dr. Claudia Black
Dysfunctional families... addictions... sexual abuse are often part of a package. Sexually abused children make a "secret" out of these experiences because of intense feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. The "silence" that plagues these victims includes phobias, flashbacks, suicide, eating disorders, not to mention addictions. This powerful program encourages adult children to realize that disclosure is essential and that there are some procedures that make this painful process a little easier and more likely to meet with success.

#6879/0110  CHILDREN OF DENIAL: Growing Up With Addiction DVD
When the original CHILDREN OF DENIAL first appeared it was recognized as a profound groundbreaker in the understanding of the effects on children of growing up in a family where one or more members is suffering from an addiction. In this revised edition, Dr. Black provides information and validation for children and adults who have been impacted by addiction in the family. Because of the emotional effects on the viewer, this presentation has proven to be immensely effective in breaking the denial of the addicted person.

Claudia Black describes the often frightening journey that the survivors of sexual abuse must take to find their inner strength, specialness and dignity. Dr. Black and outlines seven steps that are vital to the process of healing.

#15933/0645  IN A TOWN THIS SIZE: A Documentary about Child Sexual Abuse
"Patrick Brown's documentary account of the quiet horror of child sexual abuse is poignant, evocative and important. Raises awareness of what happens, on a daily basis, to children from ordinary families in ordinary towns. The various interviews are moving, pure, and told without pretense. I recommend it highly." Steven Isaacman, Psy.D., LMFT, FIPA/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist "An exceptionally powerful film and an important tool for advocates seeking justice for victims of child sexual abuse. A call to action from the hearts of survivors about the pain and long term impact of child sexual abuse and its effect on families and communities." Justine Andronici, Esquire/Attorney and Advocate IN A TOWN THIS SIZE introduces an Oklahoma town and its long-ignored tragedy of child sexual abuse by a prominent pediatrician. Covering events in the 1960's and 1970's and into present times, Patrick V. Brown introduces us to his childhood and family friends - none of who spoke directly to one another about the abuse while it occurred and who now share their stories on film. The film illustrates that with determination, support and direct conversation about abuse, those harmed can choose their survival. *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE ***

#16133/0645  INVISIBLE SCARS: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
"I am Johnna Janis and 'Invisible Scars' is based on my life as a survivor of child sexual abuse. Many years ago someone shared their personal story of abuse, and urged me to begin focusing on healing from my past. Years later, this gave me strength and courage to begin my own healing journey." Johnna Janis, Filmmaker Although she projects strength and confidence, Johnna reveals the life-long struggles she has faced from the events that have haunted her since childhood. With the help of experts and leaders in the fight against CSA, she comes to understand how her emotional trauma has negatively impacted her self-image, her inter-personal relationships, and nearly all significant decisions in her life. Armed with this awareness, she explores tools and resources which are available to help CSA victims overcome the debilitating effects of their childhood experiences. *Closed Captioned *** ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL AND NON-PROFIT PRICE ***

#13399/0450  SEXUAL ABUSE: In the Family
Both male and female victims discuss the immediate traumatizing effect of child sexual abuse as well as revealing and discussing how that trauma has extended into their adulthood with devastating symptoms related to PTSD. Counseling experts in this field explain the effects in terms of mental health as well as the impact on social skills and relationships.


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